I remember driving to the shelter and thinking to myself “I’m coming out of here with an adult, black cat, there’s no way I’ll want anything else.” I walked through the different adult cat rooms and nothing was clicking and I began to get discouraged that maybe I wouldn’t find a friend. On a whim, I decided I would check out the last cat room which was mostly kittens. I walked in, turned a corner, and in the corner cage against the back wall, this tiny, gray cat meowed right at me and that’s when I knew he was going to be my buddy. His bio said he didn’t like being pet or picked up, and definitely not a cuddler. When I took him home the first thing he did was explore the bedroom, then he hopped onto the bed and nuzzled right up to my chest and has slept in the bed ever since! He is the sweetest boy who loves cuddles and being carried around the house like a baby. He also loves other furry friends! I lucked out with this one, he is the perfect cat.