We renamed Hope, Poppy, because we found it hard to call her Hope. Poppy is easier and sounds like Puppy. She definitely knows her name. We had no housebreaking difficulties and I find it hard to believe that she previously never lived in a house. We adopted her on Valentines Day, just before the Covid became an issue. We think that Poppy is one of the main reasons that we were able to remain happy and enthusiastic during the isolation at home. She makes us relax and she makes us laugh. Poppy loves to eat. At first, she was quite furtive about approaching her food and often took a bite and ran off with it. Then, we had a period when she only would eat if both of us were sitting down at the table. Now she barks when she sees us preparing her dish! She sits under the table while we eat, hoping for handouts. Poppy sleeps on our bed at night, plays with stuffed animals, and even has a respectful relationship with out cat, Houdini, our son’s dogs, and the neighborhood dogs. She’s good with the grandchildren and she loves to run on the beach, dig holes and bite at the water. She knows how to swim, but doesn’t seem to want to. Even though she doesn’t like loud noises, she loves to go in the car and on our boat. Thank you for our wonderful girl!