Dorothy is now named Sydney! She has been the best girl and everyone loves her. She has adjusted pretty well (even with the 8 year old niece and 4 year old nephew) and already a member of the family. She takes naps during the day and goes straight to her crate to sleep at night. She is definitely a chewer and will find anything she can to try to chew. She loves stealing people’s shoes! We also found out she loves to dig and bury bones. She even tries to “bury” them around the house. She loves walks and got to go to the beach this week! We play fetch and tug of war a lot outside and one of her favorite toys is a rubber duck. Sydney got to go to a drive in movie last weekend and also went pumpkin picking. She is going on her first big road trip to our family vacation home this weekend! We can’t wait! She is starting training classes next week as well! Thank you for helping us find Sydney! My parents and I frequently say how great you were to work with when adopting Sydney. We love her and she has already brought so much more love to our family. Thank you!