Susie’s name quickly evolved to Suzette to “Zettie”…or Sweetie Pie most of the time. She’s adjusted really quickly and is settling into her new home. She loves her toys and snuggling up to sleep with me at night.  She’s training me to throw her toys up and down the hallway so she can chase them…smart girl! We’re getting ready to travel to the West Coast for most of December so she just got a little harness and leash since I have to take her out of the carrier to go through security at the airport – she was a little annoyed at first when I got her into it, but then was fine with it. Progress! She’s going to love staying at my Mom’s – there’s an eye-level door to the deck so she can see out really easily…my windows require getting up onto the back of a chair or my work table. I love that Zettie is so tiny even though she is a year and half old…kitten size forever!  I’m so glad that we found each other and it’s made such a difference for me, especially during the isolation of COVID and working from home, to have another heart-beat in the house.  That she’s so cute and cuddly doesn’t hurt either! Wishing everyone at the shelter all the best for the holidays!