When my beloved 19 year old cats both died in the past year I was very sad. They were alumni of Cape Ann Rescue and we adopted them as kittens. One for each daughter. Tiger & Ruby were always there for my girls as they grew up. And they were there for me when the girls grew up and moved to far flung places.
Last December my husband and I decided we wanted to adopt grown cats as they are less popular. We came in one day and we met 2.5 year olds Prince & Princess. They were very shy and not very responsive. They had been neglected and really didn’t know how to accept affection let alone enjoy it & return it. A year later they still won’t let us hold them & they won’t come on our laps. We renamed them Buddy & Belle. Belle follows my husband everywhere. She’s always at his side. And Buddy is my boy. He loves long petting sessions complete with lots of purring.
I still miss my Uber affectionate kitties of yesteryear. But I love our new babies. And I know that relationships with cats take time. They open up more and more as time goes by. I’m looking forward to teaching these two lost kitties what unconditional love is. And learning how they will open up and trust – as the years go on. Thanks for helping us give these loves a new life. You do great service!