We changed Puff’s name to Griffin and he is now Griffin Puff. He is doing very well. He still wants to be in our bedroom rather than have the run of the whole house, however he is getting along very well with the 10 year old cat (Maxwell), the 1-1/2 year old cat (Lincoln) and the two dogs, Willow and Boggle. We open the door and let him explore at his own pace and he goes back to the bedroom. We’re very impressed as he’s very good with our two year granddaughter too. At first we were nervous because he’s shy, but Griffin soon came out of his shell. He likes to play with his cat toys and be around the family. He enjoys playing with the other cats and the dogs too! His favorite toy is the cat teaser/string wand. When he has had enough, he likes to hide under the bed or find a nice spot on the bed and sleep. At night, he cuddles and curls up to me to go to sleep. He purrs all the time and rolls over for us to pet his belly. He’s such a sweet little boy, we just love him. He’s a great addition to our family. Thank you for helping us find our baby!