Millie is totally living her best life. She has taken over the sofa on a daily basis. Millie does well with other dogs, but is very protective of me and totally makes sure no one is going to mess with me. Mille has a vast array of toys to choose from. Her favorite thing is tug of war with a rope, she has an awesome toy box in the living room and definitley does NOT pick up after herself, LOL. Her toys are everywhere. Millie is SO playful and high energy. Since we live in the woods, she has lots of forest creatures to look at and bark at. She LOVES to look out the window at the big birds flying outside. She barks at our mailman Cory, but the tail wags when she gets to see him in person. I guess the squirrels are evil in my yard and they taunt Millie by sitting RIGHT outside her window, Millie hates them. Millie has a nice warm bed to sleep in EVERY night. She sleeps with me and takes up a good part of the covers. Since she adopted us, Millie has NEVER been left alone for one second. My husband is retired and is home all the time, if he’s not home, I am or one of the kids are. (Millie has two grown children who live with her). I cannot express our gratitude to NEAS for connecting us with Millie and allowing us to provide a warm, loving home for her. We lost our GS dog Jitters on December 30th of 2018 and our broken hearts were put back together on April 15, 2019 by Millie. Everyone who meets her loves her. Anytime I am home, she is never far away. My constant companion and I love her.