Where do I even begin? We adopted Corey in February of 2020. We were told that Corey had some behavioral problems, like guarding his food and toys, but we fell in love with him the second we met him and we knew we had to bring him home. When we got Corey his fur was patchy and he was bald in some areas with some cuts, turns out it was anxiety induced itching. A year later his fur has grown back completely with little signs of anxiety (only during thunder storms or fireworks, but don’t worry he has found a safe spot to hide and uses his weighted blanket). Corey is the King of the house, the prince, and the biggest drama queen as well! He refuses to lay down on any cold surface including our couch until we put down one of his favorite blankets — he has an all time favorite which is a pink and white fuzzy one. He is extremely spoiled with lots of love every day and he’s always down for a hike or zoomies on the woods trail. On rainy days though he refuses to leave the house, but loves running around in the snow! Don’t you dare think about waking him up before 10am because he will put himself back to bed!! Corey is the best boy and greatest thing to ever happen to our household. He’s the perfect combination of loving, snuggly and energetic. He follows us everywhere and just loves his people so much, he’ll love you even more if you give him his daily greenie in the morning or a new toy to rip up! Thank you NEAS!