The two kittens we adopted are doing great! We named them Lemon and Xander. Xander is the slightly bigger one (well, he was… but they have both grown a lot!). He was always outgoing, snuggly, and playful. Lemon was shyer and smaller, but he has quickly become the most lovely snuggle bug in the world. Xander loves his bed that is by the window for him to watch the birds, where as Lemon literally sleeps nestled under our chins or in our arms every night! They are both happy and TOTAL champs! They are never really alone so we are working on making sure we go out for a walk for an hour or so, so that they can be a little exposed to non-human time. We loved working with the Northeast Animal Shelter.  As you know, there has been a huge demand for kittens and pets since the start of COVID.  We had been looking for a long time and were so thrilled by the services you provided. Thank you NEAS!!!