Karyn is now known as, Masha or gently Mashunya. She has lived with us a little more than a month and it feels like she has always been part of our family! Masha adjusted very well. She knows she is a mommy’s girl and, of course, takes advantage of it. She sleeps only in mommy’s bed hugging, kissing and singing (purring). She knows when mommy comes home from work and runs to meet her as soon as she hears her voice!  Masha is very curious about everything. She likes the bathroom and likes to watch mommy’s morning and evening routines, observing the water going down the facet in the sink. Masha also likes to hide behind the shower curtain and jump at you or reach you with her paws when you do not expect it, it is very cute! Masha has her own kitty tower where she can play with her mouse toy, rest, or stretch showing her beautiful white belly. Mashunya knows she is special. She gets spoiled with attention, love, and treats. We just love her so much! Thank you NEAS for finding us our little girl!