Olivia, formerly known as, Gloria is doing really, really well! It only took her a couple of days to begin to nestle into her new home. She snores every night…but it’s kinda cute. Do Breathe-Rite nasal strips for dogs exist? She DEFINITELY perked up when she saw that her new home was furnished with things like beds, rugs, and couches—she clearly appreciated seeing signs of “home”. She immediately embraced her new crate, which was a big relief to us. We believe she took great comfort from having her blanket from NEAS, even though her stay there was relatively brief. We often wonder how she was in Texas shelters for 10 months, but needed only 4 days to get from NEAS to us? Olivia is a very joyful, affectionate, and playful pup! She has interacted very nicely with all of the neighborhood dogs and especially with the dogs of our good friends. She’s full of energy and is a really good girl, so we expect good results from basic training! Initially, she wasn’t too keen on the concept of snow, but now loves diving into and dashing through the strange and wonderful stuff! She gets super-excited for car rides to the Arboretum and other nearby parks, as well as spirited walks through our neighborhood.
After many long weeks of searching for a good match and then waiting for an appointment, we were definitely beginning to feel a bit down on our prospects. We really appreciated your patience and time, allowing us to meet many sweet pups. We couldn’t be happier—Olive fits perfectly in our home and has quickly claimed a very big space in our hearts! Many thanks to all the staff at NEAS—we’re so very grateful!