From the moment Beetle (formerly Lynnda) reached her paw through the bars to gently catch one of our hands at the shelter, we knew we’d been chosen! Though she’d been passed over before for being “shy,” very underweight & sick with a cold, she clearly knew we were the right people to take her home and we fell in love instantly. Her transformation here has been so incredible that she barely looks like the same cat! She’s now healthy, energetic, super playful & a total lovebug who falls asleep in our laps or cuddled up against our chests. She loves belly rubs & kisses, her favorite thing in the world is string, and she has an incredible knack for problem-solving (which helps her get up to all kinds of mischief). We’re deep in love & have been so happy to see her thrive now that she’s found her forever family. Thank you NEAS for bringing us together!