We are so grateful to NEAS as we’ve adopted most all of our pets here, Leia being our latest new love! We visited NEAS to start the process of finding a dog, thinking it would for sure take time and many visits as we had some specific needs and desires for our canine friend. After meeting a few dogs who we loved, but didn’t feel like the right fit for us, we were about to wrap up our first visit. But then, as we were exiting the kennel, my daughter and husband spotted Leia (formerly Roxie) and wanted to meet her. Within minutes, we knew she needed to join our family. She is a perfect mixture of playful, high energy, sweet and cuddly. Leia has settled in with our family well and is happily cohabitating with our cat, Goose (also from NEAS!). She gets walks in the woods around our house, plays lots of fetch, watches the turkeys in our yard, and loves going on the hunt for a new favorite stick. Leia is our first family dog and we’re so looking forward to many years with her! Thank you NEAS for finding our little baby!