Once upon a time, a tabby cat named Chinderella came to Northeast Animal Shelter from one of our partners in Georgia. 

She was friendly, happy, and sweet as can be. But something about her was unusual…

At first glance, it looks like Chinderella is sticking out her tongue… but that’s actually her chin! Trauma to her jaw detached the fur on Chinderella’s chin, exposing the skin underneath, despite the originating shelter’s best efforts to repair it. An exam by NEAS’ medical staff revealed that the same blunt force that caused the injury – probably an impact with a car – also fractured all of her teeth.

Although Chinderella’s fur could not be reattached, she still needed dental surgery to remove her teeth. Due to the delicate way that cats’ teeth are affixed, it was important that Chinderella get the best possible care. So we sent her to the MSPCA-Angell, whose dentistry staff has the experience and technical expertise necessary for full mouth extractions.

Through it all, Chinderella’s sweet disposition never changed – and she just couldn’t get enough attention from our staff! If her petting sessions were halted, she would lean in and meow for more, never failing to vocalize her appreciation with deep-throated purrs.

In spite of her quirky appearance, Chinderella’s affectionate nature caught the attention of an adopter, and before too long her greatest wish came true. Chinderella found a home with someone who will adore her forever – and who doesn’t love a fairytale with a happy ending?