My son picked out this perfect girl when she was 10 weeks and had only just arrived at NEAS. He really wanted a pitty-type breed, but my house contains 3 generations of humans and picking a breed suitable for all was uncertain.
Well, I have to say that for a “bully-breed”, our sweet Abby (Pitt-Lab mix and now 8 months old) she gives that “tough” stereotype a bad name! She makes for a horrible guard dog, which is simply fine with us!! She is smart, playful and affectionate with all humans, she is playful and flirtatious with any unfamiliar pups and approach’s cautiously until they express interest in becoming friends. From my mother and her aging friends, to my son and his rough and tumble buddies (he’s in his late teens), this girl is absolutely loved and adored by each and everyone who meets her. I can’t imagine NOT having adopted this sweet and silly girl!!