We always welcome email or phone inquiries.

If you need to send a fax, our fax number is (978) 740-0612.

Email Regarding
adoptions@neas.org Adopting a pet.  Or, call (978) 745-9888, Extension 2.
employment@neas.org Questions about employment opportunities.
programs@neas.org If your question is directly related to our Outreach Programs.
donations@neas.org Any donation-related questions. Or, call (978) 745-9888, and our staff will be able to assist you.
volunteer@neas.org Questions regarding our volunteer program.  Or, call (978) 745-9888, Extension 305.
foster@neas.org Questions concerning feline intake or feline foster care. Or, call (978) 745-9888, Extension 327.
caninefostercare@neas.org Questions concerning canine foster care. Or, call (978) 745-9888, Extension 307.
info@neas.org Most other issues. However, please call (978) 745-9888 and press 0 for the reception desk for questions on available pets because this information changes too quickly for us to respond via email.