Our staff all have one thing in common…a passionate dedication to saving animals and finding them loving adoptive homes.  Our directors, managers and coordinators are listed below, but it takes a whole team to make everything work smoothly.  Our volunteer receptionists greet visitors, our adoption counselors help families pick the perfect pet, our medical team looks after the health of our cats and dogs, our animal care staff makes sure all our animal guests – often more than 100 on any given day – are fed and cared for, and our hundreds of volunteers take pets out for fresh air and make them feel loved while they wait to be adopted.


Cindi Shapiro

President & Founder, Member of Board of Directors*

Donald Shapiro

Treasurer, Member of Board of Directors*  Extension 344

Betty Ozolins

Clerk, Member of Board of Directors*  

Scott Cohen

Member of Board of Directors*  

Mariah Torpey

Member of Board of Directors*  

Mike Dougherty

Member of Board of Directors*  

Mike Keiley

Interim Executive Director  Extension 300

Dot Baisly

Director of Behavior  Extension 338

Ellen Miller

Director of Development  Extension 316

Dr. Lindsey Rynk

Medical Director  Extension 348

Dr. Fiona Land

Shelter Veterinarian  

Dr. Darcy Hutchinson

Shelter Veterinarian  

Elizabeth Booth

 Foster Care Manager  Extension 327

Jenna Bradley

 Adoptions Manager  Extension 301

Jamie Garabedian

Community Relations Manager  Extension 362

Kaleigh Leon

 Animal Care Manager  Extension 315

Becca Toltz

Volunteer Manager  Extension 305

Josie Waldron

Animal Relocation Manager  Extension 304

Ann Weaver

Human Resource Manager  Extension 302

Jessica Willett

 Clinic Manager  Extension 346

Celia Jepsky

 Communications Coordinator  Extension 397

Lisa Sheppard

 Intake Coordinator  Extension 366


*All members of the board of directors serve as independent directors. They do not have a financial stake in Northeast Animal Shelter, and they do not receive compensation for serving on the board. Directors are elected annually for a 1-year-term that expires December 31st of each year. Directors may be re-elected prior to the expiration of their then-current term.