UPDATE: November 2020: We are excited to announce that Northeast Animal Shelter has opened our pre-adoption forms once again! We will be resuming adoptions by appointment only, and our schedule will be made available online so that you can self-schedule once you have submitted your form!




If you’re interested in adopting a pet from NEAS, be sure to follow these steps:


Fill out a pre-adoption form. Once you’ve submitted a form, you will be emailed instructions to book your appointment.


Appointments are available 7 days in advance. If you don't see an available appointment slot, be patient and continue to check as they open up throughout the day.


A $25 deposit is required to book an appointment, which will be applied towards the adoption fee. We request that you only book one appointment at a time. Those who book more than one appointment will forfeit additional deposits.


If you do not find a match at your scheduled appointment, we will reschedule another appointment for you and your deposit will be transferred. 




Please remember, only those with an appointment will be permitted inside the building.  If you have any questions, please email adoptions@neas.org. If you have already submitted an adoption form, but did not receive a link to schedule your appointment, please email jenna.b@neas.org.

We are so touched by the outpouring of interest we have received from people wanting to adopt and foster homeless pets, and we greatly appreciate your patience as we continue to work to streamline our adoptions process!


Adoption Video

The Northeast Animal Shelter adoption video addresses common questions about bringing your new cat, dog, kitten or puppy home. We recommend that every potential adopter take a few minutes to watch the video before heading to the Shelter for your adoption appointment. 


Click here to watch the video.

What are the adoption requirements?

Important Note:  While the shelter is open until 8 PM on weekdays and 6 PM on weekends, canine adoptions can take several hours; feline adoptions are quicker but you will still need time to meet with an adoption counselor. Please allow enough time before we close to find the right pet and complete the adoption. Also, keep in mind that during busy times, all adoption counselors may be assisting other adopters, and depending upon the number of people waiting, if you arrive too late we may not be able to do a same-day adoption.

In order to adopt your new family member, we require the following:

  • Bring a tax bill or mortgage statement as proof of home ownership OR a lease stating that you are allowed to have a pet. We also require your landlord's phone number so that we can speak with him or her.
  • Bring an ID with current address.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • If adopting an adult dog, the entire household must meet the dog prior to adoption.
  • If adopting a younger dog (puppy or teen dog), the primary caretaker and all children under 18 must meet the puppy prior to adoption, and the other spouse must give approval (via phone is OK).
  • We take many things into consideration when making a decision about placing our pets in homes. Every situation is different, so please understand that we are trying to make the best match for both you and our furry friends.
  • If you own a dog now and want to adopt another:

Please bring your dog's veterinary records to show it is up-to-date on its shots.  

We do not usually require you to bring your dog with you to meet the new dog. However, from our experience, even just a short meeting in a neutral setting can provide valuable insight as to whether two dogs will get along.

Please understand that our dogs are rescue dogs, and most of the time we have little to no history. We only know their behaviors that they have shown while staying with us. That's why we recommend you bring your current dog with you to meet their potential new best friend. 

However, if we know that our dog is sometimes reactive or fearful around other dogs, and if that's the dog you think you want, we reserve the right to require you to bring your dog in for an initial meet and greet. We'll try to put that info on the pet's info page when we observe a pet who might be slow in making new friends, but events may move more quickly than we are able to update our website.

What is the adoption fee?


  • Kittens & Young Cats (under 1 year) $375
  • Adult Cats (1 to under 12 yrs) $200
  • Mature Cats (12 yrs and older) $100
  • Mature Cats (12 yrs and older) $50 with Seniors for Seniors Discount
  • Puppies & Young Dogs (under 2 years) $550
  • Adult Dogs (2 to under 10 yrs) $475
  • Mature Dogs (10 yrs and older) $350
  • Mature Dogs (10 yrs and older) $150 with Seniors for Seniors Discount

Adoption fees may be paid with cash (sorry, no checks), MasterCard, VISA, Discover., or American Express. While the above fees apply to most adoptions, the Shelter may require more or less than the fees listed above. For example, we have a higher adoption fee for a purebred dog to help offset the extra expenses of other animals who need medical care. Also, a bonded pair may have a reduced fee.

The Shelter's staff is trained to help families choose the right pet for their personalities and lifestyles. 

What is included with the adoption fee?

The feline adoption fee includes:

  • Up to date, age appropriate, vaccines including Distemper Combo and Rabies
  • Preventive deworming
  • Felv/FIV test or FELV test
  • In house veterinary exam with health certificate
  • Follow up exam fee waived within 7-30 days at a participating veterinarian
  • Microchipped
  • 30 day free trial Trupanion Pet Insurance

The canine adoption fee includes:

  • Up to date, age appropriate, vaccines including Distemper Combo and Rabies
  • Preventive deworming
  • Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasmosis test if over 6 months old
  • In house veterinary exam with health certificate
  • Follow up exam fee waived within 7-30 days at at a participating veterinarian
  • Microchipped
  • Canines over 4 months will also go home with a collar
  • Behavior evaluation results for all canines over 6 months
  • 30 day free trial Trupanion Pet Insurance

*** All pets are altered prior to adoption

Start your new puppy or dog on the right path by attending training classes. Ask us for recommendations in your area.