Volunteers Welcome

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Wanted! Animal lovers interested in being part of a rescued pets’ journey to love. Join our volunteer team today.

Toby, affectionate and cuddly

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Mookie (Toby) is doing fantastic!! He is a wonderful addition to our family. We lost our Z-man (Zorro) Memorial Day weekend, at the age of just shy of 17. Never thought I could love another, but the MOOk man has got me!! He is very playful, loving, affectionate, cuddly, and smart. He is making us… Read more »

Nala, happy go lucky

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We re named Anita to Nala, because we feel it fits her more. So far she is doing great! It took no time to potty train her. Ever since we brought her home she’s had zero accidents in the house! I’m sure the foster family had a lot to do with that and we are… Read more »

Leo’s antics make us laugh every day

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Ghiradelli (renamed Leo) has adjusted better than we could have expected. He is super playful and curious, might I say even bomb proof.  He’s one of the bravest cats I’ve brought into this house, he’s even tried to fight the vacuum cleaner!  His temperament is perfect: he’s super playful and high energy, but has no… Read more »

Crash wraps himself in a blanket for nap time

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Beethoven (now named Crash) is doing great! He is incredibly smart, affectionate, and eager to learn – he has been very easy to train, and has adapted to his new home quickly. He does have some dog reactivity, which we were notified about pre-adoption, but we have been going through a weekly training course with… Read more »

Aspen in the Park

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We just adore Aspen!  He has a very easy and mellow temperament around our three children, sleeps well in his crate at night and is enjoying our yard space for playtime.  We’ve been taking him on short outings, walks and to the playground where he is interacting with other dogs, children and unfamiliar adults.  He’s… Read more »

Butch – the mischievous giant kitten

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Butch is adjusting well! After spending a few days under the bed he has fully emerged and become quite the mischievous giant kitten. He and our other cat are getting along now and have started playing. He loves to touch everything and knocks anything over/off any surface that’s not bolted down. He’s seems very happy… Read more »