Kiki is a forever fur baby

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Autumn, now Kiki, is doing great! She went to her first vet visit yesterday and all went well, I was so proud of how well she did! She warms up to everyone so quickly and loves to give sweet kisses when she’s feeling lovey!  Little Keeks has met quite a few of our friends and… Read more »

Potato is a great little girl!

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Potato and I actually bonded really quickly. She is a great little girl…quite happy as I am! She goes everywhere with me and is taking over my life! She is in my chair with me all the time. She’s very good with people and other animals. Potato is a great addition to my life.. it’s… Read more »

Griffey 11/10 would recommend!

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Couldn’t be happier with Silas (now Griffey). The first night Griffey came home, he and Kip were best friends. He’s slept through the night since the second night we’ve had him, makes friends everywhere he goes, plays all day with nap breaks cuddled up to his brother in between. He knows sit and paw (sometimes!)…. Read more »

Duke is the office mascot!

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Duke (formerly Xander) is a happy 6 month old pup that loves to go on his daily walks with my son, Arthur,  and with his dog walkers. He has 2 friends on the street, Gracie and Tito. We have “puppy play dates” where they run around in fenced in yard.  A tired pup is a… Read more »

Poe is but a dream within a dream!

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We are so happy with Ghost, who we have renamed, Poe. He has adapted so well to our life, and his personality started to show the second we brought him home! He loves playing with balls and paper towel rolls, and really enjoys knocking over things on tables. His favorite places to take naps are… Read more »

Remy is just one of the kids!

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Remy is doing fantastic! She settled right in and the kids are really enjoying having a dog. One day my daughter came home from school and I could tell she was exhausted so I told her to go lay down and take a little nap. A little while later my husband and I went to… Read more »

Levi is a gentle soul.

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We are so in LOVE with our new baby boy, Levi (formerly Ringo)! Day by day, Levi continues to come out of his shell and show more of his beautifully gentle, kind temperament. Levi made himself right at home on the couch and took to his crate like he knew it was there waiting for… Read more »

Poppy and Luna hit the jackpot!

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We hit the jackpot when we adopted Poppy and Luna! They are remarkably sweet and loving, and are both so eager to please. We feel really lucky to have them.   Of course there were issues during the initial adjustment period. Sometimes I didn’t recognize their need to go out and ended up with messes… Read more »

Lou likes to chew on crunchy leaves!

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Chowder now goes by Louie.. mostly “Lou”! He’s been settling in so well in our home! He loves to snuggle. Loves to chew on crunchy leaves on the deck.. which he’s actually doing right now! He’s been doing so well sleeping in the crate, which was definitely a big help in easing him into a… Read more »

Coco the frog police!

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Coco is doing well.  The whole family loves her!  We have been taking some training classes to teach her to walk on leash.  She loves chasing frogs that get into our pool at night! She’s quite good at catching them but she doesn’t eat them.   She likes being outside but has no interest in escaping… Read more »