Jasper (formally Taden) is loving life and living it to the fullest. He’s an adventure dog who loves to go see new things and get out of the house. He loves to go camping in the rv with us and has even gone kayaking a few times. He’s such a goofball and is always making… Read more »

Otis our boy!

Otis, formerly Carl, is the most amazing boy! He has been the best addition to our family. He loves to run in our yard with our other dog, Chelsea, and he is quite affectionate and always looking for kisses. He is quite happy now that I work from home full time! He usually can be… Read more »

Greta the great!

Dixie (now named Greta) has been absolutely wonderful! She is the sweetest kitten I’ve ever met. She snuggles in with us on the couch or in bed when she’s done playing (and she plays a lot!!), but is always up for being pet and follows us from room to room. She loves to carry her… Read more »

Fritz is my baby!

Fritz is doing great! He has found his voice! Fritz is enjoying life in his new home and making plenty of doggy friends. Fritz loves to spend time at the beach, however not in the water.  We are working on that.  Fritz has a healthy appetite and enjoys eggs and boujie sweet potatoes. He knows where his… Read more »

Snowball and Speckles

Both Snowball and Speckles (since named Moby and Coco) were shy and fearful when they came home with us, but with little Coco taking a brave lead to come forward, explore, and accept us as her family, both are doing very well now and rule the house, calmly kept in check by our two older… Read more »

Zeus our King!

We have renamed Bruce to Zeus and he is so much fun to have around! He is the best addition to our little family and we love him so much. Zeus loves to snuggle and watch football with us on Sundays. He will also sleep with us at night too. He is a very social… Read more »


Being with Juliet, who now goes by SJ, these last two weeks has been an adventure! She is still adjusting to her new home, but overall I think she is going to like it here. She has already made some new doggy friends within my apartment complex and thinks she is one of the big… Read more »

MC Jin (formerly known as Reuben)

Where do I begin? MC Jin stole our hearts within seconds of us meeting him. He licked our hands, played with us, and let us rub his belly at the shelter. We were in love and couldn’t have been happier to have him in our lives! He’s been in our lives for over a month… Read more »

Our baby, Bella!

What can I say about my baby Bella! I took her home from Northeast 11 years ago, she was so extremely nervous, but within days her personality started to shine. She has been my love my companion and my absolute best friend ever since. Now that she’s in her golden years she’s very sassy, a… Read more »

Everest is our loving Mountain!

Everest is doing well. We absolutely love him and he has become a wonderful addition to our family. He is doing really good on his potty training. He is getting to know our kitties.  Our cat, Mortimer, who we thought would be the toughest sell — has actually been the one to spend the most time… Read more »