Brady Costa

I adopted Brady (formally known as Charlie) back in March 2014 when he was only a year old and it definitely was the best thing I’ve ever done. The last 6 years together have flown by. He enjoys going on hikes, playing with his squeaky ball, and lots and LOTS of cuddles. He’s very open… Read more »

Walker the forever pup

We got Walker when he was 4 months old back in 2014. He was shy and loved playing frisbee and playing with bubbles when he was a puppy. Now he enjoys naps and cuddles and especially going for car rides and walks. Forever thankful to the Northeast Animal Shelter for helping us find our forever… Read more »

Gigi is one in a million

We adopted Gigi in the summer of 2015. I chose her. She is soooo loved and brings us so much joy. She has a best friend and takes lots of walks so she is well-known in the neighborhood. I couldn’t have known that day that we would get such an excellent dog, a once in… Read more »

Charlie AKA Charlie Porkchops

Charlie has transitioned seamlessly into the family over the last month. He’s the sweetest boy. At 7, Charlie has been around the block and knows a few things. He definitely knows he’s cute and has everyone’s heart with his wonky ears, soulful eyes, curly tail and impeccable manners. We don’t know what his life was… Read more »

Fifi heals hearts

Can’t imagine life without this sweet girl! We adopted her from NEAS after losing our dear 14yr old lab, Sandy, and she has healed our broken hearts with her cuddles and antics🐾❤️

My Best Friend Butterscotch

When I went into NEAS back in September of 2015, I was looking for a kitten. While walking through my eyes locked on this beautiful cat named Toby (named by the shelter). I will never forget his eyes staring at me thru the cage. Some of the staff told me he had behavioral issues and… Read more »

Yeti is cooler than the cooler.

We recently relocated from Florida to Massachusetts! Our home wasn’t complete until Yeti joined us on May 28th. She is so sweet. She settled in quickly and it feels like she’s been with us forever. She loves following us from room to room and loves playing with her toys every night. She has found her… Read more »

Mo has grown so much!

I adopted Mo (formerly Morgan) 7 years ago! When I got him, he was the most anxious of pups and he was scared of bikes, skateboards, and other dogs. He had even been returned to the shelter previously because of his behavioral issues. With a lot of patience and training, Mo has grown into the… Read more »

Cali is more to love

Cali, FKA Thebe, is quite the character! And she is a BIG girl…more to love! She is now 24lbs and she was 16lbs at her first vet visit, 3 weeks apart! Potty training has been an adventure but she’s doing well for her age, and we’re getting there. She LOVES her sister, Colbie, and vise… Read more »

Ringo is a Starr

Ringo is doing great and very much setting in to life in our home. The kids adore him and he’s great with them. He sleeps through the night in his crate, is great on walks, and loves meeting other dogs at the dog park.  He’s got a great personality, and he clearly shows some jack… Read more »