We are absolutely loving having our new kitty, whom we renamed Pidge, as a part of the family. She is super cuddly, and very chatty.  Thanks for helping us find her! 

Nola – a unique blend of breeds 🐶

We adopted Nola (formerly Candy) last fall when she was only 8 weeks old and we quickly came to terms that she wasn’t much of a Candy. After a long list of names we settled on Nola! We are so in love and she has been the greatest addition to our little family. We were… Read more »

Hazel – enjoying a dog-day afternoon

We adopted Hazel (formerly India) about two months ago and we truly could not have asked for a more perfect dog. She’s super snuggly and loves to laze on the couch and bed, but she also loves going for long walks and hikes and running around with her friends at the dog park. She charms… Read more »

Beau (a true Southern gentleman, formerly known as Gandolf)

We adopted Beau, one of a ten pup “G” litter from Georgia, on April 28th. He’s adjusted better than we could have ever hoped. He has always slept all the way through the night, and always has an appetite! He loves to sit in laps and chew his Nyla bone – we hope he never outgrows… Read more »

Enzo -You’ll never guess what this little guy is made of …

Walker has been renamed Enzo and is settling in well with his new family.  He has been fairly fearful of cars and dogs, but is responding well to training.  He is active, adorable and lazy.  He “hates” mornings and would love to sleep until noon if we let him!   We had a DNA test… Read more »


Ariel has adjusted well. We absolutely love her. Shes super sweet and so lovable. She is the perfect addition to our family. She is eating well and growing like crazy. I think she weighs at least 15 lbs now.

Valentino needs very little to keep him happy

We adopted Tino on a very cold and wet night in March. As a small guy originally from California, he had to get used to our New England weather in a hurry! Tino adjusted very quickly and settled right into our home. He loves playing and cuddling with mom and dad, going for walks (sniffing… Read more »

Juniper – “I love to run around and play outside.”

We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to welcome Juniper into our home and lives. She has been adjusting quite well to her new family. Still a little shy sometimes, but she has really broken out of her shell and is comfortable in her new space. She absolutely loves running around in the… Read more »

Bentley is a socks fan

We adopted Bentley (called Kellan) in February when he was about 2 months old. He is doing great and we are having so much fun with him! Bentley is so smart, sweet and loves to cuddle. His favorite thing to do is go on walks to meet new people and dogs. He has adjusted so… Read more »

Warning: This property guarded by Rumble & Jaws

We gave Jiggs a new name (he is now Rumble… had to keep it a tough name to match his brother Jaws!). He and Jaws have been great together the whole time, and they continue to get closer and closer. They are now either playing or cuddling, pretty much all day! I adopted Jaws from Northeast Animal… Read more »