Snowy in December!

I adopted Snowy in May, 2017. She was so shy and stayed underneath my bed for several weeks before she showed her face. Finally one night after I got in bed, she jumped up and snuggled close to my legs. (Always an arm length away). She did this every night but during the day, she… Read more »


We got Saint over the summer and ever since he has been an absolute joy. He is a Border Collie Lab mix and he is the most loving and joyful dog you could ever meet. He is so smart too and picks up commands so quickly! He loves to play and knows how to do… Read more »

Tessie the love bug

We adopted Tessie (formerly Deucy) on 11/10/2018. She is settling in nicely and is a total love bug; albeit, a mischievous one! She loves the beach, rides in the car and walks (though she needs work on her leash- she’s quite the puller!). We have started basic training classes this week and so far, so good…. Read more »

Penny the one-eyed-beauty

My little one-eye- beauty has been in our family for almost a year now! Penny (formally Glinda) has been such a light in our lives. She has the absolute best personality! She acts as a dog and constantly wants love and affection. She is so funny and loves playing with her toys. She’s still trying… Read more »


We adopted Moose, (formally Andy), who is a pup from Sassy’s litter in August. Our shy guy is now learning to be super confident. He loves snuggling with his family and running around with any and every dog. He loves jumping up on picnic tables wherever he can find one. Its crazy to see the… Read more »

Haley the 60 lb. lap dog!

Haley has been wonderful! She seamlessly adapted into our home and gets along great with her feline sisters. Already housebroken, we established a regular feeding and exercise schedule for her. She understands boundaries and is well trained with commands. Haley loves going road trips to a new adventure, whether it’s the beach, lake, forest, or… Read more »

Shadow the sweetest kitten

I am very grateful to have found this sweet girl through Northeast Animal Shelter!   She brings so much joy and laughter to my home.

Abby is just one of the “cats”

“Buffy,” who is now called Abby, is doing amazing. We are totally in love with her. She has so much love to give to us. It is such a different experience with a dog because we are used to raising cats. She snuggles us in bed and sometimes doesn’t like when we have to put… Read more »

Tomo and Ai-Friend and Love

My mom and I adopted Goblin & Ghost and renamed them Tomo, which means “friend” and Ai, which means “love”. They are the most lovable and energetic kitties! They have brought us so much love and joy to our family and we love them so much!

Lyla loves to beg for food!

Lyla (formerly Shayla) is doing great! She adapted very fast to my house and is very social with everyone that comes to visit.    She is feisty like a kitten, but so much fun. She’s starting to get more cuddly and loves to play.  She definitely likes to eat, and begs, and climbs up my… Read more »