Murphy and Max make our home a happier place

These two brothers came into our home of four daughters (human) and brought nothing but smiles to everyone. They are both sweet and really lap up all the attention they get. They are also “boys” in that they are active, always digging or wrestling, except when they’re sleeping. Murphy (formerly Marvin), the brindle, is smaller… Read more »


His name was Lenny when we went to adopt him but we changed his name to Guillermo. He’s like our baby. We have had him since 2015, He is happy and we’re happy with him too. And I give thanks to this shelter for the kind people they have. And also for saving all the… Read more »

Tucker has made our family complete!

We adopted Tucker (formerlly Eli) on August 27, 2017. He was in a litter of 4 or 5 other “E” names. We would love to hear how they are doing. We instantly fell in love with Tucker. We thought that our family was complete but now having Tucker with us, we are finally COMPLETE!! Only… Read more »

Onyx – This social butterfly has come out of her cocoon!

Last Monday my fiancé and I were lucky to adopt Onyx and bring her into our family.  I just want to let you all know she is doing GREAT! She was so shy and maybe even fearful while she was with you all – so much so that she wouldn’t look at Douglas and me… Read more »

Just one Peppermint is enough to brighten any day

At the end of August, my husband and I decided that we wanted to adopt a dog. The adoption counselor asked us many questions in an effort to help us find our new addition to the family. She brought us to Peppermint. We fell in love instantly. We sat in the room to get to… Read more »

Fletcher, the Houdini.

Fletcher joined our home Mid August and has taught all members of the family to put shoes away! He has also mastered the art of getting slippers off your feet when you sit down. Fletcher loves to cuddle, run and has adapted to this highly active family. He has enjoyed camping on weekends, loves car… Read more »

Jerry … we think he’s extraordinary!

We got Jerry in August of 2017, just a few weeks ago ,and we already love him so much. He was welcomed by my three children and our little Frenchie Millie. He is such a great, easy going dog. He loves sleeping in our bed (literally on top of us!) and running around in the… Read more »

Sheldon purrs up a storm and watches TV

I adopted Almond from the shelter on August 19, 2017. I changed his name to Sheldon (if you watch the Big Bang Theory, that is who I named him after). His name fits him perfectly! He even likes watching the TV! He was a bit nervous the night he arrived but didn’t take him long… Read more »

Bandit – no longer an outlaw!

Hi! I am Bandit, When I arrived at NEAS, I was lonely and blue – I thought misbehaving was the right thing to do. Then I went to canine reform school, where I labored long and hard. Now I have a loving family and even a big back yard! I have been with my new… Read more »