Golden girl Mila – the light of our lives!

Mila (originally Lauren) is truly the best doggie anyone could ever ask for. Gentle, kind, and an absolute love bug, she has turned our lives upside down in the best way possible. Although a little shy at first, she has quickly become an outgoing puppy, happy to play with other dogs, adults, and even little… Read more »

Can you spell Love? Hint: MIA

Can you spell Love? It’s MIA. We adopted Mia on 1-17-2018. Mia is amazing. So much joy in our life. Mia is growing and doing well in all aspects of a puppy life. Eating. Playing. Walking. Training. Sleeping. Thank you NEAS for all you do! Lynette and Steve P.S. We loved her shelter name so… Read more »

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

We could not be any happier with Snow! She is a VERY sweet and gentle dog. She loves to cuddle, especially on our giant been bag chair. She also LOVES her cousin Sarge, who is a border collie lab mix. They can play for hours together! She loves her walks and she has a nice… Read more »

Bella is our number 1 and only

Pretty Girl is now Bella, and she is doing great.  She didn’t seem to know the name Pretty Girl and does now respond to Bella, but mostly responds to finger snapping.  For some reason, it stops her in her tracks and she turns right around and trots over from day 1.   She has not… Read more »

Logan is a Red Socks fan (or White Socks, or any color will do)

Batch (we’ve changed his name to Logan) is doing wonderful!!!  He’s been a great addition to our family and seems to be settling in quite well. He loves people and other dogs.  He is great on our daily walks and loves when we meet up with other dogs.  He does love socks and will sneak… Read more »

Beauty & Sunny, our two Valentines ❤️❤️

Beauty and Sunny are both energetic and playful, and they are best friends as you can see from the picture.  With just a bit of imagination,  I hope everyone can you can see that their heads and limbs form a heart. ❤️ The first few weeks they were especially active around 4:30 am every morning, but now… Read more »

Timmy and Tomasse – one energetic fluff ball wasn’t enough!

I adopted Timmy (formerly Julian) in July. He quickly became friends with my two senior cats but they had no interest in being his playmate. Timmy’s energy level was through the roof and it became clear that toys were not enough to keep him satisfied. I knew he needed a friend his own age. I… Read more »

Gus – a bundle of energy!

Koda Bear has now got his forever name “Gus.”  He is a bundle of energy. He gets to sleep in someone’s bed every night and has a bunch of toys. It was a pleasure working with you folks.