Opie – Our crazy little nugget

We adopted Opie (formerly known as Sugar) about 3 weeks ago. It was the best decision we made! He is the sweetest little love bug with a side of sass around. He loves to play, sleep, and snuggle. He became comfortable in no time and now he runs the show in our house! From the… Read more »

Sweet Rhonda is an oversized kissing machine

Rhonda (the dog formerly known as Nubby) has been with us now for an entire month, although I can barely remember what our routine was like before her.  We knew right away that Rhonda was the dog for us when we met her at the shelter. As soon as she entered the visiting room, she… Read more »

Maple enjoys the sights, smells, and sounds of spring

Kam is now Maple and she is doing great!   I think she LOVES her new home.  She has her spot on the couch with lots of soft blankets and many toys. She has made a lot of doggie friends as we live in a condo where about 80% of the residents have dogs. She… Read more »

Al from Alabama

It’s been almost fours years since I visited the shelter to look for a puppy. Al was just released from quarantine with his sister Honey that morning I came in. When I adopted him his name was Jake, but since he came up from Alabama I felt “Al” was more appropriate. He’s been a great… Read more »

Elsa is Miss Personality

Our girls renamed Beth to Elsa. She is doing very well here and gets along well with our other dog and has becomes great friends with our neighbor’s dog. She lays in her bed next to my desk while I work. After work we go for runs. She loves to snuggle and give hugs. She… Read more »

Foxy Roxy…Our newest addition from NEAS!!

We would like to update you on Roxy formerly known as JR. We adopted her on 3/28. Kristen was incredible with us and the whole family to make sure she would be the right addition. Patrick and a few volunteers also were there during this time to help make this a seamless process. We changed… Read more »

Cody – a big pup with a big appetite and an irresistible face

Our pup (on the right in the picture) is amazing. We renamed him Cody, because it just seemed to fit him better 🙂 Cody has fallen right into swing in this family! He LOVES our senior pup Roscoe, who has really been helping teach Cody manners. And Cody is learning to give Roscoe his space when… Read more »

Lil Tucker

We are all in love. He loves to dig, is getting used to the cat and thinks anyone and everyone should be his friend.