Levi is a gentle soul.

We are so in LOVE with our new baby boy, Levi (formerly Ringo)! Day by day, Levi continues to come out of his shell and show more of his beautifully gentle, kind temperament. Levi made himself right at home on the couch and took to his crate like he knew it was there waiting for… Read more »

Koko turns 1 !

Koko just celebrated his 1 year birthday! He was originally named “Bugatti” and we adopted him to be a buddy for our kitty, Tomo. He is such a lovable and energetic member of our family. He loves to play fetch and play the piano!

Lola and her puppy antics!

I adopted Lola in the spring and could not imagine life without her! I bring her everywhere. She makes me laugh every day with her silly puppy antics. She loves going for a hike or playing on the beach with her ball and then coming home to cuddle and nap on the couch.

Poppy and Luna hit the jackpot!

We hit the jackpot when we adopted Poppy and Luna! They are remarkably sweet and loving, and are both so eager to please. We feel really lucky to have them.   Of course there were issues during the initial adjustment period. Sometimes I didn’t recognize their need to go out and ended up with messes… Read more »

Lou likes to chew on crunchy leaves!

Chowder now goes by Louie.. mostly “Lou”! He’s been settling in so well in our home! He loves to snuggle. Loves to chew on crunchy leaves on the deck.. which he’s actually doing right now! He’s been doing so well sleeping in the crate, which was definitely a big help in easing him into a… Read more »

Coco the frog police!

Coco is doing well.  The whole family loves her!  We have been taking some training classes to teach her to walk on leash.  She loves chasing frogs that get into our pool at night! She’s quite good at catching them but she doesn’t eat them.   She likes being outside but has no interest in escaping… Read more »

Caroline knows how to fetch!

Caroline is doing great! Though she does not like being held, she loves her new home and enjoys being around us. In her first few days, she meowed every night at 3AM, but she stopped after a few days. She has great appetite, and is SUPER playful. She loves chasing balls and toy rats –… Read more »

Phoebe is living her best life

Portia is doing great! I renamed her Phoebe and she is understanding her name and comes when called. She is growing so fast and learning a lot. She eats very well and sleeps through the night.   Phoebe is super curious, loves giving kisses, and snuggles when napping. There is a dog park onsite and… Read more »

Lola Bunny

Chrissy is now Lola because of her bunny ears. She is our Lola bunny. We love our little ball of energy. She is full of kisses and snuggles.  She sleeps well, but rises early. She is a bit skittish around other dogs so we start socialization class on 10/30. She’s a very loving pup and… Read more »

Savannah is the best snuggler

Savannah has become such a wonderful addition to my family! She always keeps me on my toes and has a HUGE personality! She has been such a good learner (with some accidents still but we are getting better!) and is the BEST snuggler! She is loving our walks and meeting new humans and animals. She’s… Read more »