Shy now answers to Shep, his new name.  We are enjoying his affection and he is no longer Shy. He howls like a wolf when he hears sirens passing by our home. He has gained weight and has a great appetite. He is a frequent barker at chipmunks & squirrels and chases them whenever we… Read more »

Meet Indiana Jones….formerly ‘Kyle’

Call him ‘Dr Jones’! Indie joined our pack of two dogs (5-yr-old female & 14-yr-old male) at the end of May. We’ve spent a lot of time training & socializing him and it’s really paid off. He walks great on a leash, loves to meet new people and plays non-stop with our other dogs. His striking… Read more »

Mia – Our Sweet, Lovable Georgia Peach

We adopted Mia from NEAS on 6/17/2017. She immediately became a part of our family! The vet believes she is around 1.5 years old and is a Weimaraner mix. She loves to give kisses and wants everyone she meets to give her a belly rub. One of her favorite things to do is snuggle up… Read more »


My husband and I adopted Roger (originally David) on July 1st and we can’t imagine life without him. He stole our hearts as soon as he bounded into the playroom at the shelter and every day we love him more. He is very smart and outgoing and has already mastered “sit” and going up and… Read more »

Maddison 5 years & Skylar 2 years

We adopted Maddison (Catahoula mix) at 14 weeks old after losing our Australian Shepard of 15 years. She has been the perfect pooch. She loves to kiss and be near you. She never chewed or even tried to destroy anything in the house. She is so well behaved. After a few years we decided to… Read more »

Mya caught us by those ears!

We adopted Mya, formerly known as Aurora, on May 19, 2017. That day is so special to us! She has adapted better than we could have ever imagined, and her adventurous, loving, and humorous personality has done nothing but bring us joy. She has made all training easy on us, and what a smart girl… Read more »

Georgia chilling out by my side

We adopted Georgia (formerly Wanda) a little over three weeks now. She quickly dug her way into our hearts! She is eager to learn. She’s already mastered sit, lie down, and shake! We are working on roll over. House training is coming slowly, but she already likes her crate.

Babka (“A lesser Babka, I think not!”)

We adopted Babka (formerly Coffee/Skye) a few weeks ago back in June. We were told he was originally brought to the Northeast Animal Shelter as a kitten from Georgia, was adopted, but then returned a few months later. We renamed him Babka because he’s a cat with a bobtail (Bob-Ca) and after a quote from… Read more »

Reeses (we love her to pieces)

We adopted Reeses (formerly Roxy) in May and she is such a happy pup. She’s still very shy and easily frightened by loud noises but we are so proud of her progress! She has the most adorable spotted tongue, and the cutest pair of ears that flop when she runs. Reeses is doing really well… Read more »

Carly & Spencer

Carly (Emma) is doing wonderful.  She is adjusting very well.  Our 9-year-old wired haired terrier Spencer, who we also got from Northeast, and Carly are best friends. They are inseparable.