Benny (formerly BamBam)

We adopted Benny 2 years ago, shortly after he had one of his hind legs amputated. Thank you to Ray at NEAS who matched us up with him! Benny doesn’t ever let his amputation slow him down. He loves to go on adventures and especially loves hiking with his family where he keeps up nicely… Read more »

Jameson (Mercury)

We adopted Jameson back in July of 2020. He was this quiet little grey tabby with the biggest little ears. We knew he was meant for our home the moment we met him. Since bringing him home, he has been nothing short of amazing. He loves cuddling, playing on his tower, giving head butts and… Read more »

Our bonded Gals!

Callie & Freia are very doing well as we approach their one month mark with us. They both have adjusted nicely and within the first two weeks they seemed well settled in and comfortable. Freia has become quite the lap cat like her sister. We are so happy to have them with us! Thank you… Read more »

Jax and Emily: our little munchkins!

We adopted Serenity and Grace together a few weeks ago! Serenity (now “Jax”) is doing great. He had his rabies vaccine and is a playful, little crazy man. Grace (now “Emily”) is also doing quite well. She is a love bug and very tolerant of the kids, which is excellent. She’s chatty and loves to… Read more »

Birdie aka Lily

“My name is Birdie/aka Lily. I came up from Tennessee in August. Not much was known about me, except that I might have been living on the street. I got adopted by a woman who lived in the next town over. I now live in what they call an apartment.  I have my own bed, but… Read more »

Luna Love

In March 2020, we decided we wanted to find an additional family member. We already had a 3 yr old rescue Bruce and wanted to find him a playmate. We came to NEAS and instantly fell in love with this little puppy who had the name of Jasmine at the time. She came all the… Read more »

Lynn is Gracie from now on….

After tragically losing our two cats of 17 yrs over the course of a few months, we found ourselves missing the comfort and fun of living with a cat or two. After a handful of visits to NEAS to try and find our new family member, we came across a little 1yr old stray that… Read more »

Sue and Tesla

Sue (formerly Sapphire) and Tesla (formerly Variety), were adopted from NEAS, Sue was adopted in 2010 and Tesla in 2020. Sue is a spicy, sweet girl, and Tesla is a one-eyed devil! Sue is still adjusting to Tesla, While Tesla herself was adjusted on day one! Tesla is currently practicing sit and paw. Her favorite… Read more »

Our Taj!

We adopted Taj, who we now call Gizmo. I’m in love with this little guy! He eats like a horse and loves treats! He has bonded with my 3 yr old cat named Lorelei. They are so cute together! He loves to be held and cuddled when he’s not full of energy. He has stolen every great sleeping spot… Read more »

Sophie, our love!

Sophie came to live with us after we lost our two very old cats. She has brightened up our lives, winding around our legs and sleeping with us at night. She likes to stand up on her white back legs (she is a tuxedo cat) to look out the window at squirrels and falling leaves.Thank… Read more »