Maurice has beautiful hair now!

Maurice, who is now almost 14 months old, is the most loving and sweetest pup! He loves everyone and every animal he encounters. He’s charming and cute. We did three levels of training classes at Petsmart—puppy, intermediate, and advanced. He’s well mannered and was a dream to house break. Adopting him was one of the best… Read more »

What’s up Doc?

Doc has adjusted VERY well to his new home, he is basically king of the house and he has become quite the brave explorer! He has met many new human friends, and comes right up to them demanding a hello, and pets from everyone he meets. Then he likes to lounge around and be close… Read more »

My lady, Meesha!

We lost our 18 yr old Mia (adopted at NE Animal) June 2019 and just lost our 14 yr old Reesie this past June. It was the first time in 45 years we had NO pets and with the pandemic closing everything down, we decided to look on the website. We first saw Stella, but… Read more »

Sweet Suzy – she completed our family

We met our dear Suzy (formerly Susie) on one of the coldest days this past winter. We had visited the shelter on Friday to look at some dogs, and heard that a bunch of dogs had just come in from Texas. We saw one young dog we were interested in, and decided to come back… Read more »


My boyfriend and I adopted Nico from NEAS in February and our life hasn’t been the same since! He was an adorable little guy with crazy sharp little baby teeth, which he used on everything! He was also a master of the puppy dog eyes from day one. He has grown up so much since… Read more »

Bandit the bed hog!

We adopted Bandit after he was returned to the shelter by another family at just 6 months old. He is now 1 years old, super obedient and absolutely nuts! He is extremely sweet, with a touch of sass, and such a bed hog. He is also so excited that his humans are buying a house!… Read more »

Our new boy, Binx!

We adopted Freeway couple weeks ago 7/16. We have since renamed him, Binx. He is a very active, fun, loving kitty. He has brought tremendous joy to our home. We are constantly smiling when he is sweet, sleeping, and when he is just running around playing. He has been a great addition to our family… Read more »

The name is, Bond.. just Bond!

We adopted Bond during April vacation 2017. My husband and I were not married at the time, we had just bought our first home and his three beautiful children would be moving into a new house and a new life with me. We decided to add our beautiful boy, Bond, to complete our family. He’s… Read more »

Miss Moxxi

I met the love of my life at your shelter in 2013. She was rescued by your shelter from a California city shelter. I will never forget it was chihuahua day and there were about 10 chihuahuas in the lobby. I was first in the door when you opened in the morning and I ran… Read more »

Toma’s transition!

When we went to NEAS in December of 2017, we knew right away that the scared black lab mix sitting in the corner of her cage was meant to be part of our family. She was found on the streets, so her history was pretty unknown, and as an adult dog she definitely came with… Read more »