Odin has the Wisdom of the Ages

We adopted Odin (formerly Salem Popeye) last summer and it’s been a never ending love story ever since. We chose the name Odin from the widely revered mythological god of European lore.  In the actual Norse mythology, Odin sacrificed his eye in order to gain the Wisdom of Ages. In other words, the eye was meant to… Read more »

Bohdi aka Bodes (dad’s nickname) aka BoBo( mom’s nickname)

We adopted Bohdi (formerly Roscoe) in mid February as our 11th anniversary/valentines gift to each other. We had visited the shelter one weekend and met with a puppy we did like but weren’t 100% sure about so we left a little sad that we hadn’t found our pup. The counselor we spoke with that day… Read more »

Holly is the best Christmas present we have ever had!

After losing our dog Remy, after 14 years, we realized we wanted to share our home with another pup – we missed the love! We adopted Holly (formerly Wanda) 2 weeks before Christmas 2016. She was only 8 weeks when we got her, so being seniors, we worried about housebreaking, chewing and how she would… Read more »

Bella finds a place to call home… at the Palace!

Dylen and I have worked with dogs for years and finally decided we needed one to call our own. We both work and live at a cageless boarding/ daytripping and grooming facility called The Pooch Palace and decided that this is the perfect home for a dog-friendly pooch! Bella immediately stood out to us with… Read more »

Bruno, one handsome guy

We adopted our puppy two weeks ago. He is adjusting well and he seems to be very happy. He is a great addition to our family and we are grateful for the great work NEAS does.

Lulu has bonded with our toddler

Lauren has a new name, Lulu. Lulu is an amazing puppy. She is mostly house broken and loves to play. She is great at fetch and likes to play tag. Although she can walk on a leash it is not her favorite thing to do. She much prefers to run around with us in the… Read more »

With Gibson, exercise is the key

Emily, now named Gibson, is settling in well. She is truly a 3rd member of our family. She enjoys Frisbee and loves other dogs. She has brought us much joy. She is full of energy and of course we think she is super smart! She has mastered a puzzle board where treats are hidden and now… Read more »

Lana & Leonard: “And they called it Puppy Love” ❤❤

Lana (right), formerly Roxey, is the perfect addition to our furry family. We adopted Leonard a few months back and knew he needed a forever friend. Lana has helped build his confidence especially when socializing with people. She is so loving and friendly and gives endless kisses. Lana loves sitting in the sun, a typical… Read more »

Shelton (Um, did you chew my glasses?)

Shelton is great.  While he’s still a bit mouthy sometimes, he seems to be learning that I greatly prefer him to chew his toys and not my hands or my glasses, which he went to town on one morning when I left them on a low table. All said.. we are growing together.

Sully and Bruno, a true love story!

We adopted Sully (back of photo) from NEAS in 2015 and decided he needed a brother. We came back to the shelter and found Bruno (front of photo). We have had Bruno for about a month and he and Sully have been inseparable. They eat, play and even sleep together. A true love story!