Lucy (formerly Fifi from the “F” litter of July 2020)

We waited almost three years to bring a new family member home after our Lab Bailey passed at the ripe old age of 14. “Lucy” was definitely worth the wait! In July of 2020 lightning struck again and we met and adopted “Fifi”. She became Lucy before we made it to the truck for the… Read more »

Breya (was Cocoa)

We picked her up as a little shy girl on December 28th, and almost 2 months later she is loving her forever home, her brother, Fenway, and her new parents and siblings. She likes to be outside, although she was not a big fan of the snow. Her favorite activity is sleeping, of course and… Read more »

Lola May – “Coco”

I adopted Lola, formerly known as Coco, in July 2019. My childhood cat of 17 years had passed away two years beforehand, and I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger and adopt a new furry friend. I didn’t think I could ever love another cat as much, but boy did Lola prove me wrong!… Read more »

Willow (formerly Latte)

We adopted our little girl Willow, previously Latte, in October. Thank you NEAS for providing us with the most beautiful pup we could have asked for! She is so intelligent, curious about the world around her, and loving. She is a determined little pup too and reminds us of that daily, especially while out on… Read more »

Our little T-rex!

Rex is the best dog we could ask for! He loves to cuddle and is always making us smile. He rarely sleeps in his bed, but instead on our laps. I must already have 500 photos of him. I don’t know what we would do without him. Thank you NEAS!

Our boy, Henry!

Astro is now named, HENRY, and is doing wonderful! We adore him and I think the feeling is mutual. For the first 2 weeks, he slept on his bed on the floor next to my bed. Now he is pretty much in one of our beds every night. I often wake up and find him… Read more »


From the moment Beetle (formerly Lynnda) reached her paw through the bars to gently catch one of our hands at the shelter, we knew we’d been chosen! Though she’d been passed over before for being “shy,” very underweight & sick with a cold, she clearly knew we were the right people to take her home… Read more »

Winnie the best girl!!!

I have been wanting a dog for as long as I can remember and figured that because I am currently working from home, it would be a great time to raise a puppy! She is the snuggliest little girl who loves to play with her toys and eat treats alll day! She is loving the… Read more »

Rambo! (FKA Mocha)

After scouring Petfinder and shelter websites for months and dozens of applications with no luck, I was beginning to get a little discouraged about the prospects of adding a young furry friend. NEAS had one cat in particular I *really* wanted, but I had no luck booking an appointment due the crazy high demand during… Read more »

Maestro! (was Halloween)

I adopted a kitten, Halloween, in early December and renamed him Maestro, though he is still telling me his other names! He has been an absolute delight and joy! My house was feeling like an empty place since I lost my beloved previous kitty, Clawedyus, to cancer last June. With the pandemic, it was a… Read more »