Blanche is now Bella for her beauty!

Blanche has changed her name to Bella because she is so beautiful. She has adjusted really well and is truly a part of our family. She loves being with my husband and I and follows us everywhere we go in the house. She is very curious and gets into everything and loves to play with her… Read more »

Rambo was the missing piece to our puzzle!

We adopted Rambo (formerly Cody) on 1/1/2021 and he has very quickly adjusted to his new forever home! He is an absolute lovebug and just wants to be wherever we are.  Some highlights and accomplishments in the past few days: He spends most of his day hanging out with me in my home office and occasionally… Read more »


Happy New Year NEAS! From the first moment we brought Bailey home, she felt right at home. She is a very curious little girl and she has explored every inch of the house. She loves to give kisses on the nose and snuggle with the whole family. Everyone here is in love with her!

Our first love: Mia!

We were thinking of NEAS today, as it is exactly one year since we adopted Mia (known as Honey in the shelter!) and are so grateful for all you did to help us choose her to join us in our home. She has grown to be a wonderful companion particularly during COVID-19 where the walks… Read more »

Astro: our universe!

Johnny, now Astro, is so awesome!!!  He loves to snuggle and has managed to work his way on to the couch….. hmmmm….. He is all healed up from his neuter surgery and likes to go on little walks. We went to the beach last weekend and he was on the long leash and loved to run! … Read more »

Squash and Gourd: the twins!

Squash & Gourd are now known as Jennfer Jareau (aka. JJ or pretty girl) and Dr. Spencer Reid (aka. Spencer/Spence or boy).  Our shy, undersocialized kitties are doing very very well.  They had to be kept apart for almost two weeks due to Spencer’s cold, but now that they are together, they couldn’t be happier…. Read more »


Snow is doing great! She is absolutely adorable and has such a unique personality. She has gotten really attached to both my husband and I and loves to be cuddled and held and enjoys giving us kisses. She has a wand toy with a fish on the end of it that she drags around in her… Read more »


We adopted Penelope July 31st 2018 from the Northeast Animal Shelter. She has brought so much love and happiness to our family. I truly believe she picked us. She absolutely loves the car and playing football with my husband and son. She loves to snuggle up with us every night and take up the whole… Read more »

Professor Minerva McGonigal

Everything has worked out perfectly for Violet and us. She has a new name, Minerva, and we kept Violet as her middle name. Minerva is Professor McGonigal’s name and also my daughter’s great great grandmother’s too.  She is adjusting well and really bonded to all four of us in her own little way. She loves… Read more »

Buddy & Belle

When my beloved 19 year old cats both died in the past year I was very sad. They were alumni of Cape Ann Rescue and we adopted them as kittens. One for each daughter. Tiger & Ruby were always there for my girls as they grew up. And they were there for me when the… Read more »