Nougat loves belly rubs

I adopted Thomas (now Nougat) on January 1st. It’s been a slow transition, but he took quite well to his new home and he is slowly befriending his new older brother, Chachi. He’s very vocal, follows people around like a puppy, loves to eat and play, and just wants to be snuggled.  Nougat grooms both… Read more »


Mr. bo Banner (formerly Nickel) came to us when my family was in a very sad spot. We had recently lost our father in June (Tanner was adopted in October) and we were hurting all around. The family rarely connected and everything seemed to move in slow motion. I decided that enough was enough and… Read more »

Shea (aka Mama)

Shea joined our family in February of 2018. She was incredibly shy and nervous and very afraid of riding in the car but has made amazing progress. She started playing with the other dogs at the dog park in the summer (after a few months of hanging back and observing) and now she absolutely loves… Read more »

Love at first sight, Arthur is now Tocci!

When my wife and I laid our eyes on Arthur, whose name is now Tocci, (named after this friend of mine from Brazil as a  homage to her-for she was our biggest supporter in this adoption process and now his godmother), we knew he was the one. Tocci is very happy with his new home,… Read more »

As sweet as Candy

I had found Northeast Animal Shelter to be an absolute pleasure when it came to the adoption process; I appreciate being united with Candy who is now known as Callie. When I first brought Callie homeI had left the door open to the room she was staying in, and she took a step out just… Read more »

Freya the Norse Queen & Goddess

First out daughter renamed Mama Cat “Freya” after the Norse Queen & Goddess who was a lover of cats and drove a chariot pulled by cats. She started off very frightened and skittish but has been making improvements every day! She is very cuddly and sweet! She likes to perch and sleep on our chest/neck… Read more »

Apollo is the greatest gift <3

Apollo is the greatest gift I ever could’ve asked for! He adjusted beautifully into our family and home and he is the happiest pup in the world. We are madly in love with him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Rocky is an easy going guy

Russel is now named Gronk, and he is doing very well and settled in very quickly. It’s like he has been here forever. He’s very affectionate and cuddly. He has his first vet appointment next week. He has a good appetite. He has used his litterbox since the first night. I already was able to… Read more »

Life with Ruby is a dream!

Life with Ruby is a dream!  She is the sweetest, most loving girl and we are so happy she is our fur baby.  Ruby loves to sleep in our bed and snuggle. She definitely thinks she is a lap dog, as she crawls up into mine almost every night while we watch TV.  Ruby is… Read more »

Pepe is a people ‘person’ !

Pepe (formerly Timmy), is doing absolutely awesome.  He fits in well in his new home and is such a people person.  He currently is under the care of VCA in Everett and is due to for his last shot on Monday.  He does great in the house and does not need a cage at all. … Read more »