Fredrick Diamond

Fredrick Diamond, previously know as Kaloop, is doing great!! He took very little time bonding with me. He is my shadow. We started training after about a couple weeks, just so he really knew I was for real and safe. I know he was returned once before. He loves every animal he comes across, although… Read more »


I adopted my best bud Timber October 2020, and he’s been the light of my life ever since! He was the first card I pulled when I went to the shelter in search of a companion during the pandemic, and the rest is history! With a lot of training time, puzzle toys, and chew toys,… Read more »

Tama the kitten that loves clothes!

Charlotte’s name was changed to Tama (pronounced: taahhhma). She is so spoiled & so loved. She’s such a little weirdo! She has fur, but yet is so sensitive to cold. She must wear clothes to have her morning & afternoon naps. (She’s in for a very rude awaking this winter! I have a feeling her sherpa-lined… Read more »

Charlie, our boy!

Charlie has been doing well. He is playful, lovable, and allows me to pick him up any time. Even when he knows he’s been naughty! We have been able to trim his claws, which is great! He gives high 5s, which is super adorable! The first week at home he suckled with us quite a bit. Now… Read more »

Stella: the star!

Brownie, now Stella, is doing so great!! She has settled right in! She plays great with other dogs; big and small. She sleeps in a comfy crate at night in mom and dad’s room with no complaints! Potty training is going well with very few accidents. She is a cuddler and loves napping in your lap… Read more »

Missy from Mississippi!

Phoebe is now Missy (since she is from Mississippi) and we are all head over heels in love with her! She is the friendliest, sweetest kitten. She snuggles under my daughter’s chin all night long. She is attached to one of us at all times. She is trying to become best friends with our dog,… Read more »

Gideon, our ‘wild child’!

Wild Child (who we renamed Gideon, but mostly call Baby) is doing very well. She’s a very petite cat with a spicy personality. She’s always finding some new trouble to get into, constantly wants to play fetch (yup, fetch, she always brings her toys back for you to throw again), makes a lot of expressive… Read more »

Our Daisy girl!

Our Daisy girl has been a part of our family for almost two years and we are so lucky to have picked her! Daisy was very shy and anxious at the shelter, but we knew she would do well once we brought her home. We quickly learned how sweet she was when she immediately rolled… Read more »

Sweet as Sugar!

Sugar was adopted from NEAS in January 2020. My family & I saw her on the website and we had to see her! We got her card and the rest is history! We went in on probably one of the busiest days, but after seeing her (since we had recently lost our previous dog to… Read more »


We adopted Louise (formerly Glamour) in January 2018 and she has been the light of our lives ever since! She is beautiful, sweet and sassy! She loves to sit on her many perches around the house and watch us, birds, or the neighbors. Her favorite toys are cardboard boxes, feather wands, and several soft catnip… Read more »