Stella loves everyone she meets- even Santa!

We changed Summer’s name to Stella, and she is doing very well. A week ago she went to the vet and she has gone from 9.5 pounds to 11.2 pounds! Stella sleeps in her crate all night and she also really enjoys mealtimes! She has met some of the dogs in the neighborhood and she… Read more »

Sadie ‘saged’ her new home

Sadie, formerly Sage, is wonderful! She’s growing strong and very confident. Sadie loves all the toys she received for Christmas. To start the new year, she learned how to sit and give paw for treats. We are so grateful to have her in our family. 

Tinsley is so very loved

Tinsley (neé Patti) is doing great! She’s come so far since we picked her up. At first she was so afraid of the world, but she’s really been coming out of her shell. She especially loves meeting new dogs. Her biggest asset is that her curiosity always wins out over her fear. She’s really is… Read more »

Spencer loves his sweaters

Spencer (formerly Lego) is so smart, he learned his new name so quickly.  He and our other dog Abby (who we also adopted from Northeast Animal Shelter) love each other, they are two peas in a pod.    Spencer has overcome any anxiety or fearfulness. When we first took him home, he would dart out… Read more »

Mittens and Mocha are the best of friends

Mittens and Mocha have adjusted very well to their new home! They were a bit skittish for the first few days, but now are quite comfortable in their new house. We can’t believe their energy level at times; they gallop around the house together and love to wrestle. We’ve had to retrieve a number of… Read more »

From Ugly Duckling to Swan

Miko is now known as Duck (a homage to his ugly duckling beginnings) and he’s doing great! He was quick to adjust to his new home and he’s been such a playful, silly, and loving kitty. He sleeps well and definitely no issues eating – he usually wants to eat his own food and then… Read more »

Rogue is her Momma’s shadow

We are in love with our Rogue! She drove with us home to Michigan for Christmas and she is the biggest sweetheart even in a new environment with new people.  She loves her Momma, and follows me around the house. Even in our king sized bed, Rogue manages to cuddle us both to the edge… Read more »

And Bingo WAS his name- oh!

Hank (formerly Bingo) is doing fantastic. He’s a great little boy and loves playing with his new big sister, Lily. We couldn’t be happier with him and are grateful to have him in our lives. He’s received all his shots and is very healthy. We had a wonderful experience with the animal shelter staff. You… Read more »

Bailey is fitting right in

We love our little Bailey girl️! She adjusted really quickly (I always joke that she knew she was home the first time she walked in the door)… she has great confidence. Her first vet appointment went great! She sleeps through the night in a dog bed next to her fur brother, and she is still… Read more »

Gilbert had some big shoes to fill- and he sure did.

We are in love with little Gilbert! We had to say goodbye to our dog of 14 years in June and before that we had our first dog for 9 years. So Gilbert had some big shoes to fill, and he sure has. He transitioned to our house very well. He hardly has any accidents… Read more »