One of my dreams in life was to own a dog. When I got to NEAS, I came across Gigi (then known as Fern). I renamed her, and today I was thinking how lucky I am to have her! She changed my life and helps me in so many ways. She is the happiest bundle… Read more »

Lemon and Xander

The two kittens we adopted are doing great! We named them Lemon and Xander. Xander is the slightly bigger one (well, he was… but they have both grown a lot!). He was always outgoing, snuggly, and playful. Lemon was shyer and smaller, but he has quickly become the most lovely snuggle bug in the world. Xander… Read more »

Miss Lily

Our little Georgia peach came into our life 4 years ago and the happiness she brings to us is heartwarming! She is the light of our life and we love her so so much! Thank you NEAS!

My Brother Bears!

Thomas and Tucker are now named Koda and Kenai after the bears in the movie brother bear. They are my love bugs and I am so happy with them. Koda is very adventurous and loves to explore everything. Kenai is my “snuggles”.  They are both the most loving cats ever. They are doing totally fine… Read more »

Miss Lacy!

Lacey is doing well.  It took her and our dog, Dexter, a bit to learn to live together, but they are figuring it out and good now! She is very affectionate with the kids.  She is still learning to be a lady on the leash, but we are working on it. Here is a picture… Read more »

Marnie: My little trash gremlin!

I adopted Marnie 3 years ago and she has been the light of life ever since! She is my constant snuggle buddy and great sibling to her brother, Finnegan, and all the foster friends I bring home! Everyone knows that when Marnie likes you, she will scream in excitement to see you every day! Thank… Read more »

Pella Moo! (My little cow!)

She’s a fantastic little girl and I love her to bits! Her name is now Pella Moo (because she’s a cow kitty). She’s super snuggly, loves sitting on shoulders, eats like a champ (she’s gained about a pound so far) and is currently asleep on my leg. Introducing her to my other kitty was delayed… Read more »

Griffin Puff!

We changed Puff’s name to Griffin and he is now Griffin Puff. He is doing very well. He still wants to be in our bedroom rather than have the run of the whole house, however he is getting along very well with the 10 year old cat (Maxwell), the 1-1/2 year old cat (Lincoln) and… Read more »

Cokta The Big Snuggle Bug

Cokta (previously Cokoa at the shelter), has been in our lives for 5 months now. She and her brother Kiki (previously Lord Voldermort at the shelter) are both NEAS alums! I’ve had many cats, but a dog? Well, I wasnt so sure about it. Cokta is both me and my husband’s first ever dog. We… Read more »

My little shadow: Millie!

Millie is totally living her best life. She has taken over the sofa on a daily basis. Millie does well with other dogs, but is very protective of me and totally makes sure no one is going to mess with me. Mille has a vast array of toys to choose from. Her favorite thing is tug… Read more »