NICKY: Our Miracle!

I adopted Nicky (previously known as Jace from West Virginia) in December 2018. He was very scared at first in his new home especially with an older male cat Ricky, but he soon warmed to his surroundings and blossomed. Then, one day in early December a year ago, I noticed he had changed: he was… Read more »

This is Sam, formerly Blake

Sam has been such a joy. I adopted him last week. He is very friendly and affectionate. I am so happy to have him. He’s good company; seeing as we are in the middle of a pandemic! Thank you NEAS for helping me find my quarantine companion! 


After waiting a long time for a puppy to join our family, Hughston (formally Houghston) has found a way into our hearts. He is very loyal, and if one of us leaves the room or goes off to school, he’s keenly aware of who is missing. In the beginning we caught him several times on… Read more »


For a while now we have wanted a furry friend. During the pandemic, we felt our children needed a loving furry distraction and we basically just wanted some extra love in our home! We decided to adopt a kitten. Our family fell in love with Wynn (we kept his name ) and added a middle… Read more »


Thank you for matching me with Sadie. I live alone and during covid, Sadie is a Godsend. It is wonderful to have a dog companion. Sadie love people and other dogs and enjoys all our walks together. She is determined to steer our walks and every once in awhile I give in. Sadie is very… Read more »

When Cash the Kitten joined our family

Periwinkle became Mr. Johnny Cash when he joined our family in September 2020 as a small kitten. He goes by Cash, and seemed to feel right at home pretty quickly. He enjoys chasing and jumping after wand toys and looks like a professional soccer player when he’s batting around his crinkle balls. Everyone we share… Read more »

Luna a.k.a Evie

We adopted our little Luna (formerly known as Evie) on September 1st and from the moment we laid eyes on her we fell in love!! There is definitely some Border Collie in her because from the moment we brought her home she tried to herd us non-stop by nipping our ankles! haha. She doesn’t do… Read more »

Our sweetie pie Charlie

This is Charlie, previously known as Picard. He is quite possibly the sweetest dog ever. He loves everyone he meets. We came to the shelter just as we were learning about covid19 and by chance we ended up taking him home on the day my son’s school closed. It was the best decision we’ve ever… Read more »

Lovable Jyn (formerly Tansy)

My husband and I adopted Jyn, formerly Tansy, shortly after unexpectedly losing our first dog, also an NEAS adoptee. Jyn was a recent adoption return, and we were still feeling the loss of our four legged love. Together, the three of us started to heal and silly Jyn immediately brought so much love, light and… Read more »

Holly girl!

Our new little kitty Holly (previously Jessica) is adjusting so well! She is the sweetest, most lovable, yet playful kitten! She eats a mixture of kitten wet food and dry food 3x a day and sleeps really well too. At night, Holly loves to sleep in our bed. Holly also loves to play with our young children and… Read more »