Kylo and Storm are the perfect match

We decided to rename Monkey… and he is now Kylo!  He is doing GREAT and we love him so much.  He is the perfect companion for our older cat, Storm, which was our main concern when we chose him. You helped us find the cat with the perfect personality for our home.  We couldn’t be… Read more »

Apollo and Baxter are a magical pair

Apollo, came home from NEAS fully adjusted to his crate!  The Friday before Christmas, he learned to climb our stairs and is now completely free to roam the house. He sleeps in his bed in our bedroom, along side his big brothers bed- but some nights he goes down to be in his crate. He… Read more »

Porter just wants his belly rubbed!

Porter, formerly Gumbi is doing amazing! We are in love. Everyone who meets him says he is the sweetest. All Porter wants in life is to have his belly rubbed. He is eating well, sleeping in his crate, and he rarely barks. He has adjusted very well to our family and we feel very lucky… Read more »

Harry- who rescued whom?

When we first decided to get a dog, we knew we wanted a rescue pup and decided to check out the Northeast Animal Shelter to simply “just look around”… Of course as soon as we set eyes on Harry (originally Sammy) we knew we’d be heading directly to the nearest pet store to grab a… Read more »

Ellie and Shelby- BFFs

We adopted Ellie (short for Eleanor; fka Daine) about two months ago. She was so shy and scared of people when we met her at the shelter. She did so well meeting our other dog, Shelby, we just knew we had to bring her home. She is an absolute doll! She has come such a… Read more »

Dogs Leave Paw Prints on Your Heart!

Asher (formerly know as Bill) has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He has adjusted so well to our family and our other dog Boston (Chihuahua mix). He attends daycare twice a week and hits the Dog Park on the weekends. He has made so many friends. Training is also going well. He… Read more »

Life is the flower for which love is the Honey.

Honey is hands down the sweetest cat I’ll ever meet. Both my children love her– my daughter will not stop showing her off to her friends. Her facial expressions are to die for and she’s very well behaved…We lost our hamster once, and Honey found him hiding in a shoe. She didn’t try to “play”… Read more »

Peyton the planet kitten!

Peyton (formerly Pluto) was one of the seven orbit kittens. Peyton (grey girl) is pictured with her brother Timmy. Timmy was adopted from NEAS in 2017. Peyton is doing great and she is growing up fast! She is sweet and loving and gets along so well with her new brothers. They are inseparable! We all… Read more »

My Sam I Am

I never thought my heart could be so full of love and joy!! Sam has been such a joy to me and my family. He is funny and full of energy of which we love! Everywhere we go people stop me want to meet him and pet him. Of course he loves it! We took… Read more »

Georgia Peach

We are so in love with Georgia. She is still learning to behave and become house broken but she brings so much joy to our family. Georgia was the best pre Christmas gift we gave to ourselves!! Thank you so much for letting us adopt her!