Scrappy Bella

Bella is an active and lovable dog. She loves to hunt, run and play with other dogs, especially dogs who are bigger than her. She is very fast and loves to play in the snow. We have taken her x-country skiing and winter hiking with us. She fits in perfectly with our active lifestyle.

Playful Westin quickly won my heart

I adopted Westin (new name Maxwell) on 3/1/14. He was 12 weeks old. He is not only totally adorable but he is super smart and so much fun. He can be a total love bug too! He loves to sleep on me and purrs really loud. When he isn’t napping he loves to play fetch… Read more »

Sophie loves our bed, so how can we say no?

We adopted 3 year old Sophie in October of last year. She is a great dog. She adjusted to us right away. She is sweet and loves to snuggle. Our “no dogs in the bed” rule didn’t even last one day. At first she was a little nervous around company and chased our cat…but with… Read more »

Gus runs on 3 legs without missing a step

We adopted Gus, the 3 legged dog, just over a month ago. He has been a fantastic puppy, already housebroken, happy and loves playing with all his new toys. He has adjusted well to his dog sibs and seems to have a special bond with his 3 legged cat brother. He was still adjusting to… Read more »

Roxie, our little jewel

We adopted Roxie (Diamond) two weeks ago. She is a wonderful, sweet, and protective little dog. We are so grateful to have her.

Duke is gentle, kind, and affectionate – he’s so amazing!

We went to the shelter 5 times for the perfect dog for our family. Our son has autism and wanted a dog that would be gentle, kind and affectionate with our son. We got him! His name at the shelter was marley and we renamed him duke! He is the perfect fit with our family… Read more »

Brodie to the rescue

I adopted Brodie (originally Nardo) on February 9, 2014. He was a quiet and shy dog with a tummy problem. I was feeling sick and upset regarding recent personal events, but it wasn’t until I met this playful pup that I started feeling 100% better. This dog is so full of life and has given… Read more »

Phil’s new companion, Austin

We adopted Spreckles (now named Austin) about a month ago from the shelter. We were looking for a little companion for our other dog, Phil. As you can see from the photo, Austin (white) and Phil (black) are becoming best buddies! If they’re not running around playing with toys, they’re snuggling with my husband and… Read more »