Ginger’s loud purrs = the call of a happy kitty

Our house was so empty after the loss of our beloved cat of 16 years. Ginger (formerly Taz) has brought fun and love to our lives one again. The house is no longer “empty.”  She is so playful and loves to be petted. When she purrs you can hear her all the way upstairs – she… Read more »

Our Sweet Amber

Amber (formerly Saucy) brings me joy everyday! She was the nervous little girl with the cutest ears and beautiful eyes! She remains cautious at times, even three years later, but is an absolute love! I can’t imagine not having her snuggling right next to me.

Bella Ruthie loves to cuddle

When we first got Bella at NEAS her name was Ruth, so we kept the Ruth and now call her Bella Ruthie! When we went into see her, she was there with her 7 sisters but when we went to pick one out, she was there with only 2 of her sisters. All Bella wanted to… Read more »

Lilly – 1 Year later

It was around this time one year ago we adopted Lilly. She has brought more joy to our home. She loves cuddling and playing with her brother Dexter (a Boston Terrier rescue). Thank you to the Sato Project for rescuing her and thanks to NEAS for the easy adoption process!

Zoe’s doggy smile says it all!

Zoe (known at NEAS as Kasey) was rescued two years ago by my husband and me. Her sister, Emily, was rescued the day after. I grew up with dogs who were either from stores or breeders, but then after having the best dog ever (a rescue), I never get anything but rescue dogs from now… Read more »

Stella and Nessa

I adopted Stella, a white and orange kitten, in the spring of 2010. She was so great I went back a little under a year later and found her a friend, Nessa. These two cats love each other and I can’t imagine not having both of them in my home. They play together all day… Read more »

Bentley – loves the snow

We have had Bentley (aka Hector) since about the middle of December and we are so in love! He is super smart and so cuddly! He is only four months now so he is full of energy and LOVES to play in he snow! We are so happy that we found Bentley to become part of… Read more »

Harley has a home and two people to love him

We went to Northeast Animal Shelter in hopes of finding a young dog. We ended up taking home Kosmo whom we named Harley. We where extremely nervous as my girlfriend and I have never had a dog. But you guys did a great job answering any and all of our questions. Thanks again.

Mr. Cash thinks our slippers belong to him

We are so happy that Mr. Cash (formerly known as Flash) has completed our family. He is so sweet and loving. He loves to give us kisses, while at the same time he takes our shoes/slippers to his play area to claim as his! You can tell he came from the South as he did not… Read more »

Lucy and Ethel “Our Two Angel Girls”

My husband and I adopted Lucy and Ethel (Formerly Neon and Salena) last January 2013! Since arriving at our house the first day, Lucy and Ethel have been the two most loving and affectionate cats. I love coming home from work each day to find them waiting at the door for me. I can not… Read more »