Max snuggles up to Mandy

Max (formerly Pinson) has adjusted quite well to the house and gets along with everyone a great little guy and as you can see he’s even gotten comfortable on Mandy.

Tyson joins our pack

The day we saw Tyson’s story we knew we had to meet him! He is a very sweet, happy guy and a great addition to our little pack! Divot and Ike love their new “brother”. Thank you NEAS!

Ellie stole my heart

Ellie (formerly Mave) came home with us on Feb 19 this year. Ellie stole my heart that day, when she pushed her litter mates aside in the kennel to lick my fingers through the bars. When she came in one of the adoption visiting rooms to meet us, she ran right up to me, licked… Read more »

Maddie – an unusual Chihuahua who loves and kisses everyone!

Our family adopted Maddie (formally Bella) one week ago today; however, it feels as though she has been with us for years. Maddie is our second rescue Chihuahua, but certainly unlike any other Chihuahua we have ever known! Maddie is the most loving little lady! She loves people of all ages, giving kisses to anyone who… Read more »

Viona is the best

Viona is a Chihuahua-Corgi mix. She is 4 years old, and she has been with us for 2 years now. When my fiancee and I decided to get a dog ( I adopted from NEAS before), we decided to come back to NEAS to look for a small dog. When we first saw Viona (at… Read more »

See how Ainsley shows she’s content

Ainsley was adopted right before Christmas 2013. Formerly known as Gladys, she has become an important part of our home. She is currently working with a behaviorist-trainer who is teaching her (and us) lots of new things and wonderful habits. Ainsley is a champion and it means the world to me that Northeast Animal Shelter… Read more »

Cooper with stick in mouth

We adopted Cooper a few weeks ago and are absolutely in love. He’s sweet and playful. His new favorite thing is walking with a stick in his mouth.

Adopting Princess – the best thing I ever did!

Princess has brightened my life. Seeing her face every day when she gets up. She loves to go for walks, play with her toys but she loves to cuddle with you and do nothing. Adopting princess was the was thing I ever did.

Adorable Austin

I adopted Austin (formerly Tux) March 14, 2014. He was 10 weeks old and 13 lbs. He is such a wonderful little puppy! He is sweet and funny, loves to watch TV, and run around the block with me. He is healthy and growing fast (3 months now, and 18.3 lbs)! We are a perfect… Read more »