Fiona – the love of my life!

My husband John and I had been hoping to adopt a smaller dog and had been looking without success for a few months. We saw online that NEAS had just received some dogs, Including small ones, from LA and rushed up after work on April 18 to have a look. Never did I think I… Read more »

Moxie is the sweetest, most loving cat

We adopted Moxie on December 15th and brought her to her forever home. Moxie was meant to be with us because her picture wasn’t even suppose to be posted until the 18th! So glad we caught a glimpse of her and called right away! We were not even expecting to take her home on the… Read more »

Iggy is “home”

We adopted Iggy a few weeks ago and he is such a wonderful little pup.  We have another rescue named Lexi and they are so close to each other now — best friends.  We couldn’t be happier with the way the staff handled the adoption. Everyone was so great and so kind and caring.  Bless… Read more »

Finnegan Begin Again!

We had just lost our mini poodle in September to liver disease. Our house was so quiet with out his four little feet. We went back and forth on whether to get another fur baby right away or wait until the spring. We decided to start looking. I am allergic to animals so we needed… Read more »

Our lovable little Callie

Over 4 years ago we adopted a second dog Callie (formerly Amy). She has been a blessing; we love her and can’t imagine life without her. Thank you for all you do for these animals waiting for their furever homes. We looked forward many more years with Callie!

Silly Sally – so spoiled and so loved

I adopted Sally back in 2003, when she was about 1 year old.  She is my best friend, great with my grandchildren (4 months – 22 years) who live with me and grew up with her.  She has been best friends with our 5 cats too.  I could not have asked for a better dog. … Read more »

Maggie – a super smart pup

Our new puppy Maggie (Ally) is doing great. She and Murphy are getting along better and better (she is learning her manners, like not putting full paws in his face or chewing on his ear like it’s a rawhide). She is super smart. She was asking to go out to go to the bathroom within… Read more »

Our Jesse – destiny sent him our way!

My husband and I were on an overnight get away in Maine. We had been checking in on the shelter’s site periodically. He saw a couple of dogs from CA who peaked our interest. One in particular was pulling on our heartstrings a bit; Jesse (aka Tommy.) We dropped our bags at home and said… Read more »

Mystique has made our home complete again

My children were devastated when we lost our dog Stevie Ray in June after 19 years. They wanted another dog, but I held out. When we saw Mystique at the shelter, we knew she was the one. But someone else had taken her blue card! We met with another puppy, but she was a bit… Read more »

Lenny loves a treat every night

It didn’t take Lenny long to “settle in” and feel comfortable at our home and since we don’t have other animals, he is very happy about that. He has lots of toys and loves the catnip variety. He sleeps most of the night on our bed. We are very happy he does not beg for… Read more »