Freddy is so happy he snores

We lost one cat in Feb 2012 to renal failure (12 yrs), another in Dec 2013 to diabetes (15 yrs) and another in May 2014 (16 yrs) to renal failure, leaving us only with George (7 yrs). My husband and I agreed that we couldn’t have just one pet, and that George needed a friend,… Read more »

Athena Sarah, our smart little angel

We are in love with this little girl! She is an angel as well as a genius. She feels so comfortable with us and is improving daily! She is going to learn a lot easily! She loves playing with my family and my older dog Cloverbelle! We are so lucky to have her!

Luke gave us 5 wonderful years

Luke ‘s story started with us on May 7, 2009. I had just lost my Jack Russell “Cooper” after 15 years of being the family dog. I called the shelter and they said: come on down, we have a dog that will suit you. After looking at the many wonderful dogs there, I spotted this… Read more »

Bailey, a true companion

This is our dog Bailey adopted from NEAS in May of 2011. You knew her as Andy. She is a Plott Hound Lab Mix. Our visit to your shelter was just that. We were not planning to adopt. One look at this beautiful girl, well we fell in love with her and brought her home… Read more »

Lily fills our house with joy

We recently lost our amazing Boxer Duke and the house felt so empty without him. Our family decided it was time to add a new family member into our lives. When we saw Lily’s (formerly Lil) little face on your website, we had to drive right down and see her. Upon finding her we noticed… Read more »

Emily Kitty is a joy every day

My beloved old cat Frisky (also from Northeast Animal Shelter) passed away in January of this year, just shy of her 21st birthday. The grief was overwhelming. After a few months I found myself nurturing every creature I encountered. I was feeding seagulls at Salem WIllows, serving lunch to a handsome gray cat who visits… Read more »

Argo, our new love <3

We went to the shelter the day before Easter just to visit some of the dogs with no intention of adopting a dog that day. We then saw “Ned” – he was out front in the lobby and really did not want to be in the kennel. After talking with Patrick for a few minutes,… Read more »

Foxy and the Foxes

We adopted Foxy (Cocoa’s new name) 3 weeks ago and he is adjusting terrifically to his new home. He has quickly become an indispensable part of our “Fox” family. He loves being held and kissed and is constantly seeking a belly rub. My two sons have been taking such great care of him, feeding, walking… Read more »

Maddie – She is my daily dose of happiness!

I adopted my little Maddie in January, and it’s pretty safe to say that she has saved my life every single day since then. I have been battling depression for 6 years now, and having a puppy – which is such a huge responsibility – has given me the motivation I’ve so desperately needed. Maddie… Read more »