Keyser Soze, our best Christmas gift

I adopted Soze (formerly Simon) in December as a Christmas gift for my 3 young daughters…terrific experience at Northeast Animal Shelter…the volunteers were friendly and eager to help! Soze is eating and sleeping great!! He loves watching and playing with his human “sisters” and loves all of their toys and stuffed animals as well!! He’s… Read more »

Spice & Fresh Veggies

Our family went to Northeast Animal Shelter just to check out the puppies and consider adoption. Spice won all of our hearts with one look at her and her sister Berry. Spice was quick to house train and learn a couple commands. She is called little sister by my daughter. Spice loves greeting the kids… Read more »

Weebles and Sherbert, inquisitive and loving

We adopted these adorable brothers in December. After seeing their picture online, we drove all the way from Concord, NH to bring these guys home. We LOVE them! They bring us a lot of happiness and hours of entertainment. They are very inquisitive and loving. They are a great addition to our family. Thank you… Read more »

Maje – the perfect fit

We went to Northeast Animal Shelter to look for a new addition to our family and we found the perfect one! We were so thrilled to bring home our little boy Maje (Major). He is the sweetest little pup and fit in right away! Our other dog Conway could not be happier to have a… Read more »

Zoey shares our bed every night

Zoey is doing great! She’s eating well and sleeping on the bed with me every night. No health or behavioral problems so far! She’s very sweet and she’s an active kitten, but sleeps through the night. I’m very happy to have adopted Zoey (aka Sierra).

Lola & Poki, an affectionate pair

Our two new kitties are doing great! We have renamed them Lola and Popoki (“Poki” for short- it’s Hawaiian for cat). They are both very affectionate with us and each other. They get along great whether they are cleaning each other, playing like lion cubs, or snoozing together in a big ball of striped fur…. Read more »

Felix is a new brother and soul mate for our other cat Molly

My wife and I absolutely adore our newest member to our house hold. (Rex) now named Felix adjusted immediately to his new surroundings with the love and attention we gave him, and soon after to our other cat Molly who is a two year old female spayed cat. We thought it would take at least… Read more »

Ralphie, a sweet and cuddly guy

We lost our doggy Mario in November, and our household was quiet and sad without a special four-legged friend. We waited until late December and we decided to “just go see” what friends we could find at Northeast Animal Shelter. Our friends had adopted a dog from there not long ago and told us of… Read more »

Chocolate Chip Rescues Us!

We came to NEAS the day after Christmas with the hopes of finding a dog/puppy who would round out our family….. after meeting several dogs we met Chocolate Chip (aka Adam). He was the one!!!! He is such a love!!!!! Even my daughter who has always been afraid of dogs loves him!!!! He loves to… Read more »

Maeve, my Christmas miracle

I adopted Maeve (formerly Thursday) at NEAS right before Christmas, and she has always been my Christmas miracle! She spent her first few days hiding out in my bathroom, but she was so curious and energetic that she ventured out into the rest of the house and made herself comfortable very quickly. She loves meeting… Read more »