“Breakaway” McCrae

“Hi, Everyone. My name is McCrae and I am now 11 weeks old. Mommy and Daddy say I’m a very big boy and that I am super smart like my big brothers and super handsome like my daddy. I have the best family ever. Mommy took my big brothers to come choose me at NEAS. Mommy… Read more »

Jinger – We are in love!

Things are going great. Emma has been renamed 🙂 and we now call her Jinger. She made lots of noise the first two nights like you mentioned and now she is doing so well! She is crate training and being housebroken so well. Thanks for all of your help. We love her!

Sallie, 14 years old and still the best dog ever

January 30th was our 11 year anniversary when we adopted our little girl. She will be 14 in July and has been very happy living on Cape Cod bay in Plymouth with her dad’s. She is the best dog in the whole world.

Mr. Snuffles = Unsurpassed Devotion

I came to NEAS in late September, 2013 in hopes of finding a dog who would become my next baby. I was committed to being patient and finding the right match for both me and my pup, but was immediately taken with a terrier mix named Snuffles. He stole my heart instantly, and he has… Read more »

BFFs in the making

It has only been a week since we adopted Mia (aka Lydia) and she and Chloe have become fast friends! Mia has been a wonderful addition to our family and we just love having another little love to snuggle and play with. NEAS is a fantastic facility and I would (and have) recommend them to… Read more »


We adopted Candy from NEAS 14 years ago in April 2000. She was only 8 weeks old at the time. They told us she was a lab/basset mix. She was the only tall pup in the litter and she was all black. She was beautiful. She was actually a lab/chow mix. She was the best… Read more »


In April 2008, a friend of mine called me to tell me that NEAS had a large litter of German Shepherd mix puppies, and she knew I was interested in adopting from a shelter. As I approached the outdoor fenced areas, there they were, about 8 or so gorgeous fluffy balls of love! They opened… Read more »

Val is my little shadow

Val (formerly Sophie) is a different puppy in her new surroundings! When we take long walks, she has to visit with every dog, big or small, along the way. When not walking, she plays in the yard by herself. She is so lovable!  She cuddles up with us in bed at night.  She has the… Read more »

Trixie – a sweet little soul who is now our forever doggie

In the middle of January our family set out to NEAS in search of a forever doggie to join our family. We were so set on a rescue, it was just a matter of finding the perfect match. While at NEAS, we came across this beautiful hound mix who lay in her kennel wearing a… Read more »

We can’t imagine life without Kelyn

We talked about adopting a puppy for some time and decided that the time was finally right. In October we visited the shelter, strictly on a fact finding mission. We saw Kelyn and we were done. He captured our hearts. There was an instant connection with my daughter Grace and a few second later the… Read more »