Bauer soaks up our love and gives back even more

We adopted Bauer (formerly Tyson) in January 2013 when he was a 10 week old pup from Georgia. We almost didn’t see him laying way back in his kennel.  He had no blue card, and we were so disappointed that someone had already picked him. We turned to leave and a staff member walked by… Read more »

Ginny says, “Catch me if you can!”

This is Ginny (formerly known as Bella). She is a sweet and very busy kitty, who spends most of her time running around the house and playing with our other cat Henry. She loves to have her belly rubbed, but it’s not easy to catch her! She has many appointments to keep and will not… Read more »

Romeo is a charmer

We adopted Romeo (formerly Kuppur) in early May. He is such a charmer. He loves sitting with us and cuddling in bed or on the couch. He gets along well with our other cat and is extremely affectionate; rubbing up against us, tucking his head under our chin and purring like a motor. Two of… Read more »

Callie likes her new home

Callie has made a fantastic adjustment to her new home and new cat mate, Spooky (Spooky was also adopted from your shelter about a year and half ago). Callie was fully adjusted in less than 3 days. She still doesn’t like to be held for more than about 30 seconds, and likes to nibble on… Read more »

Dido, Queen of Carthage :)

Last summer I visited NEAS a couple of times to check out the puppies. At the time we had one dog already, Mel, a beautiful and incredibly energetic Golden Retriever who was a year and a half. We loved Mel like crazy and my daughter and I thought it would be fun to add another… Read more »

Mia, the perfect puppy who is eager to learn

We named Miacomet (formerlly Demi) after a beach in Nantucket.  She was age 14 weeks, and one of two of her litter when we met. Since she has been home she has been feeling a little sick. We have taken her to the vet a few times for parasites and now we are looking at a possible… Read more »

Yoshi knew how to get adopted

Last week Yoshi (aka Miss M) started her new life with the Jackson family! Honestly I think she picked us. I came to the shelter with my one year old son. I read that Miss M had never lived with children so she probably wouldn’t like them. I sat on a chair with my little… Read more »

Maggie May a.k.a Maggie Mayhem

A belated “Thank you so much!” We are absolutely in LOVE with our baby girl, Maggie May (formerly “April” – now 8 months) who we adopted from NEAS in December! She is so affectionate, loving, and more than a bundle of energy! She keeps us on our toes & makes us laugh every single day…. Read more »

Chara – A Wonderful Edition to the Family

Had I known we could share our adoption stories on this site, I would have done it sooner. My family and I adopted Chara 3 years ago from the NEAS. Chara (formerly Charlton) was just 7 weeks old and 3.4 lbs when we took him home. As you can see from the picture, he has… Read more »

PooPooKitty says “Where’s Papa?”

We changed her name from Li’l Kitty to PooPooKitty when she pooped in the carrier on the way home! Poor thing was terrified and skittish. After a short time she saw how totally my husband and I loved her. We never yelled, only kindly corrected her. She’d obviously been through some scary times but now… Read more »