Casey – our little bundle of joy

We adopted Casey last February and we couldn’t be happier! He is such a love! He brings joy to each one of us daily! We are so grateful for NEAS and our little bundle of joy we found there!

Freddie, a Sato Sweetheart

We adopted Freddie from your shelter in October 2000. As a puppy he was found wondering the streets of Puerto Rico and some nice vet in Puerto Rico had him shipped to your shelter because his disposition was just so sweet; well 13 years later we can’t imagine our lives without him. Thank you NEAS!

He started out as Pichi, but now he’s Rascal :)

This little guy joined our family just a few weeks ago. He was a birthday gift for our oldest daughter. She fell in love with him the minute she saw him in the cage! Amazingly, he looks just like our other special pup whom we adopted from NEAS two years ago! We never thought we… Read more »

Mandy now Oscar (not a grouch)

We adopted Oscar in the beginning of November 2013 and was the best early Christmas present. We also went back to the shelter to get our picture taken with Santa! He has fit in very well with our cats and likes to give them kisses. Since we have gotten him two other friends of ours… Read more »

Joey, our 70 lb lap dog

We adopted Joey (formerly known as Moses) in July 2013. He is a lab/pointer mix. Both my husband and I were first time dog owners, but Joey made it so easy. We couldn’t be in more love with him. He’s so friendly and energetic, and such a goof. He’s about 70 lbs now, but loves… Read more »

Buddy, my loyal friend

My mother and I adopted my Buddy from NEAS February of 2005. I was the happiest boy in the world because I had just met who would soon become my best friend for the next 8 years. He was the last to be adopted from a litter of 6. He was a very scared kitty… Read more »

Stella shows her gratitude every day

We adopted our Stella (formerly Lady) from NEAS in August 2012. She arrived by airplane from Puerto Rico after being treated for Heartworm disease. She captured our hearts immediately! Of course, after all she had been through she was very timid and fearful. It took us about 6-9 months to get her comfortable going for… Read more »

Frankie picked us for his family

We went to NEAS shortly before Christmas looking for a cat to adopt. Our 4 year old daughter had been promised that if she completed potty training we would adopt a cat. Having grown up around cats all my life, a 5-year span of not having one had felt like a lifetime, but we were… Read more »

Ruckus & Luna are inseparable doggie friends

Ruckus has completed our family perfectly. Luna is his older sister and they are like 2 peas in a pod. Luna helps me watch over Ruckus and makes sure he doesn’t get into trouble. One day I needed the dogs out of the bedroom and Ruckus didn’t want to come out so Luna went in… Read more »

Macy & Maya, our Southern gals

Macy is doing great! We adopted this 12-week-old shepherd mix a month ago as a little sister to our 5-yr-old pug/Boston Terrier, Maya. Turns out they’re both southern gals from Alabama. Macy settled in quickly and started sleeping through the night after a few days (which was nice for us). She’s happy with her crate… Read more »