MIA is settling in nicely!

Mia had a rough first week in our home due to parasites. She went to the animal hospital and got some meds and is getting better! She is a very smart puppy who can sit, lay down, come and give her paw. She is sooo eager to learn and please. She loves going on walks,… Read more »

Miss Fiona is a snuggle pup

We adopted Fiona (formerly Annie) about a month ago and she quickly adapted to our home. She LOVES playing with our Pomeranian and snuggling with us all. She is growing so fast and the vet says she is very healthy! She is a wonderful puppy and we are so happy that she joined our family…. Read more »

Pippa – Exactly what we needed

Words cannot describe how perfectly Pippa has fit into our family. We visited your shelter a few days after putting our senior cat to sleep, hoping to give another deserving cat a home. We spent some time with a few of the cats available at the time, but Pippa (formerly “Penny”) had something special about… Read more »

Harper Lee

We were very excited to hear about the new pets arriving from Alabama at the end of February because one of us grew up in Alabama. We kept looking at the website to see photos, but we know it takes awhile to upload photos and stories. Because we were going to visit family in Alabama… Read more »

My best friend Moose!

We adopted Moose (previously Simon) about 2 years ago and it was the best decision we ever made. We didn’t go to NEAS to adopt, just to look but when I saw “Simon” in his cage I sat on the floor in front of him and wouldn’t move. We pulled his card and got to… Read more »

Duncan & Hines, best friends

My boyfriend and I first adopted Duncan (formally Chester) on April 30th, 2013. Duncan was 12 weeks old and has brought so much happiness to our lives. We loved him so much we couldn’t stand leaving him home by himself.  As he got older we decided he needed a friend. Less than a year later… Read more »

Aunt Jemima thinks our only carpet looks like grass.

Aunt Jemima was very cautious at first, but she is eating and sleeping okay, and likes to cuddle and get attention. We are happy with her. One thing is that she doesn’t like rain very much, so we have to trick her to go into the yard in the rain, and then she comes in… Read more »

Willow – comical and affectionate

Willow, originally “Allie”, blessed my life in December of 2013. She is sweet, playful, comical, and affectionate. She enjoys coming to work with me everyday and is quite the socialite. This is the second dog my family has rescued from NEAS. I may of rescued her, but I believe she really rescued me.

Skye – We came just to look; we fell in love!

When we first met Skye on April 25th, my husband and I instantly fell in love. Skye was 9.2 months old at the time and we adopted her the same day we met. Skye loves to run and play with her ducks (stuffed), laser pointer, and sometimes gets mischievous and tries to play with our… Read more »

Baxter is eager to please

We feel so lucky to have Baxter (formerly “Alexander”) in our family.  He was a bit timid at first but has turned into a curious, friendly, sweet and sensitive puppy! He’s a little mischievous, too – always looking out for a lone sock or shoe to run off with! He loves to play fetch in the… Read more »