Harley has a home and two people to love him

We went to Northeast Animal Shelter in hopes of finding a young dog. We ended up taking home Kosmo whom we named Harley. We where extremely nervous as my girlfriend and I have never had a dog. But you guys did a great job answering any and all of our questions. Thanks again.

Mr. Cash thinks our slippers belong to him

We are so happy that Mr. Cash (formerly known as Flash) has completed our family. He is so sweet and loving. He loves to give us kisses, while at the same time he takes our shoes/slippers to his play area to claim as his! You can tell he came from the South as he did not… Read more »

Lucy and Ethel “Our Two Angel Girls”

My husband and I adopted Lucy and Ethel (Formerly Neon and Salena) last January 2013! Since arriving at our house the first day, Lucy and Ethel have been the two most loving and affectionate cats. I love coming home from work each day to find them waiting at the door for me. I can not… Read more »

Buster – love at first sight

Buster is a mini schnauzer who was picked up as a stray on the streets of Miami. When we visited the shelter in November of last year, he had just arrived and was looking pretty pathetic. There is a saying that the dog picks you, you don’t pick the dog; this is so true in… Read more »

Scooter (AKA Twilight, the guy with the bright blue eyes)

“Are you ready for the whole puppy thing?  What about your senior dog?” the shelter’s wise adoption counselor asked. Now,after sleeping in my clothes, picking Scoot up and carrying him for a touchdown every two hours 24/7, I must say that I am so glad that he picked me! He has doubled his 7 pounds… Read more »

Lexi – friendly and endearing

After losing our dog in the fall, we found our house missing something. My son really wanted a dog and hoped we would be willing to bring another dog home. He started checking the Northeast Shelter site and convinced me to go look at the dogs just before Christmas. Lexi (Valerie) was so friendly and endearing…. Read more »

Minnie, an unexpected love affair

We headed to Salem on a snowy Jan. 02, 2014, in hopes of coming home with an older Maltese dog. The shelter didn’t open until late afternoon on the 3rd. The match wasn’t meant to be. We found ourselves falling in love with a four month old Terrier Mix named LuLu. She’s now called Minnie… Read more »

Oliver – our polar bear puppy

In early December, my husband sent me a link to “seven dwarves” that had just come up for adoption at the shelter. Initially a sad story, because after racing from work in downtown Boston, I arrived only in time to watch the last three pups go home with other beaming families. The following morning, while… Read more »

HEY – What are you eating ??? I want some too!!

Within months of each other I had to put down my 12 year old lab and lost my cat to an illness. I was searching to adopt another kitten and I knew I wanted another black one. I walked into the kitten area and there was Bogart (Bogi). I loved the name!!  At home I… Read more »