Nutmeg and Basil, 2 happy dogs

Our Puerto Rican Sato Basil (on the right) seemed a bit down after the long winter so we thought a friend might be just what he needed. That’s when Boxer/Beagle Nutmeg bounded into our lives. The two of them get along great and our family now has two happy dogs! Our 5 year old son… Read more »

Norman – the Good Friday Poodle

We adopted Norman the Poodle on Good Friday. Now that day has new meaning for us. Norman, which has been his name for 6 years, is a perfect match for us. He is settling in nicely, and follows Liz everywhere she goes. He loves to go for rides in the car and in the truck,… Read more »

Keno my Nippy Pup

We got Charger, now Keno, on April 5th. He is soo sweet then a little devil when he gets in his “nipping moods” about 4-5 times a day! Having a 3 1/2 month puppy is a Lot of Work! but live, learn and love. I am so glad my husband and I picked him!

Mia loves to play and cuddle

We rename our new kitten “Mia,” and we love her. Mia loves to play and cuddle with me and my little one. She fits in well with my family! Very happy we picked her. 🙂

Piper, Queen of the Puppy Pen

Piper (aka Petunia) is going great!! We love her. She has settled into her new surroundings beautifully. Both my kids love her so much. So far she is a typical puppy in every way. But, as much as she likes to play, she loves to cuddle up with you too. Piper is the perfect addition… Read more »

Lil Bit is the perfect match for my high-energy toddlers

Lil Bit, renamed Pirate because he likes to steal the booty in the kitchen, has the kitten energy that makes him a great companion to my 3 & 4 yr. olds AND to my 2 yr. old feral cat, P.J., who is a Marblehead shelter adoption. Pirate and P.J. play all night long. They run… Read more »

Ellie likes to meet and greet

Ana, who now goes by Ellie, has been such an amazing addition to our home! My boyfriend, Pat and I adopted Ellie on March 29th and we couldn’t be happier. Although Ellie has had a few health issues she is now getting on track with her shots and we are quickly getting her healthy. She… Read more »

Pepper, the purr-fect kitty

We adopted Pepper about 10 days ago. She fit in right away! She is playful with our 7 and 4 year old, loves belly rubs, and scampering up and down the stairs. She is the perfect (purr-fect?) kitty for our family.

Callie & Clyde

Callie & Clyde (formerly Bambi and Bruiser) are adjusting very well to their new home. Being sister and brother, they are so close, playing, ‘”fighting,” and napping together. Callie is a little snuggler and loves to be picked up and patted. Clyde does as well, if he’s tired; otherwise he always wants to be playing…. Read more »