Inky the Love Monkey

My boyfriend, Jim, and I met Inky (formerly “Blackie”) on April 4, 2014. He has only been with us for a little over a week but we already can’t imagine our lives without him. He is the sweetest, most loving fella. He likes being picked up and cuddled, so much so that he’ll ask for… Read more »

Fiona – Our little fur ball makes us smile every day!

Fiona (formerly Betty) was a stray brought in from the streets of Georgia. She caught our eyes the second we walked in! When we brought her out to the play room she ran right up to us with her little wagging tail and gave me a big kiss, it was in that moment when we… Read more »

Remy – better & better every day in every way!

I met Remy (Randy at the shelter) on March 30, 2014 and I think we just picked each other right off the bat. The folks at Northeast Animal Shelter were great and very forthcoming in explaining his situation, and that they were hesitant in sending him to a home with someone who spends a lot… Read more »

Our Curious Fox

We adopted Sandy, now Fox, a few weeks ago and she is a perfect fit for our family. She was comfortable in our home right away. Fox is very good with our two daughters (ages 7 and 2) and loves to play. She is very curious and likes to explore, but she also enjoys settling… Read more »

Freckle, the perfect choice

We lost our beloved Bigshow, and Freckle was the perfect choice for our family. She has brought life back into our home and she and our other cat get along wonderfully. What a great experience we had with our adoption. Thank you

Sandy loves to meet the neighbors

My husband and I met Sandy (aka Magic) on March 21, 2014. We knew as soon as we saw her picture posted on the website that we had to adopt her. We quickly rushed to NEAS to meet her. She’s such a cutie. She was very shy and skiddish when we met, but in the… Read more »

Max snuggles up to Mandy

Max (formerly Pinson) has adjusted quite well to the house and gets along with everyone a great little guy and as you can see he’s even gotten comfortable on Mandy.

Tyson joins our pack

The day we saw Tyson’s story we knew we had to meet him! He is a very sweet, happy guy and a great addition to our little pack! Divot and Ike love their new “brother”. Thank you NEAS!

Ellie stole my heart

Ellie (formerly Mave) came home with us on Feb 19 this year. Ellie stole my heart that day, when she pushed her litter mates aside in the kennel to lick my fingers through the bars. When she came in one of the adoption visiting rooms to meet us, she ran right up to me, licked… Read more »