Lola & Poki, an affectionate pair

Our two new kitties are doing great! We have renamed them Lola and Popoki (“Poki” for short- it’s Hawaiian for cat). They are both very affectionate with us and each other. They get along great whether they are cleaning each other, playing like lion cubs, or snoozing together in a big ball of striped fur…. Read more »

Felix is a new brother and soul mate for our other cat Molly

My wife and I absolutely adore our newest member to our house hold. (Rex) now named Felix adjusted immediately to his new surroundings with the love and attention we gave him, and soon after to our other cat Molly who is a two year old female spayed cat. We thought it would take at least… Read more »

Ralphie, a sweet and cuddly guy

We lost our doggy Mario in November, and our household was quiet and sad without a special four-legged friend. We waited until late December and we decided to “just go see” what friends we could find at Northeast Animal Shelter. Our friends had adopted a dog from there not long ago and told us of… Read more »

Chocolate Chip Rescues Us!

We came to NEAS the day after Christmas with the hopes of finding a dog/puppy who would round out our family….. after meeting several dogs we met Chocolate Chip (aka Adam). He was the one!!!! He is such a love!!!!! Even my daughter who has always been afraid of dogs loves him!!!! He loves to… Read more »

Maeve, my Christmas miracle

I adopted Maeve (formerly Thursday) at NEAS right before Christmas, and she has always been my Christmas miracle! She spent her first few days hiding out in my bathroom, but she was so curious and energetic that she ventured out into the rest of the house and made herself comfortable very quickly. She loves meeting… Read more »

Parker, so sweet and so smart

Parker (known as Beau at the Shelter) and my husband “locked eyes” upon entering the puppy room and it’s been a love story ever since. Our last dog was a rescue dog from Ohio who was just so loving and caring, and we couldn’t imagine ever having as sweet a dog as our Scout. Sadly… Read more »

Pepper, our little bundle of joy

Our Bichon Carson was getting lonely because he is such a social dog, but he didn’t have many doggy friends. So we decided to adopt him a friend to keep him company. We found Libba (renamed Pepper) and fell in love right away. Carson and Pepper are bonding wonderfully! They love to run around and… Read more »

Bruno – the best dog I could ever ask for!

My family got bruno when he was 8 weeks old. I was in the first grade. I remember telling everyone I got a puppy. Now I am 16, a sophomore in high school, and he is 9 years old.I still spend the majority of my time with him. He is the best dog I could… Read more »

Maverick has enough love for the whole family

Maverick (formerly Matt, now Mav for short) is doing very well! Our whole family is in love with him. It was hard for us to convince our college students to return their spring semesters…neither wanted to leave Maverick.  At home, he has my husband and I and our 15 yr old daughter to love and… Read more »

Sheldon, a real charmer

Early november we lost our long time companion of 13 years.  He was a rescue and filled our hearts to last a lifetime. Our other dog Miley (5 yrs) was mopey and lonely, having never been an “only dog.”  I started checking the shelter’s website and toying with the idea of getting another dog for… Read more »