Mazie – a Sweet gal from Arkansas

We adopted our sweet girl Mazie (formerly Macie) on June 27, 2013. We learned she was originally from Arkansas and she was a bit skittish. Going thru her paperwork we learned she wasn’t yet a year old (about 9 months) and before her rescue and journey to NEAS she was scheduled for euthanizasia. Mazie is… Read more »

Chico & Jude, like two peas in a pod

We adopted Chico (formerly Casper) 2 weeks ago from NEAS. He has settled in nicely and gets along great with our other dog (Jude) who is also a rescue from NEAS. He is a little snuggle bug who loves sleeping under the covers at night and is obsessed with squeaky toys. Chico is pictured on the… Read more »

Gus – his great personality brightens each day

We adopted Gus (formally Karl) in December 2013. He has been an amazing addition to our family. He is so cuddly and loving and always makes the days brighter with his great personality. Gus attends puppy school for training as well as daycare twice a week and he loves it. We could not ask for… Read more »

Daisy – always ready to play

We adopted Daisy (formerly Lazer) in the beginning of November when she was about 3 lbs…she is now about 23 lbs and such a sweet little love. She has been an amazing addition to our family and now can’t imagine our home without her in it. She is full of energy and always ready to… Read more »

Ruby is the neighborhood jewel

Ruby has been such a joyful addition to our family. She is super friendly, and adores young and old alike. She often brings a smile and a chuckle to all the new friends she meets. Her favorite person is whoever is paying attention to her at the moment. All the neighborhood kids are convinced that… Read more »

Spidey, a curious and sweet guy

We adopted Spidey (formerly “Patty”) in April of 2013. He got the name Spidey because when we were in the room getting to know him, he was crawling around on the floor like Spiderman. Spidey is a very curious little guy but still shy when meeting new people. Once he gets to know the person… Read more »

Lexi does a wiggle dance!

When we first brought Lexi (Dakota) home she hid behind the toilet and was very timid. She is now a very happy dog who loves to be energetic outside! She does a wiggle dance whenever we come home and will occasionally sit in our laps when we play with her on the floor! We are so… Read more »

Bella is a cuddle bug

Bella (Mitzi at the shelter) is now 16 weeks old and is such a cuddle bug. We had to put our 12 year old black lab down right before Christmas. A very sad time turned into smiles on our faces again when we adopted Bella. She has been so easy to train and is on such… Read more »

Sammy is the love of our life

Our family adopted Sammy this past November, a couple of months after the passing of our previous cat, and he has been the love of our life ever since! It didn’t take him long to get adjusted to our home. He’s been everywhere from hiding in the basket full of laundry to falling asleep under… Read more »