Jax makes us happy!

We welcomed Jax (Donnie at the shelter) into our family at the end of January and have never been happier. When my boyfriend and I decided to check out the Northeast Animal Shelter we had no idea our lives were about to change for the better. Once we locked eyes with Jax (then Donnie), we… Read more »

Misha, our Valentine’s Day Sweetheart

We adopted Misha on Valentine’s Day, which is appropriate since we just love her! She is so cuddly and sweet, everyone who meets her falls in love with her instantly. She greets us in the morning when we wake up, and meets us at the door when we get home from work. She cuddles with… Read more »

Best friends

We adopted Sadie (formally known as Shelly) Feb 12th. She is settling into her new home very well. She follows her big brother Ryan everywhere he goes. They often snuggle up on his little couch and take naps together. We are so happy to have rescued her!!! We look forward to watching her grow up… Read more »

Chloe & Archie (formerly known as Lucy and Steve)

This is actually two happy ending stories in one. We adopted Chloe on February 23, 2013. She was meant to be a companion to Archie (adopted from NEAS Oct. 2010). She has given myself, my husband and two girls so much joy. She spends her days playing with her brother Archie and sunning herself in… Read more »

Charlie = something special about a rescue dog

We adopted our first rescue dog, Charlie, a couple years ago. Charlie is absolutely the best dog we’ve ever had. He is so kind, so loving and he just seems to love living with our family as much as we love living with him. Something about a rescue dog, it just seems like they are… Read more »

Trixie, a wonderful addition to our family

We adopted Kitty, renamed Trixie, in mid-February. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is very playful and affectionate. She enjoys sleeping on the doll bunkbed.

Our Shelby!

We adopted Shelby (aka Melanie) on February 11, 2014. We picked our children up after school that day and made the hour plus trip to the NEAS. Shelby was the second puppy we saw that day and we immediately knew that she belonged in our family. Shelby has brought so much joy to our household… Read more »

Ziva belongs in our family

We have two young boys, and having always grown up with dogs, I wanted the same for them. We had lost our family dog 4 months prior, and definitely missed “man’s best friend.” We visited the shelter a couple times, and finally fell in love with little Ziva (called Pat at NEAS). From the moment… Read more »

Grateful for Gracie

We adopted Gracie Mae on Valentines Day 2014 and she truly is a LOVE!! She just the right mix of playful and relaxed and super smart! She can already follow many commands thanks to training class and her wanting to please. Thank you for helping us adopt her…she’s already a family member <3

Salem, a perfect fit

OMGoodness….. A perfect fit…… “Salem” (named after the shelter city) is such a gentle, affectionate pretty boy. I could not be more happy with him. Thank you to NEAS and Lisa for helping “Salem” find me and his forever home. xoxo