Aldo Schindler enjoys having his nose scratched

We adopted Aldo from the Northeast Animal Shelter in January and he has been a joy to have. Although he has been slow to warm up to us, he loves to chase his toys around our apartment and likes us to throw them for him to chase (he also likes us to retrieve them from… Read more »

Buster Banjo

I saw Buster while scrolling through Facebook one night. I couldn’t believe it! He was an identical twin to another dog I had rescued as a stray in 1998. I had him for 15 years. His name was Shorty Buster. When I saw that this new little guy’s name was Buster also, I knew that… Read more »

Madison (Mads) and Fernando (Nando)

I adopted Madison and Ferndando on February 7th. They were both 8 weeks old, but from different litters. There was a little hissing the first week they were here, but have become BEST FRIENDS! They play and chase each other. They even snuggle together when they sleep. They are SO loving. They love being patted… Read more »

Lindsay give new meaning to “frisky”

We adopted Lindsay with her litter mate Brittany on February 1st. She and her sister have given our family so much joy after the loss of our beloved 17 year old cat, Clyde. Lindsay gives the word frisky new meaning. She is always getting into things and loves playing with her sister Brittany. She is… Read more »

Brittany loves to snuggle into our neck

We have had Brittany and her litter mate Lindsay since February 1st. They have brought so much joy to our family. Brittany was a bit shy when she first came to us but she is feeling more and more comfortable everyday. She loves to snuggle into our neck and play with her sister Lindsay. Thank… Read more »

Noble, Our New Baby

We lost our Oliver, a 13-year-old miniature poodle, December 12th, only to be followed by our 11-year-old Collie, Joseph, on January 24th. We adopted our Joseph when he was 3-years-old at NEAS in 2005, as well as a kitten and two other dogs years before that, so NEAS has played a major role in contributing… Read more »

Millie = Perfect!

We adopted Sharon, renamed Millie, the day before Thanksgiving 2013. She has been the best puppy and a perfect addition to our home.

Kirby, my special boy

This is Kirby (formally known as Atom).  He is already the light of my life after being in his new home for about two hours. He met every one in my building and checked out every inch of his new home and played with all his new toys, which he put in his new toy… Read more »