Biscuit’s nuzzle, twirl, and lap move sealed the deal

We were willing to wait for the right match as we did not want to bring home a dog who wouldn’t be happy. When we got to NEAS, we met a few dogs, but it just was not the right chemistry. We almost left but our adoption consultant Jordan said, “Let me bring you one… Read more »

Loki – We love his funny kitten antics!

Loki is doing well and has blended into our family quickly. He gets along with our two dogs, sleeps at night with our daughter and loves to take naps in our son’s arms while he plays video games! His favorite kitten game is hiding under the bed and grabbing our leg when we walk by…. Read more »

Ty Fits Right In!!!

We adopted Ty at northeast animal shelter two weeks ago and we are so in love! He fits right in with the family! Our cat Kiki is still adjusting as is Ty to her. However, Ty loves to snuggle and play with our 4 year old daughter Lily!! He is the perfect playmate for her!… Read more »

Gosha is a wonderful cat

Gosha is wonderful cat. He is vey smart. He always can explain what he wants. He learned very quickly how to use the scratching post. He eats and sleeps well. Gosha likes fur toys. We are very happy with him. Thank you very much.

Sweet Katie

Katie was adopted by a friend of mine just a few short weeks ago.  She is certainly loving her new dad and her new home. Richard is retired and spends all of his time with Katie…and Katie is not complaining at all. Katie has her own bed, but is much happier snuggling on the sofa… Read more »

Fenway, Our Missing Piece!

Our children have always wanted a puppy, but we always had a reason why it wasn’t the right time. When we bought our new home we quickly realized we no longer had a reason not to get one! After a friend adopted their puppy from Northeast Animal Shelter, we knew that was the route we… Read more »

From Lex to Rex

After searching for months and deciding who and where to adopt from, we chose Northeast Animal Shelter. The staff was great and very friendly! When we first walked into the puppy room, “Lex” now “Rex” was the first pup we saw and fell in love instantly! Rex was very shy at first but after spending… Read more »

We won the lottery

Shortly after we adopted Woody (formerly Mikey), my brother in law said Woody won the lottery! And we said no…we did! He is a rescue from Los Angeles who joined our family that included Tyson. Tyson is a big dog who loves people but he hadn’t been around other dogs. He and Woody became instant… Read more »

Rex is Ruby’s new little brother

We adopted Rex a couple of months after one of our beloved bulldogs, Chopper, passed away from a brain tumor. She left behind a very lonely sister, Ruby. When we finally decided it was time to get her a little brother, we fell in love with Rex the first visit! He is sweet and lovable… Read more »

Deana took months to trust us, but 13 years later …

I want to share my adoption success story of my cat Deana, originally named Sunshine, who my parents adopted for me in the fall of 2001 when I was seven years old. They had promised me a cat when I started first grade, so we went to the shelter (at that time NEAS was still… Read more »