Reno is our love!

Norwin, who is now Reno, is doing good! He definitely tries to bully our other dog, Sweety, around. He does this twist around when they play and gives her a little shove with his behind. It’s so funny! He loves when I pick him up. He gives lots of kisses! He loves taking your things,… Read more »

We love our silly, crazy and sweet boy! 

We are LOVING our little Wyatt! He’s grown a lot and I think is going to be a very tall cat!  He has adapted well and loves being around people, sleeping with us at night time, eating and plays like a feen!!! A funny story in our first week with the Mister; we had gone… Read more »

Lola will forever be our Princess!

Lola adjusted pretty quickly to our home, sleeping through the night and eating very well! She is now 75 pounds and we did the DNA test and learned she is Shepard lab mix. She is very smart, confident and energetic. She loves other dogs!! This past winter with her was awesome! We spent most of it… Read more »

Shasta the Great!

Shasta is doing great! She made herself at home right away and has been such a sweetheart. She’s had a huge appetite and always sleeps with us through the night. She did get a little upper respiratory after getting home, but she got over it in a couple days. The shelter was great and very helpful… Read more »

Our Joey Boy!

Joey is doing great! He settled in very quickly! He loves to cuddle and give kisses. He’s extremely friendly and sociable. We just adore him! He sleeps between us in bed or above me on my pillow. We got him some toys he loves to play with, and is gradually losing some weight. Overall he… Read more »

Bentley is the king of our house!

This is the picture of Bentley the first day he came to the shelter. I knew from the first day that he was going to be mine. I took him home to foster him and the rest was history. He has given me so much love and affection. I could not ask for more. He… Read more »

Oh Katia, My Katia

Katia originally came into my home as a foster as the pandemic was starting to really hit resulting in the closure of most shelters. Katia was pretty shy and reserved and I completely respected that no question with my goal being for her to feel comfortable and safe. She has made INCREDIBLE progress and I… Read more »

My Boy Roozle!

Riley is the absolute perfect dog for me! Working at NEAS, I come across many dogs. About 4 years ago, I signed on to foster a dog that needed hip surgery, while he waited and recovered from surgery. What I thought was a short term member of the pack, quickly turned into a forever for… Read more »

Poppy — Our Puppy!

We renamed Hope, Poppy, because we found it hard to call her Hope. Poppy is easier and sounds like Puppy. She definitely knows her name. We had no housebreaking difficulties and I find it hard to believe that she previously never lived in a house. We adopted her on Valentines Day, just before the Covid… Read more »

Captain Jack

I remember driving to the shelter and thinking to myself “I’m coming out of here with an adult, black cat, there’s no way I’ll want anything else.” I walked through the different adult cat rooms and nothing was clicking and I began to get discouraged that maybe I wouldn’t find a friend. On a whim,… Read more »