Milo the Husky-Shepherd Mix

Milo’s life has done a complete 180. My boyfriend, David, and I rescued Milo in January 2021. Our lives have completely changed in the best way we could have possibly imagined. We originally visited NEAS to see another dog, but Milo (then Nacho) stopped us in our tracks. We quickly learned his first few years… Read more »

Gadget girl

This little goof ball has brought so many smiles and so much laughter to our family at the time that we needed it the most. You see, we had lost our home in a house fire, and we lost 1 of our cats a month later. We were still reeling from all of this. We… Read more »


We met Jasper (Fluffy) upon arrival at NEAS after the loss of our 15 year old cat. He reached for us through the bars of the cage and pressed his face against it. We were in love at first sight. We hoped he would be a good little brother to our 2 year old Pip… Read more »


We got Pete a year ago . He has been the best pup we could ask for . We got him because we had our 3 older dogs pass away from old age . Our house was so empty . Getting Pete was honestly a gods blessing . He even made us want more puppies!… Read more »

Slinky and Rex

We got Slinky (the tan one) Memorial Day weekend of 2022. We got Rex (the black one) the second to last weekend in March. They both love to play with one another and take lots of naps on top of one another. They love to go out for a cruise on the boat as well.

Ozzy Pawsborne

I met ozzy one year ago today. He wasn’t the dog I went to look at but he was the dog that stole my heart. I couldn’t imagine a life without him. He is the perfect dog for me and my family. He is so loving and kind. He just wants his belly rubbed and… Read more »

Lilly Mae

We adopted Lilly Mae on June 14th, 2022. She came to us a very frightened little girl. She was afraid to go outside as just about everything scared her. We had to carry her outside and back in for awhile. But thankfully she’s adjusted well. Lilly loves to go to daycare to play with her… Read more »

Spring – Now known as Remy

It’s hard to believe, that Remy has been with us a whole year now. He has adjusted to his forever home, as well as his cat and dog siblings.Thank you for providing us, with a great shelter, for animals like Remy to find loving homes !

Our Dinghy!

My husband and I moved to Marblehead in August 2021. Within that stressful week we lost our 14 year old Beagle. She was an amazing, loyal, rescue and spanned the majority of our relationship and marriage. After some time, the following summer we heard about the large Massachusetts beagle rescue, and visited Salem’s Northeast Animal… Read more »

Bombolone affectionately called Bebe

Today is the 1st anniversary date of adopting Bebe from the shelter. She has brought our family so much joy. She is the sweetest little girl. We love her so much.❤️