Jolene embarks on a whole new world

Coco is now named Jolene. She is a very sweet cuddle bug!  She is eating and sleeping well in my bed and I am very happy with her.   She loves the beach, it is totally her happy place.I am definitely her favorite person and she has started to become a little wild and crazy when she is excited… Read more »

Kali gave so much love

It was about 16 years ago that we brought Kali home with us. She was an amazing dog and gave so much love during her life with us. She loved hiking the mountains of Acadia National Park. Sadly she passed in her bed with us by her side. She had many wonderful years and even… Read more »

Brady lights up the room

I adopted Brady (formally known as Charlie) back in March 2014. At the time he was only a year old. The last 6 years together have flown by. He enjoys going on hikes, playing with his squeaky ball, and lots and LOTS of cuddles. He definitely brightens up any room he walks in!

Blueberry the thief!

We brought Blueberry home at the end of March, right before the shelter had to close for Covid-19. She is now 5 months old and we can not imagine our family without her. We did a DNA test and Blueberry is part German Shepard and Catahoula Leopard Dog. Her coat is all Catahoula and gets… Read more »

Enzo loves everything!

Enzo, previously known as Tip, is the sweetest puppy. We got him at 4 months, and he is already almost 7 months old; how time flies! He already knows sit, down, paw, stay, come, crate, and he’s working on place. He loves absolutely everything and everyone. Enzo is a fearless pup and is curious about… Read more »

Georgia holds out for snacks!

Georgia has adjusted well. She is not a great eater but the vet says she is a fine weight and probably just holding out for snacks! She is excellent at snuggling and sleeping, as you can see from her photo. Housebreaking is going great. She’s only had just a few accidents and they were probably… Read more »

Talulah has come so far!

This is Talulah, formerly Remi.  My husband and I adopted her on MLK Day 2020.  She was so frightened our son had to carry her to the car and she trembled and leaned into him all the way home.  She was afraid to get into the car or even walk through a doorway without our… Read more »

Gilbert is a little comedian

We absolutely LOVE Gilbert – he’s the best cat we’ve ever had. He’s playful, cuddly, social, and very intelligent. He is great with strangers. Kids scare him a bit at first, but he warms up. He loves to be picked up and held when we come home from work, and he always wants to be… Read more »

Ramon and Finn

Ramon is a wonderful addition to our family. The change since when we first met him is amazing. He is all wiggles and kisses! He eats great and is about 11.5 pounds now.  Finn (our other pooch) still competes with attention and still has some jealousy issues but we are getting through it. The boys… Read more »

Harry is a great roommate

Harry, formerly known as Gage, is doing great!  He was a bit skittish when I first brought him home but he is getting used to cars driving by on our walks and navigating stairs. He loves toys, running around the yard, and he is the best snuggler! I am very happy with my new roommate (especially… Read more »