Mila (who was “Rebel”) is doing excellent.  She has adjusted extremely well.  We are blessed to have her.   Aside from breaking her from the normal puppy nipping and house breaking, her behavior is wonderful.  She is very smart and loved very much!  

Maggie – Howhappyami!

Thank you very much for helping me find Sweetie (now called Maggie)!  She is a fantastic dog! She loves people and other dogs and equally enjoys a good run and a solid nap. Maggie has made a bunch of human and dog friends in my neighborhood and in my extended family. She’s response to training… Read more »

Mercer is trying hard to be a star

We adopted Mercer (I call him My Buddy!) a few weeks ago and he is slowly but surely settling in! As expected with Mercer, he has tried to rule the roost but with training and day care started he’s learning a lot! He has so much energy and is always wanting to be outside in… Read more »


Peaches is doing amazing! We renamed her Karmin to match our K names. She has been doing wonderful in her new home and is still so very loving. She is growing so fast and becoming very playful. We couldn’t be any happier with her. She is perfect! Thank you for all the help and adding… Read more »

Luna Loves Life

Luna (previously Cameila) is loving life! She is doing great and has brought our entire family so much joy. She is super smart, sweet, and playful. She loves going to puppy classes, on long walks, and just snuggling on the couch. She is very social and loves meeting other dogs and people. Thank you to… Read more »


All is going well with Petals, who I’ve renamed Cleo! She loves playing with her toy mouse and pouncing on my feet under the blankets at night. She sleeps snuggled up next to me and purrs all day long. She gets so happy to see me when l get home. She’s curious, playful, and very… Read more »

Alice in Wonderland

We all love Alice so much. Alice is very active during the day but is quiet at night.  She wakes up ready for breakfast each day. What a nice addition to our family and big thanks to you and all at Northeast Animal Shelter.

Kiwi – delicate, tart, sweet, complex in flavor.

Alia’s new name is Kiwi. We have a blast! She absolutely adores me and is still a little scared of new people but if I am around she is calm. She loves the canopy on my bed and also loves to attack my feet when I have crazy socks on. She’s getting more comfortable everyday. 

Grateful for Greta

Lily (on the right) is now Greta and doing extremely well. She is having a great time with her big brother Dozer.   They LOVE each other and actually like to sleep in the same bed as you can see in the photo. She is loving life and we are loving her. We are grateful… Read more »