Macon the Reindeer

Here is Macon!!! We adopted him over the summer. Then, he was Grizzly, a pup from a large litter from Macon, Georgia. He has the sweetest personality. He is both goofy and lovable. Macon spends most of his days trying to get attention from his doggie brothers Memphis and Milo. Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter… Read more »

Piper May… Our missing piece!

We came into the shelter that morning to meet another puppy, but it just wasn’t a good fit. Just as we were getting ready to leave without a new baby to love, a staff member suggested we meet with Piper who had just become available for adoption over the weekend. It was love at first… Read more »

Shaw Puppy

It was the last week of March 2020. Businesses are starting to shut down, and I am alone in my house. I grew up with a beautiful black lab mix named Bruno from the North East Animal Shelter. after saying my final good bye to Bruno in February 2020 ( he was 6 years old)… Read more »

Our Duck

This is Duck, otherwise known as Duck-Duck, Puppy, Goober and countless other nicknames. When we met him, he was a very skinny 53 pounds and despite being in the shelter, he was happy and snuggly. Now, he’s gained 17 pounds and is a very healthy and still happy boy. He loves toys (although he hasn’t figured out… Read more »


Adopting Biscuit was the best decision my family and I could’ve made! She has become the cuddliest and sweetest dog ever, we are all so in love with her! She spends her days now talking walks along beach, receiving belly rubs and eating her favorite snacks. She truly is the loveliest lady.

Casper and Ginger my sweet babies!

I got Casper a Bichon Frise in 2017, Ray had introduced me to Casper. It was love at 1st site and I ended up adopting him. Casper was 13 years old and his owner had passed away and he was so upset and sad. Casper had an issue with his tale and kept biting it and had… Read more »

Kenobi (formerly Kodiak before becoming one with the force)

Our happy boy is living his best life now! We adopted Kenobi back in March and we went through his heartworm treatment which was hard for such a wiggly and energetic boy. Now, he is running around constantly and playing with all of his dog besties! Now after his play time he is in his… Read more »

Zeus (formerly George)

We brought Zeus home in September, and he instantly made himself right at home. Though he had some behavioral concerns on adoption, his spastic personality is exactly what we were looking for, and is a perfect fit in our home. He and our pup romp together all the time, and in his downtime he likes… Read more »

Uncle Charlie

My oldest senior T-Bone had passed away a few months ago and I was feeling open to a new senior pup. I saw an alert for a senior pup named Charlie now “Uncle Charlie” on my neighborhood sight. Something about Uncle Charlie’s little gray face told me to check on him. I made an appointment… Read more »

Cooper Francis & Rocky Horror

We adopted Cooper, our gigantic lovable boy in 2013. He loves walks in the woods, snuggling with his family, and all kinds of treats. He brought so much happiness into our lives, and is such a wonderful goofball. In 2018, we adopted Rocky, who we affectionately call Rocky Horror. He is a tiny chihuahua mix who loves barking, peanut… Read more »