Stella shows her gratitude every day

We adopted our Stella (formerly Lady) from NEAS in August 2012. She arrived by airplane from Puerto Rico after being treated for Heartworm disease. She captured our hearts immediately! Of course, after all she had been through she was very timid and fearful. It took us about 6-9 months to get her comfortable going for… Read more »

Frankie picked us for his family

We went to NEAS shortly before Christmas looking for a cat to adopt. Our 4 year old daughter had been promised that if she completed potty training we would adopt a cat. Having grown up around cats all my life, a 5-year span of not having one had felt like a lifetime, but we were… Read more »

Ruckus & Luna are inseparable doggie friends

Ruckus has completed our family perfectly. Luna is his older sister and they are like 2 peas in a pod. Luna helps me watch over Ruckus and makes sure he doesn’t get into trouble. One day I needed the dogs out of the bedroom and Ruckus didn’t want to come out so Luna went in… Read more »

Macy & Maya, our Southern gals

Macy is doing great! We adopted this 12-week-old shepherd mix a month ago as a little sister to our 5-yr-old pug/Boston Terrier, Maya. Turns out they’re both southern gals from Alabama. Macy settled in quickly and started sleeping through the night after a few days (which was nice for us). She’s happy with her crate… Read more »

Bristol is a pistol!

We Adopted Bristol around April. This is our second dog adopted from here. Bristol is a pure joy she is a great dog and loves to go for walks, even when it is 17 outside and snowing. Great with the teen boy’s and loves when their friends come over. She is always in a playful… Read more »

Sweet Callie

We adopted Callie today and kept her name for starters.  She has instantly become part of the family.  I want to thank NEAS for helping us add baby Callie to the family and I can’t wait to watch her grow up.

Bodhi – so gentle, kind, and loving

We adopted Bodhi (Golden retriever mix originally named Schwinn) on December 17, 2013. He is absolutely amazing! He fits so well into our family, which now consists of 2 dogs and 2 cats. He is gentle, kind, and loving. Our other dog is head over heels for his new “brother.”  I’ve also never met a… Read more »

Lily makes our family complete

We adopted Lily from you in March 2013. Lily has made us feel like our family is complete. She is docile, loving, cuddly and absolutely perfect. She is definitely a girl’s girl and is so pretty. She’s daddy’s girl, our son’s little princess, our other poodle Tobey’s favorite playmate and napping mate, and her mommy’s… Read more »

Chewie has the run of the house

The happiest moment for our home was including Chewie. He has the run of the house and brings us joy everyday. We will always be grateful NEAS for bringing Chewie to us.

Penny keeps everyone in line

We adopted Penny over 6 years ago. She is my best girl. All of our pets are from various shelters, but Penny is the queen in our home. We now have 3 cats and 1 dog and Penny keeps everyone in line, or maybe it is the other way around? She is loving and fits… Read more »