Roxy Rocks!

Roxy is the most amazing kitten we have adopted. She is loving, playful and extremely smart. She loves it when our friends come to visit so she can show off all her fun toys. Best of all, Roxy got to meet and play with her cousin Charlie, a 2-yr-old Boston Terrier, over Thanksgivng. Charlie is… Read more »

Kenna Skye is so lovable and affectionate

We are all adjusting wonderfully! Skye’s name is now Kenna Skye, and she is doing great! Despite Daisy’s (our poodle) reluctance, Kenna still loves to snuggle up to her. She often tries to “sneak cuddle,” and inches closer and closer to her until she can rest her head right on Daisy’s back…haha! She’s so lovable,… Read more »

Honey Bear loves people and we love her

We are so happy that we adopted Renee, who we now call Honey Bear. She is an irreplaceable part of our family and we can’t imagine life without her. She has been really wonderful with potty training, hasn’t had an accident in the house in over 2 weeks. She sits and is doing a pretty… Read more »

Leeloo – a playful and loving kitten

As we walked around the “kitten room” at NEAS, none of the kittens caught our eye until we got to Leeloo’s kennel. The little 8 week kitten was sticking her tiny paws out and mewing at me. I put my fingers between the bars and she immediately started to rub against them and purr. She… Read more »

Jake – instant love

It’s hard to believe this 4 month old puppy was returned back to the shelter after being with a family for 2 weeks. We fell in love with him instantly and could not imagine our lives without him. My 12 year old son Jonathan is his best buddy. Jake (previously Cooper) sits outside his bedroom… Read more »

In Skye’s company, Scoobie doo plays like a puppy again

Ten years ago in January I adopted Scoobie doo and he has been my best friend since. For three years he lived with a dog friend. Then we had to move. I have always wanted another dog to keep him company. This past November I was looking for a friend for Scoobie, and adopted Skye. … Read more »

Rocket Raccoon – best friends with everyone

We adopted Rocket (formerly Patrick) from the shelter at the end of October.  He instantly became best friends with everyone, and especially Nightcrawler, our other male kitty. He loves cuddling, playing in the shower (go figure), watching birdies on YouTube, and trying to steal food! He’s the perfect fit for our home and we love… Read more »

Tiko – from Scaredy Cat to Prince Charming!

On December 14, 2012 I went to the shelter to meet Tiko. I had just lost my beloved cat, Garrett, a month earlier. I wanted to adopt an older pair of cats, but there was something about Tiko’s picture; I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I kept looking at his picture for a… Read more »

Atticus celebrates his 5th Christmas with us!

My husband and I adopted Atticus (formally Crumpet) in the summer of 2009. He is now about to celebrate his 5th Christmas with us! He is smart and loving! In 2010 we moved to to Virginia and adopted a friend for him named Trillian.

Sport fits right in!

We love him so much!! Here’s a picture I took of him laying by the stove…  He’s fitting right in and is almost potty trained. Thanks!!!