Bear likes to go camping

We adopted little bear about a year know and he still is very nervous around people he doesn’t know, but once he gets to know you he’s a love. He has brought life back into my other dog who lost his best friend way too soon. They have really become buddy’s and he has become… Read more »

Rocky – nutty but awesome

The first time we saw ” Boone ” We knew we wanted him. We renamed him Rocky. He loves to sleep, eat, and run. He goes nuts sometimes too. He loves bones too. He is an awesome dog. Thank you!!

Daisy Fills our Lives with Fun!

For years, my husband and I had known we would probably get a dog for our family of four, but we were reluctant to promise our two children, since we already had cats, a rabbit and fish! But we longed for a dog, and on one January day so snowy that all schools were cancelled,… Read more »

Sadie (aka Matilda Jane)

We adopted Sadie on October 12 and it already feels like she has been a part of our family forever! I simply cannot get over how perfect she is for us. She is now 4 months old, a snuggler, and just about as lovable as we could hope for! She has brought fun and companionship… Read more »

Sylvester – a match made in heaven

My mom and I went to the shelter to find a playmate for our other cat, Shubert. Hunington got liver failure and my family had to put him down. We were looking for a cat named Riley who we saw on the website, but he got adopted. Then we noticed Sylvester. It was a match… Read more »

Patches fills our days with endless love!

We adopted Patches in January 2013. We needed new dog to start our life in our new house. Patches makes it a home. She lives to snuggle, give kisses and lay in the sun. She picked us,. She was kissing me through the kennel and I knew she was the one. I thought I was… Read more »


My family adopted TeTe and she is such a great dog and a perfect fit for our family. She loves to play, cuddle and give lots of kisses. She has mostly attached herself to my 9 year old daughter. Here’s a picture of the day we adopted her. I want to say that the Northeast… Read more »

Rambo (formerly Sherlock) is purr-fect

After I was heartbroken over the passing of my beloved cat, I headed to Northeast Animal Shelter and found Sherlock sitting in his crate crying. I picked him up and he immediately started to purr and talk to me. The woman helping me and I were joking around about how he is going to be… Read more »

Fanta & Finchen Lighten our Lives

Fanta and Finchen lighten up our lives every day and they make us sooo happy.  They started bonding after the first day and they really do get along very well. They love to play with everything that’s around the apartment, which makes me a cleaner person by not leaving things around, lol.  Fanta really loves… Read more »

Aiko – Our little loved one is growing up

Our dearest Aiko (Alice) came into our lives in March 2013 as a puppy, but she grew up fast! Aiko in Japanese means “little loved one,” and that is exactly what she is to anyone who meets her. She has brought nothing but happiness to us since the first day we met. She is the… Read more »