Stella is one amazing pup

I had been looking for a dog for a bit. I originally went to NEAS for Rory. However, his personality was not a good fit for my apartment, doggy daycare, or my other dogs. I was sad. I was so disappointed. But the amazing counselor Celia said there was a pup in the back, just… Read more »

Our Hearts are So Full!

Charlie (formerly known as Hank) has filled our home with so much love! Its hard to envision our home pre-Charlie. He puts a smile on our faces each and everyday and always has us laughing. I grew up in a household with dogs and always loved them dearly, I am that person that will stop… Read more »

Zev is a southern gentleman

Zev, formerly named Salem, joined our family on 2/8/20, which was a very busy day at NEAS! He has adapted to his new life incredibly well, and loves playing with his human brothers, and attempting to torment his new 15 year-old Siberian Husky sister. His cat housemates are still hiding most of the time, but… Read more »

Bella is perfect

I adopted Bella (formally known as Icy Spots) 3 weeks ago and she is going great! She is a perfect fit for the family and we all love her so much. She didn’t like to play much when we first brought her home but now she has come out of her shell a little more… Read more »

Biscuit (aka best kitten ever)

We brought 4-month-old Biscuit home from your shelter in January, and we are so happy to have found him. We feel so lucky! He’s friendly, happy, a complete goofball, and perfectly at home in our house with our 6-yr-old tuxedo cat. Every day, he makes us laugh. We can’t wait to watch him grow up… Read more »

Max naps on the couch

We adopted Max on February 17, 2020. He is the sweetest boy and loves to snuggle. I am so happy to have been able to adopt him and give him a forever home. He loves his toys and his fur legged friend Shadow. And he sure does love his naps on the couch. This is… Read more »

Luna was the best decision

We adopted Luna on September 20, 2020 and it was the best decision we ever made. We absolutely LOVE her. She loves to cuddle and play and is sweet to everyone she meets. She adjusted very well and trained easily. She is the most well-behaved cat I’ve ever met to be honest. <3

Silver is eager to please

We adopted Silver from NEAS in January 2020 after finding out our 12 year old rescue dog has significant cancer and may or may not be with us much longer. We had driven over 2 hours from Western Mass and waited another hour plus to meet with staff, followed by a meet with this little… Read more »

My Valli Girl

As of today, I’ve had Valli (formerly Millie) for exactly 2 years. she was 4 months old then and now weighs 65 lbs. I was not expecting to adopt a dog on this day, but I saw her, felt an instant connection and knew I had to bring her home. She fit right in like… Read more »

Bailey immediately won over her family

We adopted Bailey on February 4th, 2020. I have three kids, Emma who is 12, Ava who is 7, and Dante who is 3. We wanted to get a dog for a while now, but never really committed until I promised my oldest that we would get a dog by April. We wanted to get… Read more »