Lexi – Just to be alive is a grand thing!

Mocha’s new name is Lexi! She is doing great in her new forever home. She loves to snuggle and is working on being friends with the kitty (Lola) that lives here too!  She will be attending puppy day care soon to learn how to socialize with other dogs and receive some training too. We continue… Read more »

Dante the Cat

I met Dante while working at the shelter.  He was a handful to say the least, but I decided to give him a chance anyway, and it turns out that he just needed someone to love him. He still has his moments when he is a little loopy but I wouldn’t want him any other… Read more »

Lazy Daisy is a couch potato

Baby Girl, now Daisy, has adjusted really well and is a great fit for our family.  She is a super sweet dog and we’ve had no major issues except normal puppy stuff. She has made herself at home on the furniture thanks to the kids but she is at home in the crate and is… Read more »

Princess and Tiny

Princess and Tiny are doing well. On Sunday we moved them downstairs into our dining room – it’s a closed room with glass doors that look into the living room. They weren’t thrilled about the move, but all their beds, blankets, and toys came along too and they have settled in.  Princess will now let… Read more »

Cattivo, funny & cuddly

Our new family member is an absolute love!  We changed his name from Mork to Cattivo, or Tivo for short.  We chose that name for a couple of reasons.  (1) A play on the spelling CATtivo (haha), (2) it means “fresh little one” in Italian.  He really isn’t fresh, just a bit mischievous as most… Read more »

Jack – we hear the purr, and we are one big happy family!

Our new family member is now Jack, the cat formerly known as “Prince”. He is extremely active and playful. We coax him with toys, a scratching post and a stuffed animal. He does get aggressive with biting us, and we try to discourage that with a loud voice and “time out”. We have a senior… Read more »

Minnie gives us a coming home party every day

We changed Kimmie’s name to Minnie and she has been adapting to it really well. We love her so much. She is a really good dog she only had a couple accidents in the house, but now knows to go to the door to go out. She is best friends now with my dad’s dog… Read more »

Lucy goes everywhere with Mommy

We adopted Lucy a year and half ago. Lucy says, “Look at me now … I go everywhere with Mommy … from walks, shopping at Job Lots, Home Depot, TJ Max, hiking the mountains in New Hampshire.” Lucy loves life.  Thank you for such an awesome dog – life is awesome with our dog. It… Read more »

Kizzy Izzy – Her boundless love shows her gratitude

We adopted Izzy (shelter name Itsy) August 2016 and have enjoyed every moment of our almost 2 years with her. She is an Atlanta transplant but has adapted to the Massachusetts climate like a champ. She runs, cuddles, gets along with other dogs, was easily clicker trained and SO much more. (I’ll leave out the… Read more »