Hollywood—Our Star!

Hollywood was adopted almost 6 years ago and his shelter name was Ed. Hollywood loves his new home and he loves the outside and running. He is also a big cuddler. He loves to play with other dogs. He is my daughter’s best friend. We can’t imagine life without him! He has been a great… Read more »

Miss Matilda is now know as Luna!

I’ve had Luna for about a month now and my roommates and I love her. She loves to sit on my lap while I do work at my desk or play video games. She’s tends to purr more than meow which is relieving. But when the food is about to be served, you will hear… Read more »

Nicky—from shy boy to our boy!

We adopted Nicky in early July. We kept his name because it just fit right. He was this shy little 26 lb pup. Within days of bringing him home he learned sit, paw, high five, and nose bump. He is such a smart boy. Now at 35+ lbs he just graduated puppy kindergarten and will… Read more »

Rocha is as sweet as can be!

When we got married and bought our first house in November 2018, our 1 year old kitten, Mochi was getting lonely and needed a friend to share his space with! We decided it was time to add a new family member. Rocha first joined our family on January 10th, 2019. NEAS mentioned he seemed depressed… Read more »

Our boy, Dane!

Dane is such a love and my best bud!! Dane was an extra shy and sensitive pup when I adopted him four years ago. He needed extra time with his foster mom down in Georgia before being okay’d for transport to Northeast Animal Shelter. When he arrived, he was still super nervous in his kennel… Read more »

As sweet as, Butterscotch!

I am disabled and home each day, so I decided to get a companion. I went into NEAS in Sept 2015. When I went into the shelter, my plan was to adopt a kitten. However, while walking with the staff to the kitten location, out of the corner of my eye I saw this beautiful… Read more »

Kita and Kota

We love our girls! Both 7 year old sisters; Kita and Kota have grown comfortable with their forever home. Kita has recognized me as a deaf person. She uses her paw to tap me on the arm when I’m watching tv, talking, or using internet, as her way of requesting me to pet her nonstop!… Read more »

Luca the Beautiful!

Curry, now named Luca, is doing absolutely great! I’m so happy with him and couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. He’s adjusting Great to his new family and big brother Louie. He’s been sleeping through the night and eating three meals a day. He’s playful but also has a very calm demeanor about him…. Read more »

Mazi our little Gypsy

We adopted Mazi about 2 months ago, and couldn’t be happier! She is curious, playful, and very friendly. She loves attention, toys, and napping on mama’s shoulder! Mazi also enjoys having conversations with us, as well as, being the first one up or down the stairs (super fast zoomies!) We love her to bits and… Read more »

Our lovely Felix!

Felix has been an absolute joy to have and love him being a part of our growing family. He is house trained and a very clever and laid back kitten. My wife and I were hesitant about getting a kitten at first, but we loved him so much that we came back to you guys… Read more »