Gus won’t let a heart murmur ruin his day

“Hi, I’m Gus.  I am just a happy and goofy guy from Georgia.  I was rescued by Old Fella Rescue, and lucky for me they send all their dogs to NEAS, even the ones with medical issues like me.  You see, I was born with a heart problem, but NEAS still wanted me!  I arrived… Read more »

The Adventures Of Louie

Hi everyone, my names Louie. I used to be called Tate, but I like Louie better. I’m a 5-month-old lab mix,and I was just adopted 7/30/2018. I love my new home and moms -they’re great! I love going on hikes, riding in the car and swimming in the lake. I also enjoy lots and lots… Read more »

Kay, our flip-flop search and rescue, ant-eating lap and hound dog

Kay is doing wonderful!  Our family mantra has always been “Don’t forget where you came from, but never lose sight of where you are going” so, Kay’s new name is Georgia, and wow is she going places!  We have big dreams for Georgia who is without question part hound, she can sniff out anything and… Read more »


Smith is adjusting so fast and doing so well. He was afraid of the car at first and now begs to go in! He sleeps through the night, not a peep and eats well too. He didn’t know how to jump at first but quickly learned that. He loves his big back yard and running… Read more »

Libby likes cats and sniffing out the bunnies in the park

We have renamed Abbey.  We now call her Libby! She responds perfectly to her name and knows it well. She is doing very well adjusting to our home.  She is still very playful and puppy-like. She has met our cat Frizzle who we also adopted from NEAS. They like each other a lot and like… Read more »

Oona (also affectionately known as “oona-loona”, “oonatic”)

We kept Oona’s name, because that’s what her previous family named her, and my daughter loved the name. This feisty young girl is a perfect match for our crazy family! She immediately bonded with my 3 year old Aly. She’s very vocal, and will hold actual “meow” conversations. I meow at her, she meows back… Read more »


My boyfriend and I adopted Munchkin beginning of this year. We kept his name Munchkin because it fit him so well. Munchkin is truly loved, adored and very much spoiled. Every time I go to a store that has cat stuff I get him something. He’s an amazing little boy. He just turned 1 August… Read more »

(Makya) Mac

Mac is the ninth kitty I have adopted over the course of 40 years and I have to say, by far, he is the sweetest (please do tell the others I said that). He follows us around the house and likes to be close by. He loves to look out the window and watch the… Read more »


Brandie, formally known as “May,” came into our lives a few months ago. She has been such a blessing to our home. She loves her siblings, even the chickens! She has brought life back into our older dogs. She makes them want to play again! She loves playing outside, swimming and destroying her new toys…. Read more »


Duke has the biggest personality of any dog we have ever had! We got him when he was four months old and have now had him for three months. He is perfect. He was potty trained within the first two weeks of having him, he knows his name, sit, stay, come, eat, fetch, and drop… Read more »