Kodi is ready for the holidays!

We adopted Kodi in November. He has the best temperament and is such a cuddle bug!! He has adjusted wonderfully and is the center of our family!!

Luna loves the snow!

It took a few days for Luna to adjust to the environment but so far we are: crate trained, potty-trained, on a normal food/bathroom routine, we just finished teething, we already are spayed, and we understand basic commands like sit, stay, and kennel…come is still a work in progress. We can do that perfectly inside… Read more »

Jacques the explorer

Franklin is just the best. I renamed Jacques (after Jacques Cousteau) because he’s a little explorer who’s constantly on the move, checking everything out. He is the goofiest and most playful cat I’ve ever met. He really, really loves playing fetch. He wakes me up at dawn most mornings by dropping a toy mouse on… Read more »

Mackey is learning about the world!

Mackey is adjusting very well to his new life. He loves eating and sleeps well! He learns new things very quickly (as long as he knows we have a treat) and loves to snuggle.   He was been doing great with other dogs and while he may be skeptical of new people at first he… Read more »

Rudy the red nosed doggy

This will be Rudy’s third Christmas with us. The first was a little confusing since he was adopted on Halloween weekend. He wants to Thank everyone at Northeast Animal Shelter for bringing him to New England from Georgia so he could find his Forever Home! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Phoebe in the tree!

We changed Bella’s name to Phoebe. She is such a love bug and so sweet. We just LOVE her to pieces. She loves being patted and getting kisses and she settled in fairly quickly. She flips and flops around and bunts us all the time. She is not one for sitting on your lap but… Read more »

Luna is celestial!

Sisi has settled in very well. We’ve renamed her Luna because we saw her on the full moon.   She has really opened up. Loves to snuggle both of us, plays every day, and is now eating well. She was a bit picky at first, but it’s all good now.    She has met some family… Read more »

Lola is more than just a beauty

First of all I want to say what a wonderful facility NEAS has. Everyone is professional and loving to all of the animals. Lola is a beautiful girl and has the best personality. She loves to go camping in our RV. She has her own seat and enjoys every ride. Lola also loves to go… Read more »

Maya overcame first impressions!

It’s been about 9 years since rescuing Maya (formerly known as Galaxy) and she is the best dog we’ve ever had. At first she was just terrified of everything but is now so loving and happy when we’re together. It did take her a couple weeks to settle in, and even longer to warm up… Read more »