Who doesn’t enjoy a nice Bourbon?

We recently adopted Bourbon (now HeyHey), a 7 month old Dachshund mix, and could not have been more impressed by the people at the Shelter and the wonderful dogs. If we could take every one we would… they were all so sweet. Our little guy became part of the family immediately. He is everything you… Read more »

Lego loves the fall, chewing on grass and leaves

After spending two weeks in his new home, Lego (previously called Mason) has adjusted to his new life very well. He gained 3 pounds and has one cup of food each meal. He likes to bring his favorite stuff back to his crate. He brought one seat pad, one pants and a computer bag into… Read more »

The Great Mustachio

Mustachio is doing great. He’s a good boy. 🙂   I work from home and he visits me throughout the day. He pretty much owns the house now. He’s friendly but occasionally shy. The kids love him too. 

Josh is part cat, part dog :)

Josh is absolutely amazing. He fits in perfectly and did not require any training. He is very “talkative”, playful and has quite a bit of sass. He wakes us up 5:30 every morning with kisses following with meowing until he gets fed. I would like to think he is part dog as he has a… Read more »

Luke and Leia Hope The Force is With You

Leia and Luke are adjusting amazingly!! Leia was the brave, take charge one right away. She is very protective of Luke, but will come out of their hiding spot (under my bed) first to see me. Luke has now also warmed up and loves being pet, and is no longer shy about voicing his want… Read more »

Duke Snuggles On His Terms

Duke is doing great . Getting less shy everyday. He’s eating, and sleeping and using the litter box fine! He loves to play always, and snuggle when he’s feeling like it. 

Rylee is one lazy pup <3

Rylee (formerly Bella- on the left) is doing amazing!! She is learning and growing so fast! She already knows how to sit and lay down. She knows to potty outside, but we’re still working on her letting us know when she has to go. She’s super eager to learn and if I had to describe… Read more »

Simmons romps and bounds!

We adopted Simmons a few weeks ago and we are all so happy he’s part of the family. Though he’s only 3 months old, he’s a quick learner and sleeping well through the night. He is energetic and having a blast romping around with his new brother and just absolutely loves to be with us… Read more »

Sadie the tail wagger

Sadie (formerly Cece) is adjusting quite well! She is very sweet. She loves her crate and sleeps all night in it.  We are working on housebreaking – she gives very, very quiet cues. We have had so many play dates with other dogs and she seems to get along with all types.    We are… Read more »

Theo erases doubts!

We adopted Theo in April when he was just three months old, and now he is ten months old. He learned commands very quickly like sit, lay down, hi-five, hand, spin, and up. He loves to play with other dogs at the dog park and he is gentle with kids. I remember when we adopted… Read more »