Teddy now goes by Obie (short for Obama) and he is getting along just fine. Obie has been eating regularly and got into a routine for going outside, walks, meal schedule, and bedtime. He’s met my friend’s dog and a few neighborhood dogs in passing. Obie is excited to meet new people and dogs but… Read more »

Dillon = Friendship, Loyalty, & Love

Etiene is now called Dillon, an Irish name meaning among other things, like a lion, like a son, and ray of hope.  He is doing great.  He and our other cat, Molly, were a bit standoffish at first but are more than comfortable with each other now. She’s becoming a patient and caring big sister and… Read more »

Friendly Eddie

Wyatt, now Eddie, is fully part of our family. He is eating and sleeping like a champ. Eddie loves to give us kisses, and he is generally really friendly with other people. He is getting bolder with other dogs. He does like to play but he loves his naps too. The first half of our… Read more »

Lucky Ducky

We changed Marley’s name to Ducky! 😀 Ducky and our other dog Rufio have been having a lot of fun running around our yard, playing and tiring each other out. Ducky has been sleeping in bed with us since the first night. She loves to snuggle and has been sleeping by our heads recently. 😀 She loves… Read more »

Ava & Zha Zha, the Gabor Sistors

Ava (pictured on the left) and Zha Zha  (Azalea, pictured below)  are my little Gabor sisters.  They are such a joy to have as part of our family. They both have adjusted very well. They play hard and sleep a lot. They both have their own personality. Ava is a purr muffin love bug and… Read more »

Golden girl Mila – the light of our lives!

Mila (originally Lauren) is truly the best doggie anyone could ever ask for. Gentle, kind, and an absolute love bug, she has turned our lives upside down in the best way possible. Although a little shy at first, she has quickly become an outgoing puppy, happy to play with other dogs, adults, and even little… Read more »

Can you spell Love? Hint: MIA

Can you spell Love? It’s MIA. We adopted Mia on 1-17-2018. Mia is amazing. So much joy in our life. Mia is growing and doing well in all aspects of a puppy life. Eating. Playing. Walking. Training. Sleeping. Thank you NEAS for all you do! Lynette and Steve P.S. We loved her shelter name so… Read more »