Zuzu 😜

We adopted Zuzu (formally known as Parker) on March 5th and have shared 2 amazing months with her now. Zuzu is a total sweetheart and loves saying hi to everyone in the neighborhood. She has made many human and dog friends and my 3 year old neighbor even re-named his favorite stuffed animal Zuzu. She… Read more »

My handsome boy Sebastian

The moment I met Sebastian (Sylvan), I knew I was meant to take him home. I have never met a cat so sweet! I was told that he had a urinary problem and would need to be on a special c/d diet potentially for the rest of his life. This was definitely a financial investment,… Read more »

Cab Calloway, you danced your way into our hearts!

I just have to say we love your shelter! We visited Northeast Animal Shelter over 20 years ago when Mike and I first got married. We adopted an older Husky named Sasha. We were so happy to have her and to work with your staff then. As we prepared to search for another family dog,… Read more »

Leo, a constant snuggler

Bran is now Leo and we don’t know how we ever lived without him.  He sleeps in bed with my son at night and cuddles with me while I work from home.  He has a trainer, and she has been helping us with separation anxiety and Leo’s nervousness when he is outside and hears loud… Read more »

It’s tough to tucker Tucker out …

We adopted Tucker back in September 2017 from Northeast Animal Shelter. We were looking for a medium size dog at the time. Northeast went above and beyond for us. We visited 3 times without any luck and then we were told a truck of puppies were coming in.  We really wanted a older dog who… Read more »

Marie and Nibbler (now Millie)

Our journey to adopt two cats brought us to NEAS. We had a specific pair in mind and as we entered the viewing room to see them, a paw and loud meowing greeted me and I bent down to pat a cute little girl named Marie. She kept at me until we walked away to… Read more »

Beautiful Boomer

Boomer is adjusting very well. He is now housebroken and informs that he has to go outside by sitting by the door whining. He isn’t a barker and he maintains his gorgeous puppy face. He is in Puppy Kindergarten with K-9 East, he sits, gets down on his belly and provides his paw on command (we are… Read more »

Willow Bean

We adopted Willow almost two months ago from NEAS. The past two months have been filled with a lot of love and laughter. From day one she has been very protective of her family. She continues to surprise us every day with how fast she is growing and how smart she is getting. She loves… Read more »

Calvin enjoys food, any food, any time

We have renamed Sammuel to Calvin. He is the sweetest boy, both mellow and playful, and he is living up to the claim on his card that he is a “social eater”! He enjoys chasing lasers, trying to eat human food, climbing on top of the refrigerator, and shouting at me to feed him the… Read more »

A Message from Maximus

“Hello, My name is Maximus, but I like it best when I’m called Maxy.   and I was adopted in October of 2017. A nice woman from the North Shore saw me and swept me off my feet. I reached out a paw to her to shake her hand and ask her to take me to… Read more »