Sir Brutus is full of purrs!

Sir Brutus is doing GREAT!!!! We are actually shocked to how well he has adjusted. That night we came home with him he was exploring the family room within 10 minutes of being there. Even crawled into a basket and let me pat his head. We moved him upstairs to the office after that first night… Read more »

Teddy wants a brother or sister!

Teddy is doing incredibly well!! Everyday we love him more and more! That is par for the course being animal lovers.  My husband and I moved to Winthrop to a bigger place, with a huge backyard for Teddy to run around and we are a block from the beach, he loves when we walk there!… Read more »

Pass the cheese please!

Nico is the greatest addition to our home we could have imagined. He is the sweetest dog, even with new people and animals, and he always wants to play and go on adventures. He’s a little spoiled with fancy treats but his favorite thing is cheese. He is learning all the basics (he got sit… Read more »

Lucca, a sign of hope.

We love our baby! We renamed him Lucca after the town in Italy that first reported a decline in COVID-19 cases because he’s our sign of light and hope!  Thank you for our sweet boy!

Pepper the flower girl.

Hurricane, redubbed Sgt. Pepper and now just Pepper, is doing fabulously! She’s about 15 weeks old now and has packed on about 11 lbs and four inches since we adopted her on March 13th. She’s a wonderful addition to our household at a particularly weird time!  Pepper is just as sweet as when we met… Read more »

Kobe was the missing piece

The day I got the most amazing puppy wasn’t like any other day. I was still upset over the loss of my other dog, Chico, and I really didn’t think any dog could fill the loss, but man I was wrong! The day I went to the shelter just to look,  I saw him and… Read more »

August, the ultimate snuggler

August (formerly known as Cheddar) has only been with me since February 2020, but she feels like an old friend I’ve known forever — or is it fur-ever? She settled in from her first night here and we never looked back. She loves looking out the window to see what’s going on outside. She’s so… Read more »

Sonic, a diamond in the rough.

Sonic was a mess when we first saw him. He was scared to death, shaking with fear, snarly and snappy in the kennel. We asked to meet him and we were given very serious warnings that he had a bite history and life is on his terms only and that is never going to change…. Read more »

Frankie’s many adventures

Frankie has come a long way since he was adopted back in the fall of 2015. Frankie was shy and timid when he first came to his forever home, but he quickly adjusted and became close with all members of our family and even the neighbor’s dogs. Some of his favorite things include his toy… Read more »

Biggie and Foxy

We got Biggie (formerly known as Josh), a lab-pit mix, in September of 2018; Foxy ( formerly known as Paisley), a shepherd mix, arrived in July of 2019. Biggie is now two, and Foxy turns one next week. Although the two are pretty opposite in demeanor, they are inseparable. Biggie is a gentle giant who… Read more »