Cookie and Buster

We adopted Cookie (named Donna by the shelter but we changed it to Cookie) in August and then adopted Buster in November. We couldn’t be happier with the 2 of them! They bonded very quickly and both are extremely playful and lovable. We have fallen in love with both of them and spoil them a… Read more »

Guinea (Guinness) Everyone’s Favorite Pig!

We adopted Guinness (nickname Guinea) on 11-11-19. He is a 14 month old pup who is so smart and handsome. It didn’t take long for him to settle in…he found the basket of toys right away and hasn’t stopped playing since. From the moment he wakes until the moment he goes to bed he has… Read more »

Milo is always happy

It’s been 4 months since we adopted Milo (formerly Elf) and we could not be happier. He is the sweetest boy who loves walks, doggie playdates with his friends, belly rubs and kisses. He even loves our three cats. Adopting Milo was one of the best decisions our family ever made! We could not love… Read more »

Walter is the favorite child!

I was volunteering around October of 2017. We just got some new furry friends at the Shelter. I walked in and it was love at first sight. Walter rescued me. He is my 3rd child. And he is the apple of his mom and dad’s eye. His way older human siblings sometimes get just a… Read more »

Laika keeps her family healthy!

We adopted Laika (formerly Eerie) on September 1st, and she has been nothing but sweet and loving. We were looking for an active dog and Laika has given us just that as a fun energetic dog! We’re a healthier family than we were before thanks to her. Laika loves the dog park, using her toy… Read more »

Kiki is a forever fur baby

Autumn, now Kiki, is doing great! She went to her first vet visit yesterday and all went well, I was so proud of how well she did! She warms up to everyone so quickly and loves to give sweet kisses when she’s feeling lovey!  Little Keeks has met quite a few of our friends and… Read more »

Potato is a great little girl!

Potato and I actually bonded really quickly. She is a great little girl…quite happy as I am! She goes everywhere with me and is taking over my life! She is in my chair with me all the time. She’s very good with people and other animals. Potato is a great addition to my life.. it’s… Read more »

Griffey 11/10 would recommend!

Couldn’t be happier with Silas (now Griffey). The first night Griffey came home, he and Kip were best friends. He’s slept through the night since the second night we’ve had him, makes friends everywhere he goes, plays all day with nap breaks cuddled up to his brother in between. He knows sit and paw (sometimes!)…. Read more »

Duke is the office mascot!

Duke (formerly Xander) is a happy 6 month old pup that loves to go on his daily walks with my son, Arthur,  and with his dog walkers. He has 2 friends on the street, Gracie and Tito. We have “puppy play dates” where they run around in fenced in yard.  A tired pup is a… Read more »

Sully is in his happy place!

We adopted Sully October 26, 2019 and he is doing awesome. He has settled into our home very well. We had lost our two dogs this year within 5 months of each other, and without them our home was empty. We decided to go and just look, but we met Sully and fell in love… Read more »