Zevs is our perfect addition!

Zevs is doing great! He adjusted very well. He is getting along with Ceaser, our adult cat. We are very happy, Zevs became a part of our family! He is playful, friendly, and cuddly. Thank you for the help of Northeast Animal Shelter in finding and helping us adopt Zevs! We were very happy with… Read more »

George has come out of his shell!

George (Guage) is doing great! He’s opened up a lot, I’ve never had a dog wag his tail as much as he does. He loves our other dog and we’re just finishing fencing in the yard this weekend so they can run out there together. He’s still scared of any traffic noises he hears so… Read more »

Lenny our leader!

We are so in love with Jack, now known as, Lenny. He is so full of energy and loves every dog and human he meets. He loves to cuddle and is so excited he has a cat sister. We started our first week of remote puppy training with Lenny last week and are excited to continue… Read more »

Buddy’s new buddy, George!

George (formally Rusty) is doing amazing! He has gotten so big over the last few months. He is a sweet, smart, loving pup. The kids adore him and he loves us all and is already so loyal. He loves playing fetch and it’s almost unbelievable how young he picked up the game. He loves to… Read more »

Our little Misti!

I renamed Strawberry to Mystique. We call her Misti. She’s doing great. She’s the sweetest kitten and so well behaved. She roams around exploring everything in the house and she sits back and seems to be studying everything. She’s affectionate and loving, following me everywhere I go. I adore her. She seems to be very happy…. Read more »

Shai AKA Sharon!

Shai is doing amazing. She spends every day with me while we bond at the salon and is loved by all. She sleeps through all the noises and loves chasing the broom. She has her own little room there with a cozy bed and open door so she can take in the sites. My parents… Read more »

Our savior, Cail!

I want to thank all the staff for our girl, Cail! Cail loves being our pet and we love her. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. She helped me and my son get through my mom’s passing. She was always there for snuggles when we needed her. We would be so lonely… Read more »

Pip (formally known as Poppy)

We’ve had our sweet Pip for almost a month now and couldn’t be happier. She loves being our little shadow, following us all over the place! She loves to cuddle. She’s notorious for her zoomies and side ways runs! Perfect addition to the family. Thank you!  

Salem and Sabrina

We had recently lost our beloved 18 year old cat. Our house felt empty so decided to adopt a kitten. We looked around and decided we wanted an all black cat (we had a beloved black cat years ago and we still think of her often). We decided why not adopt 2 kittens, they will… Read more »

Our baby, Rudy!

Seven plus years ago we sat down to consider adopting a dog. A chihuahua jumped up on my lap his name was Rudy, a 7 year old with a heart problem. An unbeatable pet. He was my baby and he loved to cuddle. He loved to go for walks, loved people, and never barked. We… Read more »