Gigi, loved a 100 times over!

I just had to write to tell you, there is never a day I am not grateful for the gift you gave me in my much-loved Gigi (adopted from you as Jaylah). Every single day, she makes me smile and laugh. She is so gentle and loving. All the children around my home love her… Read more »

China keeps her name but it’s not the same! 😂

We renamed China to Chyna (ha ha).  It wasn’t too challenging keeping her calm while she recovered from her heart worm.  It was the end of winter and there was so much snow on the ground that there was not a lot of places to run.  We soon realized how intelligent Chyna is and she… Read more »


Tenny is doing great. She is very playful and just about get’s into everything. She  is very comfortable with everyone and took to us very quickly. We were very happy with our experience at the shelter and would recommend it to anyone looking to adopt an animal.

Jaxson-Jefferson a.k.a. JJ (shelter name: Whopper)

Hi All, You’ll all be so excited to know that this shy boy has made great strides in his new forever home. Although the ceiling fan seemed a bit scary when he first arrived, he’s really come into his own in just a few short days. He’s found his comfy couch spot, has had new… Read more »

Koi (Previously Salmon) Living His Best Life!

Hi there! Koi (previously Salmon) is loving his new home! He gets the whole place to himself, so he loves to zoom around! He is a bundle of energy but loves to snuggle and give kisses and head butts to let you know he loves you. He follows me around the house every day, and… Read more »

The Adventures of Atticus (formerly Cornelius)

After graduating college and moving back home, I convinced my mom (and new landlord) that I should adopt a dog to fill our quiet home. She suggested a small female, but two days after coming home myself… Atticus moved in… a young male puppy that at the time weighed 17lbs. and at 5 months is… Read more »

(Captain) Nemo vs Sandshark, 1 to 0

Sandshark, who’s name was changed to Nemo, is doing so well. He really loves his new home. He and I immediately hit it off and he loves to follow me around the house. He also loves playing fetch with his little mouse toy. He’s really good about bringing it back and waiting for it to… Read more »

Edward and Ralph, a brotherly love story

I adopted Edward this past December, only a few short days after I lost my beloved 17 year old cat. His brother Ralph was still at the shelter. I had Edward for a few days and couldn’t stop thinking about Ralph, so after seeing that he had not been adopted, I contacted the shelter and… Read more »

Vinnie is such a love bug

Vinnie is PERFECT!!! We couldn’t have asked for a better fit for our family. He is such a love bug and gives us all equal attention. He is so eager to please that he’s extremely easy to train. He was housebroken almost immediately, even in the dead of winter. He loves the snow, and everyone… Read more »

Shiloh thinks stairs are made for sitting

Shiloh is adjusting very well to her new home. She just started Puppy Kindergarten last week and is doing a great job. She loves both people and other dogs. Thank you so much for helping us adopt her!