Our love, Kendrick

Mr. Wick is now know as Kendrick. The thing that we love most about Kendrick is his peaceful nature, expressed at home as an old boy who just loves lounging and putting up with our affection on the couch when he’s inside. But when he’s outside the home, he turns into a curious and social… Read more »

Our little Mowgli!

Hank’s new name is Mowgli! He is absolute joy to our family!  He has certainly gotten very comfortable living the life of a Prince! He has a great appetite and sleeps through the night with us in our bed! Mowgli enjoys his back yard, going for walks, and playing with the family! Mowgli was uncertain when he saw… Read more »

Our amazing trio!

We want the staff at Northeast Animal Shelter to know that the three kittens we adopted in October are doing very well in their new home! We adopted Comet, Moonshine, and Triton whom we have renamed Vincenzo (Enzo), Aldo, and Giuseppe (Gio). They have settled in with us beautifully, eat and sleep well, are energetic, playful, friendly, and love… Read more »

Knight “Ryder”

We’ve renamed Knight to “Ryder” and he’s thriving. He is working on house training, but we’re getting there! We go on lots of walks and activity to keep him busy. In fact we just got in from a 3-mile walk a little bit ago! He loved it! We sent off a DNA test earlier this week… Read more »


My family and I adopted Sherilyn 1yr and 8 months ago. We decided it was time for a new friend only days before my birthday! At our first meeting she was shy and timid, yet something drew us to her. After a couple weeks, she turned into a brand new pup! Now she loves roughhousing… Read more »

Evie has ‘Blossomed’ into a perfect fit!

Oh my goodness, our Evie is WONDERFUL!!! I took her to the vet and they all LOVED her there!! She has settled in and is such a sweet girl!! She absolutely loves to play and has already destroyed some of her toys. Our cat Sammy does not like her, but he is the only one! We look… Read more »

Ms. Ella Fitzgerald!

We hope this message finds you all well, happy, & healthy. While most are scaling back their holiday plans, we wanted to say “thanks” to the staff at the Northeast Animal Shelter for helping us adopt our fur baby this year, and adding to our holiday cheer. Farrah who we renamed “Ms. Fitz” (short for Ella… Read more »

Our little Artemis

We adopted our baby, Artemis, who was previously Neely, at NEAS. She’s settling in well with us and loves cuddle time more than play. She’s grown into a true lap cat! It’s been such fun getting to know her and seeing her personality blossom in the last 2 weeks. She loves lounging around in her new… Read more »


We lost our 15 year old golden retriever a few months before adopting Rache. We decided the house was too empty and quiet without a dog. We were looking around at different shelters for a while up in our home state of New Hampshire. My mother in law had stumbled across NEAS website on a… Read more »

My Boy Scout

We got Scout in 2019 and we ended up keeping his name. I can’t express in words how much I love this dog. I suffer from anxiety and when my stress level is high Scout always checks on me by looking at me and Sniffing my face. Also when ever I cough or sneeze he… Read more »