Toffee is as sweet as her name and we are happy with her.

Amelia, now named Toffee, is doing great. She gets along well with our 7-year-old cat. She is an imp sometimes and does get into mischief, but I’ve raised other cats, so I’m not surprised. She sleeps in my son’s room (he’s 22), but runs everywhere in house.

Mariana sleeps beside me, under the blankets

Mariana is the best dog ever. She is so sweet. She has adjusted very fast. She sleeps in my bed under the blankets. I just love her so much. She loves her walks and seeing the other dogs in the neighborhood. I can’t say enough about how good she is and how much I love… Read more »

Saoirse – our adorable faux lap dog

We came home with Saoirse (formerly Sasha) on December 27, 2017 – a bundle of love wrapped in a blanket from NEAS, carried to the car by our beaming daughters. We may not know her breed (pit bull/lab/who-knows-what-else) or much about her life before NEAS (she came from Georgia with a sibling), but we do… Read more »


We adopted Zoey (formerly Anna) and are loving every minute with her. She is the best! She cuddles on our laps and is loving long walks at a nearby trail. We just love her so much. Thank you, Northeast Animal Shelter!

Mamma Mia lays all her love on us!

I am so pleased to write about our newest family member, Mia. We are all full of love and so overjoyed to have found one another. She has breathed new life into our home and we are so grateful for her affection. She showers us with kisses and full body wiggles and we feel that… Read more »

Nellie, she’s our girl!

We are so in love with our girl Nellie. We adopted her on December 21st, and were able to bring her everywhere with us for the holidays. She had already made 8 dog friends by the end of our first week together, and she was loving it. My boyfriend and I were visiting the shelter… Read more »

Rey Loves Her Bones!

Back in early November, we adopted Rey – formerly Domino. She has been an absolute joy to the family. She loves bones and every toy! Surprisingly, she eats almost everything. Including fruits and veggies. Rey is not a big fan of the cold, so we bought her a cute sweater to keep warm. She is… Read more »

Beans in a basket , relishing the moment 😘

Beans (formerly known as Butterscotch) entered our home as if it were his own right away. He jumped out of his carrier, roamed throughout the house, and played with his new toys. It didn’t take him long to fall asleep next to us on the bed for a very long nap. 3 months later, Beans… Read more »

Toulouse is not a scaredy cat

Toulouse (the cat who was called “Tom at the shelter”) has been with us for a few weeks now. He is a sweet, adorable, cuddly, and very active little guy. It only took him and his canine brother Theo a couple of days to get used to each other. These days they act as if… Read more »