Nobu and his daily adventures

Nobu is coming into his own secure-self! He has the loudest purr I have ever heard. He has a favorite toy and drags it everywhere around the house, (including the bed at 5am ). Nobu has a funny personality and I laugh daily with his adventures. True joy. Thank you, NEAS and the Georgia shelter… Read more »

Shadow was fate!

In May our family cat passed away, and it was very hard for all of us to deal with as it was very unexpected. After a couple months had gone by, my girlfriend and I started thinking about getting a new kitten. We visited NEAS a few times here and there but it just never… Read more »

Tikvah, 3 Years Later (and a thank you for Flicka)!

This is my second update. Here’s my first, and things have changed a lot: Flicka passed 11 months after adoption. It was considered wildly successful that he survived that long, and he wouldn’t have without the dedicated care of everyone at NEAS who took him in despite high financial and labor costs for his… Read more »

We Found Our Forever Mom and Dad

We adopted Twinkles and Sugar Plum on September 6, 2019. We were told that we might have a hard time housebreaking them. That was just the opposite. They are on a routine and haven’t had any accidents in the house! They are super lovey-dovey and love spending time with Mama and Daddy. They follow Mama… Read more »

Kyle is the boy we’ve been waiting for

Kyle (formally Bud) fit right into our family as if he was meant for us. My husband and I needed to find a puppy that would be good with our 2 boys ages 6 and 8. We went to the shelter and played with Kyle and his sibling. I knew that he was perfect but… Read more »

Halo comes out of her shell.

After a tough year without a dog (we lost our family companion), we found the tiniest and most adorable baby on the earth. We adopted Halo (formerly known as Piper) in July at roughly 11 weeks old. Now at about 4 months old, she’s grown into such a tall, sweet and smart girl! Slowly, but… Read more »

Sylvester is living his best golden-years-life.

We wanted to adopt an older dog and when we saw Sylvester for the first time, we fell in love… we knew he would be a great fit for our family. He settled in like a champ and was accepted by our other 2 dogs, Snoopy and Charlie. Sylvester is a 10 year old Beagle… Read more »

An Italian star is born

Evee as we found out, is actually an Italian Greyhound.  So, we decided to change her name to Sophia Loren.  Of course, we just call her Sophie.  She is just a sweet joy.  As you can see in the photos, she fits right in with her dog and cat brothers.  She is a little snuggle… Read more »

Lexi makes everyday amazing!

One day I came into NEAS just to ‘look’ and this adorable little fluffy puppy caught my eye. She was sleeping peacefully in her cage, and I instantly knew she was going to be coming home with me. The day I picked her up she was 3 months old and 15 pounds. Now Lexi is… Read more »

Peaches is as sweet as, well , peaches!

Peaches is happy and the boss of her new home! She was in charge of our 60 pound dog in two days and made friends with the cat within a week!!! Her only bad news is her new owner is a teacher and went back to work in September!!!! Peaches is happy and well adjusted… Read more »