Max makes us smile 😀 every day !

We love our adopted pup Max!  He is so cute and sweet natured.  He loves to cuddle, play and give kisses. My boys ages 11 and 14 are in love with him! He is a wonderful addition to our family and makes us smile and laugh everyday. Thank you to the staff and volunteers at… Read more »

Ollie is such a friendly little guy

I rescued Ollie (formerly Licorice) a little over a year ago (6/7/17). He is a friendly little guy that loves to play, go to the park, and sometimes he visits nursing homes and schools as he is a Registered Emotional Support Dog and everyone just loves him!!! I feel so incredible lucky to have him… Read more »

Benny really loves his treats

Hi, Bennie is doing great! He is such a love…and sometimes a little mischievous!!He purrs all the time!  He LOVES to be pet and lay on our laps.  He snuggles on the couch with us at night and in the bed in the am!! He’s also a little piggie   who eats and eats..he really enjoys his… Read more »


We changed Emilio’s name to Alby. He is a great addition to the family. He’s very out going and loves to play with all the kids in the family. We love him and are so grateful to have him as part of the family!

Tilly helps us make new friends

We’ve been busy having fun with our sweet Tilly! She has adjusted so well. She is already potty trained and sleeps through the night. She loves the dog park and plays great with the other dogs. Her best friend is a boxer named Luna. They can play for hours. She is very popular around our… Read more »

Pinky and Tigger

Hi! My name is Francina these are my two cats, Pinky and Tigger, Pinky is a female and Tigger is a male. They are both from different breeds, Pinky being a tabby-mix kitty with a beige coat and Tigger a snowshoe Siamese-mix kitty. I got them both at NEAS. I got Pinky when she was… Read more »


Evie, as she’s been affectionately named, has been coming out of her shell more and more over time.  It took awhile for her to get acclimated, but now is doing much better! Evie loves following me to bed, and sitting up on the couch in the sun.  She’s still got quite a peculiar meow, but… Read more »

Scooter hopes to star in the next “Toy Story”

Scooter is doing well. He’s happy and healthy. He’s spoiled with new toys, walks in the local dog parks during the week and hiking trips on the weekends. I feel so lucky that your shelter gave me the opportunity to adopt my new best friend.

Dallas shows us her “Mommy play with me” face

We renamed Tiana to Dallas and we couldn’t be happier. We absolutely love her. She is our first dog and she is very sweet, extremely smart, and the best cuddler ever. She is now abut 7 1/2 months and 26 lbs. She is starting to love the water as I have taken her on numerous… Read more »