Louie the friendliest dog ever!

Tebow is doing great!  We renamed him Louie, and he is such a wonderful addition to our family.  He is especially close with my younger son, as you can see.  He is the friendliest dog ever, and is super affectionate with everyone he meets.  He gives tons of kisses and rolls onto his back for… Read more »

Ovi is obsessed with water!

Ovi (formerly Paddy) is doing great! He is eating, drinking and sleeping well. He loves his flyer toys: I think we have been through 3 already because he likes to play so much and he carries them around everywhere! The most mischievous thing he has done so far is a little pole climbing in our… Read more »

Roxy just wants belly rubs!

Things have been great so far and Roxy is adjusting extremely well (even better then we expected!). She loves her cuddles and belly rubs at night and walks during the day! She has such a great personality and we couldn’t be happier! She’s eating well, sleeping through the night, and loves her crate which she… Read more »

Tack and Luff were instant best friends <3

Tack (formerly Milo) learned to get along with our dog, Luff (also from NEAS) shockingly quickly (within a week). Luff is a pretty docile pup still and Tack is very social, so it worked out well.   Tack even lets Luff groom him. We’ve found Tack wet from a Luff cleaning a few times. Tack… Read more »

Elton is a Rocket Man

We have changed Race’s name to Elton, as he’s our lil’ rocket man. Elton made himself right at home and we began socializing him right away by going on trips to Petco for special surprises, Home Depot and the vet. He’s enrolled in obedience training and dog play groups at Loyal Canines and loves it!… Read more »

Lilo is an energetic girl who plays fetch!

We have a long history of cats with Disney names so Adele is now Lilo. She has been a great addition to the family and brings a lot of energy to the household. Most days she spends several hours at a time playing ball, or running around the whole house. We have about a dozen… Read more »

Mocha loves to wash dishes!

Mocha (previously Neptune) has adjusted to his new home very quickly.  He is such a sweet affectionate kitten. He has a Purr that can be heard from across the room & is a great snuggler. I can’t begin to tell you the happiness and smiles he has brought into my life.  He just loves water… Read more »

Loki’s Parents Are Smitten

Loki (formerly Aragon) is adjusting better than we could have ever imagined and we are completely smitten!  He loves everyone and is such a sweet natured boy. His favorite thing in the world is snuggling up with his mom and dad. He just got his first Bark Box in the mail this week! We are… Read more »

Cooper and Brooke- the tale of two puppies

We adopted Brooke (formerly Holly) in January 2011 after our previous dog had passed away. She is a smart dog and is very quiet most of the time. She is a beagle mix so her barking is a little loud, but that’s hounds for you! Brooke is around 9 or 10 years old and has… Read more »

Sheriff is helping a family heal <3

Sheriff is adjusting great!  To our pleasant surprise – he was crate trained before we brought him home.  He has had zero accidents.  So that let us get right to obedience training.  While he is doing well picking it up, he is one smart little bugger and finds ways around stuff!  For instance, he isn’t… Read more »