Leo & Lucille

We adopted Leo & Lucille [formally Belle] back in 2016 and they have been the best additions to our family. We had just lost our cat Shifty due to complications and we were very upset with the loss. We stopped by the shelter on a whim and said “if they have a Persian, we have… Read more »

Bubba, hanging out

Bubba is a wonderful cat and settled nicely into his new home. I wasn’t sure how soon I would be ready for a new cat, since my 18 year old cat BB had passed just 2 days prior to coming to your shelter. I was devastated, crying all weekend and unable eat or sleep. BB… Read more »


Eli is an absolute love and he immediately settled in and made our house his home. We have re-named him Luke in honor of our cat who passed (Leia) and they have a lot in common (mutual love of straws, running full speed up and down the stairs, meowing loudly in empty rooms).  He is… Read more »

Ellie, my bathroom buddy

Ellie (she was called “Love Song” at the shelter) has found her favorite spots near the window on my desk and on her cat tree. She runs over to me when I come home and gives me a nose kiss with her nose and loves to snuggle with me and my boyfriend on the couch…. Read more »

Chase proves the best things come in small packages.

Chase is great! He loves his new home!! He loves to cuddle and gets so excited to see us when we get home! He’s great with kids and other animals. He rarely barks unless someone knocks on the door! We absolutely love him!

Lady enriches our lives

I can’t begin to tell you how much “Lady” (I’m sorry, her shelter name “Monkey Doodles” just didn’t cut it) has enriched our lives. She is the sweetest, most loving pet imaginable. We love her like a family member. My husband is disabled, and Lady has helped his spirit immensely. She is healthy, active, cuddly,… Read more »

George lounges in the shade after running around the yard

George is an amazing boy and we love him a lot.  He started training with a local trainer (Mission Impawsible in Fremont, NH).  He is doing very well.  He goes all over the place with our family, and we even took him to the fire station in Salem one day last week.  He loves everyone he… Read more »


Fredo (originally Grady) is making incredible progress. He loves being petted (he asks for petting & treats), has started giving us kisses, and comes into the kitchen to eat his dinner and breakfast on his own like a big boy. He is more out of his crate than in nowadays. We keep the house quiet… Read more »

Peanut, the cuddle dog of the neighborhood

About one and a half years ago after losing my dog, I came to the shelter with the intention of “just looking.”  While walking around, I passed a cage with a small brown dog with one white paw. She was leaning against the gate and as I reached toward her, she put her white paw… Read more »