Billie & Bella forever friends

We adopted Bella from NEAS about 3 years ago, she is a laid back loving girl. She loves playing with her cousin, Bohdi, so we thought she needed a live in playmate. Back at NEAS we almost left empty handed when we were told of a puppy who was just coming out of isolation after… Read more »


My family has always included a dog and I have loved all of them BUT they were “family” dogs and always tended to choose my son as their “human”. My children are now grown and have gone out into the world to find their way. So, I become somewhat of an empty nester. In June… Read more »


We adopted Chloe almost 7 years ago and she is the best thing to ever happen to us! She is very loving and truly one of the best dogs! Our house wouldn’t be the same without her! Thank you NEAS!

Ash-y Bashy!

Elijah (now called Ash) actually adjusted right away. We came home he ate a little bit and immediately started snuggling and exploring! He has met a lot of my friends and family and has stolen all of their hearts! I absolutely love him and couldn’t imagine getting a better kitten! He is very well trained! He is healthy,… Read more »

My boy, Toby!

I couldn’t be happier with Toby, who I renamed Monty. He is a perfect pup! We love going on adventures together and he has really grown into a wonderful boy! I had a wonderful experience with the Shelter and your staff.  I am very grateful that you introduced me to my newest family member! Thank… Read more »

Moose is the king of our castle!

Beefcake (now Moose) has been such a good addition to our home! He’s such a sweet and friendly little boy, and everyone he meets falls in love with him as soon as he flops into their laps (which usually happens within minutes). He was quick to acclimate to our apartment, and now spends his days… Read more »

We are so happy with Gus!

Jethro is now Gus & we couldn’t be happier!!! He is such a big goof ball & a snuggly love! He had a few accidents in the house, but after a few days he was completely fine with letting me know he needed to go out. He is such a smart boy! He’s a couch… Read more »

My little Zettie!

Susie’s name quickly evolved to Suzette to “Zettie”…or Sweetie Pie most of the time. She’s adjusted really quickly and is settling into her new home. She loves her toys and snuggling up to sleep with me at night.  She’s training me to throw her toys up and down the hallway so she can chase them…smart girl! We’re… Read more »

Harley Wilhelm is our love!

Harley Wilhelm (formerly Willie) is doing well.  We renamed him Harley because of his purr. He is a little love and has settled into the house well. He still tends to startle easily (maybe because of his eye issue), but he does like to be petted and loves to watch the birds out the front… Read more »

Kobe aka Happy!!

We were looking into get a puppy for so long! Someone told us about NEAS and we had to take a look. We finally came across Kobe aka happy and we knew we needed him. He’s so loving and loves to cuddle! He is 5 months old now and has grown a lot since we… Read more »