Hogan, now in Maine, is having the time of his life!

Hogan is settling in nicely, and fits our family like a glove!  He is a GEM! He and our 8 year old Tuxedo cat took a few days to warm up, but are now getting along handsomely. We have worked hard to keep our new 13 month old Chesapeake exercising and worn out!  It has… Read more »

Emma – Birthday Girl

Just wanted to check in and let you know Emma is doing great and we celebrated her birthday on the 26th! She had a feast fit for a queen! Thank you again we are so excited and happy to have Emma!

Happy Moments with Shadeaux and Roper

Roper (formerly Raphael, right in the photo) was adopted as a puppy by my parents in June 2017. He was kept with the kittens at NEAS, as he was very nervous around loud noises and barking. He has blossomed into a well-adjusted, attentive, social, energetic pup who always looks forward to his next country walk… Read more »

Butch – the mischievous giant kitten

Butch is adjusting well! After spending a few days under the bed he has fully emerged and become quite the mischievous giant kitten. He and our other cat are getting along now and have started playing. He loves to touch everything and knocks anything over/off any surface that’s not bolted down. He’s seems very happy… Read more »

Queenie is a sweet girl who just wants love and attention

Candy HATED her name (and we didn’t love it either) so we changed it to Queenie and she responds very positively! She’s learning the routine very quickly and loves to be around the family! She’s a destructive chewer so we’re constantly buying her new toys to try and find the perfect solution and it seems… Read more »

Bentley loves a good belly rub

Bentley is wonderful. He loves a good belly rub, and sleeps on his back what all four paws in the air. He is very lovable, stubborn, and smart. He’s a sweetheart too. He loves everybody. Northeast Animal Shelter is wonderful and you keep incredible records. We have recommended you too many friends already.  

Pixie (Dust) fills our house with magical cheerfulness

Kahlua is now “Pixie” and she is doing great! I would say that I am a very experienced cat owner as I have had cats my whole life and I have groomed many many cats throughout my 20+ year grooming career. Saying that, she is one of the best cats I have ever met. She… Read more »

Zeke can’t resist a soft sweater to lie on

Ivan is now called Zeke. The name Ivan just did not float my boat.   He loves to tear plastic plants out of my planters. They are all over my house!. His feline sister Tabitha gives him a bath at least once a day. Sometimes it turns into a wrestling match. Often they run from one… Read more »

Jasper is a happy pup

Jasper (Puddle) is a happy pup.  He’s the tan, white, and grey Catahoula mix from SOS Rescue in the back.  He’s acclimated very well, loves to snuggle and is a good buddy to my children.  Everyone who meets him on walks loves to stop and give him a scratch.  He’s also been great with training!… Read more »