Colbie and Cali are the perfect fits

On September 11, 2016 we adopted our sweet girl Colbie (then named Pearl) at 16 weeks old. Yesterday, we took a trip back and we brought Colbie home a sister, Cali ( previously named Thebe) who is a 12 week old bundle of love, snuggles and fun. As you can see, they are VERY pleased… Read more »

Jessie was the best decision!

Jessie has been the best decision I ever made since the day I brought her home. As a puppy she spoiled me with her quick learning and easy-going temperament! In adulthood she has been the best hiking companion a girl could ask for and loves coming to work with me every day. She has an… Read more »

Beans is the best!

My partner Rob and I adopted Beans (formerly John J.) from NEAS on October 12th, 2019. He’s an absolute LOVE, and such a smart boy. After about a week at home, he had completely opened up to us and our space. Beans loves to play – with breaks for lots of pets and head scratchies,… Read more »

Wembley was love at first sight.

My wife and I fell in love with Wembley (previously named Gambit) at first sight. He already sleeps through the night (mostly) and is so friendly with people and other dogs. Wembley LOVES to snuggle and he is a little power chewer! The adoption process was perfect. David was great and really took his time… Read more »

Nutmeg is a smarty pants

Nutmeg has adjusted very well to his new home! He’s the most spoiled, and seems very happy.  Housebreaking is going pretty well he has only had a few accidents thus far. We are very proud of how smart he is; he has learned sit, paw, and to lay down. We are working on roll over… Read more »

Polly Pocket

Polly is adjusting perfectly! From the minute we walked into the house she felt more than comfortable. She eats great, loves running around with my 2 year old son, is super affectionate and also super playful. She knows the lay of the land and definitely feels curious and comfortable roaming around. We are very lucky… Read more »

Moose is a love bug.

Dancer, now named Moose, is an absolute love bug. He eats and sleeps great, and he does love sharing a bed with someone at night. I am so grateful the adoption process went so smoothly and I was able to make Moose a part of this family. He absolutely loves people…I call him my social… Read more »

Lucy, you got some ‘splainin to do!

I LOVE Melly – who is now called Lucy, so I Love Lucy!    She is funny and spirited and a love.    My husband, who didn’t want another cat after our cat passed away at the age of 20, is Lucy’s best friend.    Lucy loves  him more than me. The minute he sits… Read more »

Monica discovered her bark!

Monica is doing great with us and has recently discovered her bark! She loves to play and is full of puppy energy. She loves all her toys that mom gets her, especially her yellow squeaky duck! Monica is adjusting great around the house and has been great about going outside ! Monica has brought so… Read more »

Joanie is sweet and spicy!

Joanie is the sweetest girl with a feisty side. We adopted her in October of 2019 and she has had us wrapped around her paw ever since! It took her about one month to adjust to her new life in our home in the city. She lacked social skills at first, and preferred chewing on… Read more »