Twinkel Twinkel Twyla

We adopted Twyla (formally Matilda) on June 8th, 2019. Since then she has been a shining source of light and happiness in our lives. You can’t help but smile and laugh when she is around or when she is giving you kisses. She has the sweetest personality that is coming through more brightly everyday. She… Read more »

Cleo and Phoebe Find Their Forever Friend

We are so happy to have adopted Pirogi (now Cleo) and Calixa (now Phoebe) and have the chance to see them bond. Whether snuggling together or eating together, it is clear they are both enjoying each other’s company and their forever home. Thank you NEAS!

Daisy Dukes

Northeast Animal Shelter had been recommended to me for quite a while. On May 2, 2019 I finally decided to give it a go. I went on the website, scrolling through all the cute pups, and I had found a puppy on there that I had wanted to go in and meet. It was very… Read more »

Hank the Tank

We fell in love with Waylon (now Hank) the moment we set eyes on him. When we took him out and he hooked his little paw over our hands we were goners. Since his adoption on May 4 he’s grown ENORMOUSLY. At four-months old he’s already taller than his big sis, Wendy, and nearly as… Read more »

The Great Louidini

We adopted Louie (formerly known as Frodo) a little over two weeks ago and we are so in love with this little fella! He is so sweet, locked and loaded at all times to give kisses and he loves to snuggle. Louie loves his nylabones and toys with squeakers, and sometimes if he gets really… Read more »

Rusty fits right in.

We adopted Rusty on 6/10/19. He’s only been with us for a few days but we are completely in love with him!!!! He had his first interaction, since being with us, with another dog, and he had so much fun!!! He played very well. His former foster did such a good job with him. If… Read more »

Adventures with Bear

Bear (formerly known as Archie) has been with us for about three months now, and we simply can’t imagine our lives without him. It didn’t take long for his unique personality to shine through after bringing him home with us. In addition to his sweet and loving disposition, Bear is perhaps even more curious, adventurous,… Read more »

And they called it puppy love…

We adopted Baja, now Cassie, about two weeks ago, and our hearts and home are full! She is a great little puppy who loves to eat (A LOT) and play outside. At night she snuggles with my daughter and sleeps through the night. Thank you to NEAS staff for a wonderful adoption experience. We couldn’t… Read more »

Ember the Blue Eyed Gal

We adopted Honey Bun, now Ember, about 2 weeks ago. We could not be happier with her! She came home to a new sister, Autumn, who is a coonhound mix, 2 human siblings that absolutely adore her and 2 cats that have no interest in getting to know her :). She is absolutely spoiled! In… Read more »

Charlie sticks out his tongue!

Charlie, formerly known as Baron, has been home with us for three weeks! He has become more and more playful as time passes, and loves all the love and attention he can receive. He loved to lay upside down and occasionally sticks out his tongue! We love having him as part of our family!