Love our “Noodle”

My fiancé and I adopted a lab mix puppy “Lyra” (formerly Lovina) back in November and we love her so much. She is very smart, house training went very well and she knows several commands already. She is teething so she likes to get ahold of things that she shouldn’t be chewing, but she is… Read more »

Trixie (Ahh, to be loved like this!)

Darla now answers to Trixie.  She can sit and lie down on command and loves her new family. She has learned she loves water and enjoys being washed in the bathtub.  She goes to puppy play group and training at Petco.  She still has occasional accidents in the house, but she knows it’s wrong and… Read more »

Morty is a bundle of joy

Hunter – now Morty – is amazing! Such a bundle of joy. He eats so well. He is such a little explorer and enjoys all the room he has. He loves windows and playing with all his new toys. He made a new friend in our dog Lola.  Lola doesn’t seem to interested yet but… Read more »

Bubbs (his wagging tail says it all)

Bubby, aka Bubbs (sorry we shortened it down a bit) is doing great!  Bubbs is the white and tan pooch on the right, and Emma is our other dog on the left. He has transitioned very smoothly, he is so sweet and gentle, loves being outside.  He is still a little hesitant when it comes… Read more »

Charlie purrs like a little engine

Charlie (formerly Blackie) is giving his older sisters a run for their money, but all they are very tolerable of him. He has tried to make a great escape outside so we have a plastic bag hanging on the door handle. The noise scares him just enough to run away from the door. He is… Read more »

The Best Doggo Ever

I always wanted a dog and as a little kid my parents would always take me to an animal shelter to look at dogs, but sadly I never got to take on home. Now, years later I don’t do that anymore, but one day my parents said that we were finally going to get a… Read more »

Marley – Such a Good Boy!

Meet Marley, formerly known as Wrigley! He’s a 6 month old lab mix puppy who is really disguised as a 52 lb lap dog. We had such a great experience at the shelter. Being first time dog owners, everyone was very helpful in finding us the right dog. Ten minutes into play time at the… Read more »

I Love Lucy

Lucy, formerly Gracie, is awesome.  She was fully trained at 13 weeks.  She is a bit shy when meeting new people but within 10 minutes she is giving them kisses. She enjoys walking and plays well with other dogs. I have to say, she is very spoiled and loved. Did I mention how beautiful she… Read more »

Ellie Mae gives Eskimo kisses

Zeta, now Ellie Mae, has fit perfectly into our family. Although she has been with us for just over a month, it feels as though she has been a member of the family for much longer.  Ellie absolutely loves to play. She has created her own game where she “hides” in a tunnel that we… Read more »

Margo and Piper – catching some ZZZs

In 2013 we were fortunate to adopt Piper, a corgi mix. We recently adopted Margo, a lab mix. These two have added so much joy and laughter to our home. We are so lucky to have them both.