Mollie and Diggle are two peas in a pod.

My papa adopted Mollie (formally known as Corina) on June 9th this year. She lived in the city with him and nana for a little while before deciding that she was much happier in New Hampshire with me, my mom, and my stepdad, where she can live a more active life. Here she gets to… Read more »

Kiki! (Bunny)

My boyfriend and I adopted Bunny (a Siamese, DSH mix) on 8/17 right after we moved into Salem. I had planned on keeping her name, but accidentally called her Kiki and felt it matched her sassy personality very well, so it stuck! She has settled so amazingly, and really loves her new home. She is… Read more »

Oliver adopted his new parents.

When our beloved 17-year old cat died, we knew that one day we would be ready for a new cat to love. A few months later, we arrived at NEAS and we were adopted by Oliver (who was at that time called Doug). From the moment we picked him up he has been part of… Read more »

Yoshi converted a dog lover!

Yoshi changed my whole mindset on cats. I went to NEAS only looking to adopt a dog… I walked out with a 9 month old kitten, who is now just over a year old. I was not even a cat person! But Yoshi has absolutely stole my heart in more ways than one. He is… Read more »

Benny made his mark!

Benny has been with us for less than a month now and he has made his mark! We adopted Benny (formally known as Atticus) on August 6th at 12 weeks. He is the perfect kitten! He loves to cuddle at all times and always needs to be right next to me. He gets along so… Read more »

A wonderful pup!

We adopted Tyrion (previously named Taco) about 3 months ago. My boyfriend and I were just browsing at first. When we saw Tyrion, it was an instant connection with me. I knew I had to get him. We went in the visiting room and he acted like he has known us his whole life. We… Read more »

Fiona & Finley, a story of BFFs.

We adopted Fiona and Finley about a month ago, and they made themselves at home from the moment they arrived. They love wrestling with each other, chasing both their own and each others’ tails, and are pretty aggressive snugglers! They both love cuddling on a lap at the same time, even if they don’t quite… Read more »

Galaxy completed the household!

August 6, 2019 Galaxy became a member of our family. On the first night, as recommended I had him stay in the bathroom. This was his one room until he got adjusted to our home. That night I heard his cries and couldn’t ignore him. I brought in my pillow and blanket, he curled up… Read more »

Zephyr the beautiful soul

Zephyr (formerly Loki) was the missing piece to our family. He is a beautiful soul. He and our one and a half year old pup became immediate best friends. She needed a companion and her days are now filled with play and snuggly naps. He is goofy, when he is feeling extra affectionate he will… Read more »

Ohana and Indiana Jones

We adopted Indie in September of 2017 and Ohana joined our pack this past April. We are so thankful to have found two beautiful pups to join our family from Northeast Animal Shelter. They instantly bonded with each other and we enjoy them both being part of our family!!